Budgets and Precept

Budget Summary


Finance & General Purposes109,275106,860
Sports Pavilion2,650-650
Community Events10,28411,284
Cotgrave Futures1,2501,250

Funding of 2019/2020 Budget

(Comparable 2019/2020 figures in brackets)

Precept on Local Council Tax Payers228,966
Tax Base2418.5

Preceptfor Band D Property £94.67 (£93.53) or £1.82 (£1.80) per week an increase of 1.22% (increase 0.3%) on 2019/20

Tax Base  Leisure Centre Contribution
2013-20141866 2013-201418,166
2014-20151873 2014-201518,530
2015-20161928.9 2015-201618,900
2016-20172051.9 2016-201719,100
2017-20182191.9 2017-201819,482
2018-20192303.4 2018-201919,871
2019-20202344.7 2019-202020,268
2020/20212418.5 2020-202120,572

The contribution to the Leisure Centre is to increase in line with an estimated RPI figure from 1st April 2012 until it is reviewed with Rushcliffe Borough Council. 

Council Administration Budget

Budget Summary 2020-2021

Council Administration Budget Summary 2020-2021
Finance & General PurposesExpenditureIncomeNet Cost 
Establishment Costs29,375-140027,975 
Precept Received -228,966-228,966 
Lightsource Community Fund5,700-5,7000 
Community Events13,504-322010,284 
Finance & General Purposes131,879-239,286-107,407 
Council Administration Budget Detail 2019-2020
Finance & General PurposesExpenditureIncomeNet Cost
Council Admin Salaries69,000  
F&GP Members Allowances4,500  
Wages Contingency6,800  
Financial Work1,000  
Total – Wages81,300081,300
Establishment Costs   
DBS (CRB) Disclosures100  
Internal Audit200  
External Audit Legal & Professional Fees600 1000  
Information Commissioner50  
Training & Mentoring300  
Cotgrave Town Council Website500  
Health & Safety200  
Council Hospitality150  
Equipment Servicing50  
Office Repairs/Maintenance300  
Computer Hardware/Software Capital/New equipment1000 250  
Studio 3 Rental6,000  
Election Fund2,500  
Other Expenditure200  
Interest Received -400 
Advertising Income Bank Charges Rates  100 1300-1,000 
Total – Establishment Costs29,375-1,40027,975
  Expenditure Income Net Cost
Precept Received   
Precept -228,966 
Total – Precept Received0-228,966-228,966
Lightsource Community Fund   
Lightsource Project5,700-5,700 
Total – Community Events5,700-5,7000
Community Events   
Christmas Event5,000 -100 
Safari50 -120 
Cotgrave Festival3,000      -3000 
Other Community Events1500 
Total – Community Events13,504-3220-10284
Replacements & Refurbishments2,000  
Total – Contingency2,00002,000
Finance & General Purposes131,879-239,286-107,407

Recreation and Parks Committee

Budget Summary 2020-2021

Recreation and Parks Budget Summary 2020-2021
Recreation & ParksExpenditureIncomeNet Cost
Sports Pavilion2,750-1002,650
Recreation & Parks83,735-9,45074,285

Recreation and Parks Budget Detail 2020-2021
Recreation & ParksExpenditureIncomeNet Cost
Insurance (vehicle)700  
Training & Mentoring250  
Health & Safety200  
Capital/New Equipment0  
Safety Clothing300  
Plant Baskets4,000  
Dog Bin & Rubbish Cleaning350  
Hedge Cutting1,500  
Tractor Maintenance1,000  
CCTV Maintenance0  
Grounds Maintenance9,060  
Gritting Salt200  
Bark Top Up 1,500  
Leases – Parks & Allotments1,000  
Play Equipment Maintenance2,000  
ROSPA Inspections1,200  
Tools & Consumables400  
MUGA Costs600  
Community Warden3,500  
Other Expenditure 100  
Shopping Centre Clearance -3,600 
Annual Fair & Circus -500 
Grass Cutting -2,750 
Total – Environment79,685-6,85072,835
Water Allotment Maintenance800 200  
Allotment Rental Income -2,500 
Total – Allotments1,300-2,5001,200
Sports Pavilion   
Pavilion Lease900  
Pavilion Repairs & Maintenance500  
Septic Tank Emptying150  
Annual Testing600  
Colts Income -100 
Total – Sports Pavilion2,750-100-2,650
Recreation & Parks83,735-9,45074,285

