Ash Lea Ward

Councillor Helena Brumpton


7 Prioridge
NG12 3TB

Tel: 07804 167637
Email: n/a

I have lived in Cotgrave most of my life.  My daughter and I and many generations before us,  attended the Church of England School within Cotgrave.  Understanding nature, biodiversity, horticulture.  I am an empathic person who listens and helps if I can, and I speak as I find.  Thank you, those who voted for me!

Attendance 2018-2019 – 1/11 Meetings held = 9.09%
(Apologies received = 9, Absent = 1)
Attendance 2017-2018  – 3/11 Meetings = 27.2%


Councillor Keir Chewings


163 Ringleas
NG12 3PS

Tel: 07557 528255

Keir was born and raised in Cotgrave, he is married to Becky with two children, Jessica and Rhys, who attend the local school and playgroup.  Keir enjoys days out with his family, Formula 1 and rugby.

Keir believes that a lot of work has been undertaken to improve Cotgrave for the better, however, more work is required to ensure Cotgrave gets what it needs and deserves.  Keir was elected as Chairman of the Council for 2015-2016 and said “I am honored to have been chosen to lead Cotgrave Town Council.  I look forward to the challenges ahead, working with my fellow Councillors and the community to ensure Cotgrave gets a fair deal.”

Attendance 2018-2019 – 8/11 Meetings held = 72.72%
(Apologies received = 3)
Attendance 2017-2018 – 7/11 Meetings = 63.9%


Councillor Mick Chewings

251 Ringleas
NG12 3PS

Tel: 0115 989 3914

I have been a Councillor for several years.  Many of you may recognise me as the street operative for Rushcliffe Borough Council dedicated to Cotgrave for many years.  I worked at Cotgrave pit from 1974-1993.  I like to watch all sport and support Cardiff City Football Club, and also follow Welsh rugby.

Attendance 2018-2019 – 11/11 Meetings held = 100%Attendance 2017-2018 – 8/11 Meetings = 72.7%


Councillor Steve Gardner (Chairman)

Councillor Steve Gardner

11b Flagholme
NG12 3PE

Tel: 0115 989 0512

I have lived in Cotgrave since 1999 with my wife Sheila.  I am a governor at Ash Lea School and a Honorary Welfare Officer for the Royal Air Force Association.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, quizzing and gardening.

Attendance 2018-2019 – 9/11 meetings held = 81.81%
(Apologies received = 2)
Attendance 2017-2018 – 9/11 Meetings = 81.8%

Councillor William Handbury


45 Daleside
NG12 3QN

Tel: 0115 989 2176

I am retired dairy farmer and have lived in the area all my life but came to Cotgrave village 8 years ago.

I am extremely enthusiastic about the future development of Cotgrave to the extent of being involved in Council work and listening to people’s ideas and criticism and hopefully trying to resolve problems.

Attendance 2018-2019 – 11/11 Meetings held = 100%Attendance 2017-2018 – 10/11 Meetings = 90.9%

Councillor Ian Shaw


13 The Dial
NG12 3QP

Tel: 0115 9894484

I moved to Cotgrave in 1982 with my wife and two children, from where I continued my career in Financial Services.  Having served on Cotgrave Town Council since 2007, I have endeavoured to work for the benefit of the village and to support objectives which will enhance the appeal of Cotgrave as a place in which to live.

Attendance 2018-2019 – 10/11 meetings held = 90.90%
Absent = 1
Attendance 2017-2018 – 10/11 Meetings = 90.9%

Councillor Darren Stothard  (Vice Chairman)
213 RIngleas
NG12 3PS

Telephone: 0115 9890503

I was born and raised in Cotgrave and now continue this will my wife and two children, along with my Dad, a former miner.  I have a vested interest for getting the best for Cotgrave.

Attendance 2018-2019 – 9/10 meetings held = 90%
Apologies Received = 1

Councillor Drew Wilkie


175 Ring Leas
NG12 3PQ

Tel: 0115 989 0446

I am married with four sons and four grandchildren.  I have been a coal miner in Kent, Leicester and Asfordby, a trade union official at local, area and national level.  We moved to Cotgrave in 1985 around fifteen years ago Cotgrave had major problems with anti social behavior and I was pleased to lead Council to make Cotgrave a better place to live.  There is still a lot of work to do but the community spirit is live and well.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any problems, issues or ideas.

Attendance 2018-2019 – 7/11 meetings held = 63.63
(Apologies received = 4)
Attendance 2017-2018 = 6/11 Meetings = 54.5%