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Chairman’s Annual Report

Chairman’s Annual Report 2021-2022

It has been a pleasure to be Chair for another year of Cotgrave Town Council.

It has been a very different year with the joy of the Platinum Jubilee and the celebration on the Green and then the sad loss of our Queen Elizabeth II.  As I write this the Coronation of our new King Charles III is taking place.

Since my last report, the precinct has come to its finish and is looking great with the addition of new shops. You may have noticed that we have now added a flagpole to the site which complements the town centre.

Recently we have changed the lighting at the Multi Use Games Area, to a motion sensor activated system, this will help to save  a substantial amount of money over the coming years, also Council has replaced the outside lighting at Cotgrave Futures to help with the environmental footprint of the building. Alongside this we are using some of Council’s reserves within this year’s budget, this has enabled council to keep our element of the Council Tax as low as possible.

We have seen yet again an amazing display of fireworks,  a well-attended Christmas pensioners party, and a Christmas fair take place. Year on year these just get better, and I am sure they will continue with this trend.

It has been good to see the work being carried out on a memorial for the miners of Cotgrave and the early stages of a memorial garden for our own Dr McDonald, which will use the money raised by the community for this purpose. Council have given out grants to some great organisations over the year to help support them, these included £570.44 to Cotgrave Library for crafts and new toys, £200 to Rushcliffe Children’s Centre for their Christmas Toy Appeal and £1,000 to the Cotgrave Methodist Church Warm Hub. 

I would like to finish by thanking our Clerk, Administration Manager, Ground Staff and Parkkeepers for all their hard work over the year. To all our councillors for that time and effort they put in to making Cotgrave a great place to live. A special thanks to Councillor Mick Chewings and Councillor Christine Jeffries who have stepped down at the end of this year. They have both served on this council for many years and helped shape the Cotgrave we know now and have been a fountain of knowledge to younger councillors such as me, and it will be sad not to see them attending future Council meetings with their valued input.

Darren Stothard 
17th May 2023

Chairman’s Annual Report 2020-2021

I only recently became Chair of Cotgrave Town Council after being Vice Chair and with our previous Chairman, Steve Gardner standing down for personal reasons, and I would like to start by thanking Steve for all his hard work over the years towards the Town and Council.  I would also like to thank Councillor D Wilkie for the many years of service he has given to Cotgrave Town Council, after taking the difficult decision to resign from his seat due to illness, I wish him well and hopefully see him return at some point.

It has been a strange year to be able to report on, with the gripping global pandemic grinding the world to an almost stop.  It has ben tough on all of us and there have been many losses and sacrifices made.   I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for standing together and strong, a massive shout out to all the key workers for all their efforts to keep the country going and to the NHS for the amazing work looking after people which at times felt like the darkest of hours.  But we look to be on the up and life returning to some form of new normality.

Sadly, we did not get to hold a Cotgrave Festival last year and unfortunately again, there will not be one held again this year to the time needed to arrange it, but we are looking to hold the annual Fireworks Display and Christmas event at the hub.  Plans are well under way also for our Christmas lunch for the pensioners of our town.

The Hub is nearing completion on the final phase and a new row of units with Heron Foods already in contract.  Charging points for cars have also been installed, looking to a cleaner future.  We are soon as a Council moving the office to the Business Hub, where we will be in a more central point and easier access.

Council have recently purchased the telephone box on the junction of Ringleas and West Furlong, where we will soon be installing a defibrillator unit and a plan to add more to other areas of the town.  We are also currently working on replacing the tired play equipment at Grassmere Play Park.

Council have supported several groups this year by giving of some great grants, such as The Community Kitchen & Garden, Revitalise Respite Holidays, Vale First Responders and Cotgrave Young Peoples Centre.

My final thanks go to the Town Clerk, Julie Stephenson and the Administration Manager, Jane Pick, for their hard work during the last year, also to the ground staff and park keepers for their hard work in keeping Cotgrave and its facilities clean, tidy, and open.

