Minutes Council Meeting 10th June 2020

Cotgrave Town Council Meeting 10th June 2020 Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Councillor S Gardner – Chairman, (from 7.14pm), R Butler, K Chewings, D Eldridge, S Ellis, L Healy, N Monday,
C Patterson, I Shaw, A Simpson and D Stothard.

Apologies Received:   
Councillor M Chewings, C Jeffreys, H Brumpton and S Gardner (for lateness)

Councillors B Handbury and D Wilkie

In Attendance:  
The Clerk and the Administration Manager (Cotgrave Town Council),

The meeting was held at virtually, via Zoom, and commenced at 7pm.


The apologies given were approved.

Declarations of Interest

No declarations of interest were given.

Public Open Session

No members of the public were in attendance.

Minutes of the Town Council Meeting of 13th May 2020

Resolved:        “That the minutes of the previous meeting held on 13th May 2020  be received and confirmed as a true record”.


M0689 Amendment of Standing Orders for remote meetings

Councillor S Ellis stated that the word ‘remove’ should read ‘remote’.  The minutes will be amended accordingly.

M0704 Annual Parish Meeting

Councillor Shaw asked if Council’s Annual Parish Meeting had been deferred until May 2021? The Clerk confirmed that it had been deferred.

M0711 Post Office

Councillor Shaw ask if there was any update on when the Post Office would re-open.

The Clerk informed Council that they were hoping that they would be able re re-open on 22nd June, once the flooring contractors had completed their work.

Councillor K Chewing left the meeting at 7.04pm

M0717 Church of England School

Councillor Shaw confirmed that the school were still considering borrowing the marquee.

M0719 Motorcyclist at Devils Drop woods

Councillor Shaw asked if there had been any feedback from the Police regarding the motorcyclists using the woods.  This had now stopped and wondered if this was due to Police intervention.

No update had been received from the Police. Councillor Butler said that the Police would send the off-road crew out to patrol the area.

Councillor K Chewings returned to the meeting at 7.07pm

Councillor N Monday suggested that we invite Sergeant Robinson to a future council meeting.

Councillor S Gardner joined the meeting at 7.14pm.

Planning Minutes

Resolved:         “To confirm the planning minutes recording the decisions taken by the Council and those of the Planning Authority.”

Financial Matters


Resolved:   ‘’That the payments made since the previous meeting totalling £14,453.96 as recorded below, be approved and the invoices awaiting payment be paid’’.


Resolved:         “That the income totalling £6,926.61 since the last meeting, as reproduced below be noted.

Vodafone Mobile Telephone119.65
Arco938118870Paper Hand Towel115.99
Arco938101232Liquid Soap/Hand Wipes122.55
Arco938054905Liquid Soap110.43
Mrs J Stephenson Zoom Training130.00
Mrs J Pick Zoom Training130.00
J A Kents600786Grounds Maintenance1880.00
NALC1671LRC Subscription117.00
Nomix Environmental4417333Spraying chemicals1563.76
Opus Energy68428969Pavilion Electricity126.58
Veber1285-47643Data Back Up113.20
Water Plus3722220Forest Close Allotments125.78
WPS Hallam44573181Combined Council Insurance13083.72
WPS Hallam44803141Council Motor Insurance1807.54
WPS Hallam44800142Interim Motor insurance128.00
Mrs J Pick Printer Ink141.65
Vodafone429371256Mobile Telephone119.65
Notts CC9244537April 2020 Salaries18782.46
Talktalk20940349Phone and Broadband136.00
  TOTAL 14,453.96

Income Received

AprilNatWest BankInterest33.04
 Lightsource SPVGrant5643.44
MayRushcliffe BCLitter Clearance Shopping Centre821.52
 Allotment RentHollygate37.47
 Allotment RentHollygate Plot 1337.47
 Allotment RentHollygate Plot 1137.47
 Allotment RentBurhill Plot 1851.60
 Thomas JamesNewsletter Advert113.40
 Cotgrave WelfareNewsletter Advert151.20

Financial Statements

Members considered the Statements for March, as reproduced at the back of the Minute Book.

At the end of April 2020 Council had £23,332.41 in the Co-op account, £168,242.76 in the HSBC Account and £201,040.49 in the NatWest Account.

Annual Governance Statement and Accountability for 2019-2020

Members had been presented with a copy of the Annual Governance Statement and Accountability Return for 2019-2020 documents, as listed below:-

a)         Section 1 Annual Governance Statement 2019-2020
b)         Section 2 Accounting Statements 2019-2020
c)         Confirmation of the dates of the period for the exercise of public rights
d)         Bank Reconciliation 2019-2020
e)         Explanations of variances between boxes 7 and 8
f)          Review of Financial Regulations Policy

The Chairman read out the Annual Governance Statement, council agreed that statement numbers 1 to 8, are all the be answered with a ‘yes’ and all appropriate measures are in place and statement number 9 is not applicable to this council.

Resolved :   “Council are all in agreement of answering ‘yes’ to all the statements on the Annual Governance Statement for 2019-2020.

Council considered the accounting statement for the year end 2019-2020 and agreed that the figures were correct with the RBS software accounts.

Resolved:          “Council agreed that the figures were correct for the year end.”

Resolved:         “Council all agreed that the financial information provided was correct for the year ending 2019-2020

The Council reviewed the Financial Regulation Policy and agreed that it was still in lined with the Council regulations.