Cotgrave Futures

Budget Summary 2020-2021

Cotgrave Futures Budget 2020-2021
Cotgrave FuturesExpenditureIncomeNet Cost
Building Maintenance1,000  
Cotgrave Futures CCTV250  
Total – Cotgrave Futures1,25001,250


Budget Summary 2020-2021

Grants 2020-2021
GrantsExpenditureIncomeNet Cost
British Legion300  
Community Fireworks Display2,500  
Centre Contribution20,572  
Community Grants Pensioners Event – S1375,000 3,500  
Total – Grants31,872031,872

Summary of Financial Transactions for Cotgrave Town Council 2019-2020

The summary will be divided up into two sections as follows:

Section 1         Explanatory details on            a) Sources of income
                                                                        b) Areas of expenditure

Section 2         Financial detail on                   a) Income
                                                                        b) Expenditure
                                                                        c) Reserves


  1. Sources of income
  2. Precept on Council tax as set by Cotgrave Town Council
  3. Other Services         
    i) Pitch maintenance
    ii) Shopping centre clearance
    iii) Grass cutting
    iv)Pitch and sportsground rental
    v) Allotments
    vi)Annual fair
    vii) Interest
    viii) Community projects
  • Areas of expenditure
  • Leisure Centre revenue subsidy (# see note)
  • Administration staff 1 full time and 1 part time
  • Maintenance staff 2 part time
  • Park Keeper staff 4 part time
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Bins, seats and dog bins
  • Tractor Maintenance
  • Ridley Sportsground pavilion
  • Grass Cutting and shrubs, etc.
  • Play equipment at the Green, Grassmere, Broadmeer, Ring Leas
  • Open spaces at the Green, Grassmere, Ring Leas, Madisson Park
  • Grants
  • Pitches at Ridley Sportsground (Home of the Cotgrave FC), Madisson Park, Multi Use Games facility
  • Allotments at Burhill, Forest Close and Hollygate
  • Capital Projects
  • Councillor allowances (* see note)
  • Elections
  • Clearance and general maintenance
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Community projects

Note #: In 1997 in order to secure a swimming pool for Cotgrave, Cotgrave Town Council signed a legal agreement with Rushcliffe Borough Council.  This agreement is in the form of a lease, whereby Cotgrave Town Council leases its office and workshop within the Cotgrave Leisure Centre for a period of 99 years.  As part of this lease Cotgrave Town Council agreed to pay a revenue subsidy each year towards the running of the leisure centre, subject to inflation.  For 2019/2020 this subsidy amounts to £20,572.

Note *: Elected Councillors are entitled to claim an allowance of £250 per annum, although some councillors may choose to opt out.  The Chairperson will be paid extra in recognition of his/her extra responsibilities and workload – i.e. £250 plus an additional honorarium in recognition of the Chairman’s greater input.

Section 2

  1. Income                                                                          £
Other Sources19,770
  • Expenditure                                                                   £
Recreational and Parks83,735
Finance and General Purposes131,879
Leisure Centre Revenue Subsidy20,572
Cotgrave Futures1,250
  • Reserves at 31st March 2018
General Reserve67,918
Programmed Projects23,228
Election Reserves Play Equipment Contingency2,500 5,000
Play Equipment Replacement3,115
Community Reserve32,299
Parish Paths874
Town Plan3,809
Youth Council2,000
New Premises120,000
Play Space3,166
CCTV Digital Recorder7,000
Light source Funding Shared Access3,534 30,000

More details of Cotgrave Town Council’s financial accounts can be obtained by using one of the following sources:-


  • By telephone on 0115 989 3876
  • By calling in at Cotgrave Town Council Office