Darren Stothard
Chair, Cotgrave Town Council

5th May 2021


Chairman’s Annual Report 2018-2019

In May 2018, I became the Chairman of Cotgrave Town Council with Judith Mileham as the Vice Chairman and a position which I have enjoyed doing with some very busy times working with the office on different projects.

There have been a number of changes during this period, the main and most visible one being the completion and the opening of the Cotgrave Hub, now housing the library, doctor’s surgery, Police and RCVS offices and most recently the chemist being located adjacent to the doctors’ surgery. However, on a personal note I do think that Cotgrave Town Council did miss the opportunity not to take office space within the Cotgrave Hub alongside all the other organisations I have just mentioned.

The demolition of the old doctors surgery, library and police station have really made the view from the business units and shops a lot more attractive and open than it used to be. The progress of the work on the additional car parking and landscaping is clearly visible and it is easy to see how much lighter, brighter and open this area will be when completed. The projected date for completion of these works is summer 2019.

Running alongside the landscaping project will be the installation of a new play park with brand new state of the art equipment being provided by Cotgrave Town Council and this is also due to open during summer 2019.

The Cotgrave Country Park is a very welcome and pleasant space for visitors and wildlife, for both residents of Cotgrave and visitors from other areas to enjoy.

On 9th April 2019, the Greenway located in the country park was opened as a circular footpath and cycle route from Cotgrave to Radcliffe on Trent and Holme Pierrepont and return to the country park, the walk to Radcliffe on Trent is a very pleasant walk which is free of traffic.

Cotgrave Festival is now well established in our calendar of events and this year it is taking place on Saturday 15th June, between 11am and 4pm on the Cotgrave Welfare field, with plenty of family entertainment, stalls and a dog show planned, an enjoyable event for all.
Looking even further forward, the Christmas Fair will be held on the newly refurbished shopping area and last year the library very kindly allowed for the Santa’s Grotto to be set up inside, this was ideal because it meant more people could wait to see Santa in the warmth and not stood out in the cold for so long.
To finish I would like to thank all the Councillors for giving support and time to attend the council meetings and events during the last four years and special thanks to those councillors who have decided not to stand for the term of council.

My thanks also go to the Town Clerk, Julie Stephenson and the Administration Manager, Jane Pick for their knowledge, guidance and support given to me during this last year, also thanks to the two ground staff, Len Knight and Paul Howitt, for their hard work in keeping Cotgrave clean and tidy and finally the park keepers who open and close the parks to keep them in good order with daily checks.

Stephen Gardner
Chairman, Cotgrave Town Council
8th May 2019.

Chairman’s Annual Report

In July 2017 (AD) I became Chairman of Cotgrave Town Council with Councillor Steve Gardner remaining as Vice Chairman.

I have enjoyed my eleven months in Office and the time has now come to give the Chairman’s annual report.

Councillors have had to deal with difficult decisions during that time requiring much thought and consideration, and whatever those were it is inevitable that some residents feel unhappy and disappointed.

We always spend the necessary time looking at all aspects of each planning applications and decisions which require the spending of any Council money.

We are agreed upon one thing – that we decide what is the very best for the Cotgrave residents.

My term as Chairman finishes this evening and I handover to a new Chairman with mentioning those forthcoming events which we already have in our calendar. Cotgrave Festival will be held on Saturday 16th June on the Welfare field.  This year we have a new competition for children to make a miniature garden, along with baking and photography competitions and the ‘Wacky Wheelbarrows’ and this year’s theme is ‘All things bright and beautiful’, whether they are just for display or to race.  Applications forms for all competitions will be available from the Post Office and the Library from 30th May. Please come along and join in.

Cotgrave Open Gardens is being held on 23rd – 24th June, where gardens will be available to view from 2pm to 6pm each day.  All the profits from this event will to Ash Lea School.

The second Safari sale of the year will be taking place on Saturday 7th July.

Many thanks for all the ladies and gentlemen who are busy knitting and crocheting poppies for the project in All Saints Church for the commemoration of the 100 years since the end of WW1. Please keep going!  Patterns are available from the Town Council office. The library will be offering to painted stones as part of the event and this will be advertised soon.

