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Members Allowances

The new regulations apply only to elected councillors and not to those who are co-opted or non-councillors who are co-opted onto a committee.

The allowance is not a salary.  It is a figure, which is calculated to cover the expenses, which are normally associated with the basic duties of being a local councillor. Travelling and subsistence allowances are treated separately.

Record Keeping

The Council is required to maintain records of payments made in respect of the allowances specifying the name of the recipient and the nature of the allowance.  These records can be inspected by any local government elector for the parish or town without payment of a fee upon giving reasonable notice.  Copies must be provided if so requested and a reasonable fee can be charged.

Election to Forgo an Allowance

A member is able to elect in writing to the Clerk that he or she wishes to forgo all or any part of their entitlement to the above allowances.

Recovery of Payments Made

The regulations provide for the recovery of allowances already paid to a member where for example, the member has been disqualified for a period of time following a complaint being made to the Standards Board for England.

Dependents’ Carers Allowance

Parish or Town Councillors are not entitled to claim this allowance under the regulations and yet it is available under new regulation, for example, to those district councillors with dependent children.

Tax Implications

When paying participation allowances to elected members, local councils are obliged by law to deduct income tax.  The Inland Revenue treats all councillors for all tiers equally.

Allowances Paid 2017-18

Allowances Paid 2016-17

Councillor V Wood (Chairman) – £2,159 (£1,159 plus £1,000 honorarium)
Councillor H Brumpton – £232
Councillor R Butler – £232
Councillor C Chewings – £116
Councillor K Chewings – £232
Councillor S Chewings – £116
Councillor S Gardner – £232
Councill L Healy – £232
Councillor J Mileham – £232
Councillor I Shaw –  £116
Councillor D Wilkie – £116

Allowances Paid 2015-16

Councillor K Chewings (Chairman) – £2,159 (£1,159 plus £1,000 honorarium)
Councillor H Brumpton – £232
Councillor R Butler – £232
Councillor C Chewings – £232
Councillor S Chewings – £232
Councillor P Cousins – £232
Councillor C Denham – £232 (Paid April 16/17)
Councillor S Gardner – £232
Councillor L Healy – £232
Councillor C Jeffreys – £232
Councillor I Shaw – £232
Councillor D Wilkie – £232
Councillor V Wood – £232

(Note: Not all Councillors claim their allowances)