Resolved          :           “To review and accept the Financial Regulations Policy.”

Councillor K Chewings requested that agenda item 11 be brought forward, as he needed to leave the before the end of the meeting?

Resolved:       “To suspend standing order to alter the order of business to allow aenda item 11 to be discussed next.”

Coal Trucks on the Green

Council discussed planting up the coal trucks, on the shopping centre, with flowers.

Resolved          :           “To plant up the coal trucks with seasonal flowers.”

Councillor K Chewings left the meeting at 7.36pm

Standing Orders were resumed at 7.37pm

Covid-19 Return to Work Risk Assessment and Staff Policy

In readiness for the re-opening of Council’s Office, after its closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and in line with government legislation, the Clerk has produced a Risk Assessment and Covid-19 Staff Policy which covered all staff.

In addition to the policies, Park Keepers and Ground staff will be issued with a pack that will contain, hand sanitiser, gloves, tissues, and face mask for their use when carrying out their duties.  Hand Wash and sanitiser will also be available in the garage and in the council office.

Resolved          :           “To approve the Covid-19 Risk Assessment and Staff Policy.”


NALC – Managing Public Parks through Covid

The Clerk had received documentation regarding the management of public parks during the Covid-19 pandemic and their re-opening.

Currently all Council’s play areas are closed. The Clerk asked Council if they wished to now consider reopening the MUGA, under stage 4 of the government’s road map.

Council were all in agreement that they should ear on the side of caution at the moment and not open this area.

Resolved:          “To agree to keep the MUGA closed until further information was available on the safety of opening play areas.

Crime Figures

5.3.2020Criminal DamageMethodist ChurchFencing spray painted
6.3.2020Criminal DamageCotgrave FuturesAir conditioning pipes damaged
8.3.2020BurglaryEastmoorTV and jewellery stolen
14.3.2020Criminal DamageLawrence CloseDamage to meter cupboard
25.3.2020BurglaryWhite FurrowsCar stolen from driveway
18.5.2020Criminal DamageBingham RoadFront window of house smashed
19.5.2020Theft OtherDeans CourtPushbike stolen from rear garden
2.6.2020Burglary and criminal damageHollygate Scout CampEntry forced and minibus damaged
3.6.2020Theft of motorOrchard DriveMotorbike stolen on a test drive.

Rushcliffe Borough Council – Town and Parish Update

The latest edition of the Town and Parish Update had been received.

This edition informed Council that the next Town & Parish Forum, would take place virtually on 18th June 2020.

Clerks Reports

The Clerk had spoken with the Chairman of Cotgrave FC and he wished to attend the next Council meeting to give an update and bring their Business Plan to Council.

The Clerk will invite the Chairman of Cotgrave FC to the meeting on 8th July 2020.

The Clerk had received an email from the Cotgrave Park Run Group, they had now decided to apply for a grant from Council for half the cost of a defibrillator.  A form had been forwarded to them to complete.

Councillors Reports

Councillor L Healy informed Council that the Borough Council, during Volunteers Week, had present bouquets of flowers to volunteers who had been identified as during recent times.  In Cotgrave, flowers had been presented to the Chairman of Cotgrave WI and to the Super Kitchen.

He also informed Council that Phase II of the shopping centre re-development was due to commence in July and would be completed by Spring 2021.  He also confirmed that Heron Foods would be taking one of the new shopping units.

Councillor Healy has noticed that the brick wall on Plumtree Road had started to collapse. 
The Clerk will find out which property the wall belongs to

Councillor Healy had received an email from Ruth Edwards MP for Rushcliffe, regarding a transport survey that she has put together online for residents to fill in and submit.  The link to the survey is:

Councillor N Monday informed council that signs had been put up on Owthorpe Road for a road closure on 21st June.  This would be for works to carried out on the road surface that was originally carried out in November 2019.

Councillor Butler also stated that they would be alternations to the road level near to the junction of Saxon Way

Councillor D Stothard said Council that the article in the West Bridgford Wire regarding the recent Police raids in the borough seemed to concentrate on those taken place in Cotgrave rather than  those taken place in other areas of the Borough.

Councillor A Simpson said that the grass cutting of the cemetery and other areas in Cotgrave by the contractors has improved.

Councillor Butler commented on the flower baskets that had recently been put up in Cotgrave.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.01pm.

Chairman…………………………………… Signed as a True Record (Date)………………………………

Planning Minutes

The following responses were made to plans under consideration by the Planning Authority Rushcliffe Borough Council.

No objections were raised except where stated.

At Council Meeting held on 10th June 2020

31 Daisy Close, Cotgrave, NG12 3QL – erection of two-storey side extension, double garage with new access off Daisy Close (re-submission)

20/00655/FUL    27 Owthorpe Road, Cotgrave, NG12 3 – proposed front porch and dropped 2m high fence to boundary – Revised plans.

Rushcliffe Borough Council, the planning authority, has forwarded the following decisions: –

Permission Granted

18 Saxon Way, Cotgrave, NG12 3NX – construction of 1st floor side  extension.

6 Mensing Avenue, Cotgrave, NG12 3HY – construction of extension to first floor rear dormer windows and rear ground floor corner extension.

Chairman: ………………………………….. Signed as a True Record (Date): …………………….