The Council are in the very early stages of discussing the replacement the play park adjacent to the shopping precinct with all new facilities.

House building on Hollygate Park is still progressing; over 320 homes have already been built and it is expected that the rest of the development will be completed early next year. The 15 units at the new employment site are fully let by a wide range of businesses.

In the Town Centre, the improvements to the shop fronts and the new business centre will be completed in the next couple of weeks. The business centre units will be available to let from June onwards, and there has already been interest in several of the units.

Construction continues on the Multi Service Centre and is still on track to be completed in autumn this year. Once the GPs, Police and library services have moved into the new premises, the old buildings will be demolished to make way for more parking and landscaping of the area and improved play facilities.  Tender documentation for this phase of the works will be issued in summer 2018.  Work has also started on plans to relocate the play area and funding will be applied for from various sources to support the project.  It is hoped that all the work will be done by summer 2019.

Rushcliffe Borough Council received support from its Cabinet in February 2018 to gain control of the final row of shops. Negotiations are progressing well on this phase of the project.

I would like to thanks Councillors who have attended meetings and especially those who have chaired and attended working groups.

I thank all staff who work for us, looking after the town and play areas.

Most particularly, I thank our Town Clerk, Julie Stephenson and the Administration Manager, Jane Pick for their efficiency and diligence at all times. On a personal note I thank them for their assistance, guidance and unfailing support to me during this difficult year.


Christine Jeffreys
Chairman, Cotgrave Town Council


9th May 2018




Chairman’s Annual Report

I write this report towards the end of April, and reflect upon a year that feels to have passed all too quickly.  The twelve months have been characterised by long-standing fixtures in the events calendar, and fresh challenges, some of which are on-going, others that have been for a defined period, and have enhanced the experience of living in Cotgrave.

Those events that are a traditional feature of Cotgrave life were very successful.  The switching on of the Christmas lights attracted what looked like our biggest attendance yet, and Cotgrave Festival, too, drew in a lot of people.  The popularity of these seasonal events is in a testament to the hard work of the organisers and helpers, and I know that they would welcome event more people to get involved.

This year, I am able to report on other initiatives that enrich our lives.  We were delighted to open the new Play Park on Ring Leas, on a rather rainy day, and I hope that the young people who use it benefit from and enjoy the variety of pieces of equipment chosen by Council’s working group.  On Bonfire Night, we lit a traditional bonfire, for the first time in a while, at Cotgrave Welfare, and that, added to a really spectacular fireworks display, made for a great evening.  We look forward to even more Guy Fawkes being entered for the Best Guy Competition, later this year!  At Christmas, we held a Senior Citizens Party in Cotgrave Welfare.  As well as a lovely meal provided by E J’s Katering, there was entertainment in the form of a singer and schools choir, and the meal was served by local helpers, and students from South Nottinghamshire Academy.  The guest speaker was Dr Lowe, who has given many years service to his patients prior to his retirement.

As well as attending full council meetings, the forum in which key decisions are made, councillors also join working groups that address particular issues.  Working groups report back and make recommendations to the full council.  This year, they have formed to organise the events already mentioned, to scrutinise things such as the local bus services, and to liaise with local traders and business owners as work on the town centre gathers pace.  The regeneration working group has sought, with organisational and financial help from Rushcliffe Borough Council, to provide workshops highlighting how businesses can take advantage of digital marketing and other strategies.  Both workshops were well received.  The budget preparation working group met twice to formulate a budget to present to Council.  This meant looking at our legal financial obligations and spending priorities for the coming year.

In the budget, we set aside a sum of money to provide grants to local organisations that apply for one.  For example, we have recently awarded grants to Cotgrave Welfare for their Christmas Panto, Cotgrave Scout Group for a local, environmental project, the astronomical society. and Ash Lea School for their arts-based project.  We are also funding Positive Futures till 2020, to enable them to plan effectively their work with our young people.  We also budget for staff’s salaries and any national pay awards, for inspections of our parks, for the hanging baskets which make Cotgrave look so attractive, and for any equipment we need to purchase to ensure that the landscape for which we are responsible is kept in excellent condition.  We have made a particular effort, as part of our support for Cotgrave FC, to ensure that the pitches are cut and rolled at a frequency that provides a very good playing experience for the teams.  There is a regular dialogue now established to see how we can work together to improve the general facilities at the Arthur Ridley Ground.

Councillors attend events fairly regularly, and several of us went to Langar Hall to witness the Vale Responders receive the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service.  Council has awarded grants to pay for defibrillators to be installed in Cotgrave.  Several councillors presented medals, in pouring rain, to several hundred footballers, at the end of a local football tournament.  Some councillors attended the Remembrance Sunday parade too.

The Personnel Committee has met to undertake staff appraisals and to review pay.  This is an annual obligation, and recommendations for any pay increase are made to full council.

You will be aware that Scotland Bank has been demolished, the first clear sign that work on the Town Centre has begun in earnest.  A display of the plans for the new Town Centre was in the Library, and people were able to see some visual representations of the future.  I have attended the Strategic Board meetings that monitor the progress of the Cotgrave Project.  Updates can be found in Cotgrave Connections, or on our page on Rushcliffe Borough Council’s website.  Town Councillors, Cotgrave’s Rushcliffe Borough Councillors, the Clerk and Administration Manager are always pleased to try to answer any query you might have.  Officers from Rushcliffe Borough Council also have attended Town Council meetings to answer councillors’ questions.

In March, we co-opted Councillors Stuart Ellis and Phil Pearson, following the resignations of former Councillors Sarah and Craig Chewings.  We thank the latter for their work on Council, and look forward to working with our new councillors.

Finally, I would like to thank the Clerk, the Administration Manager, the grounds maintenance staff, the park keepers, and fellow councillors for their considerable efforts.  They are all dedicated to Cotgrave, and contribute to the debate about which is best for the community.  It is always a pleasure and a privilege to serve as Chairman, and O look back upon the last twelve months knowing that Council and its staff have contributed in a significant way to making Cotgrave a fantastic place to live.

Vance Wood
(Chairman of Cotgrave Town Council)

Chairman’s Annual Report

I am pleased to introduce my annual Chairman’s report for Cotgrave Town Council.

It is hard to believe that a year has passed since I was newly elected to the Town Council last May. At that election I stood for a certain set of principles along with my fellow candidates from the same party. The 2 main principles were:

  1. Carry out a review of Cotgrave Children’s parks and provide a clear plan for improvement.
  1. To stand up for Cotgrave and push for what had been promised for Cotgrave; a full and complete redevelopment of the shopping precinct.

I am pleased to say that my first point the children’s park has progressed well, a working group was formed of myself, Drew Wilkie, Mick Chewings and Craig Chewings. A strategic plan was drawn up to review all parks and look at improvement over the next few years. With an immediate plan to build a brand new park at the Ring leas location, a park that has remained vacant of equipment for a long period of time. It brings me great pleasure that full funding has been secured from both the Town Council and Nottinghamshire County Council and work will start shortly on the creation of this park that will provide equipment to use for all ages, young and old and will also include an inclusive roundabout for those less abled. This is the start of the parks program within Cotgrave and I look forward to improving our recreation facilities over the next few years.

Whilst the success of the parks is good news for Cotgrave, I cannot say the same for the development of the Precinct. Within weeks of being elected to the council I took my place on the strategic board for Cotgrave during these meetings it became clear to me that although statements had been made in the past by Rushcliffe Borough Council to Cotgrave for a full and complete redevelopment of the precinct. This was far from coming to fruition. The board created plans for a complete redevelopment that would close businesses, when options were put forward to do a phased approach to ensure business continuity. Rushcliffe decided against looking into these options, choosing to showcase 2 options to the public; a refresh which allowed business continuity. Or a complete redevelopment that would close local businesses for a prolonged period. Rushcliffe had a choice for these plans and if they so wish could have presented plans for a complete redevelopment that allowed business continuity.

It also became clear that Rushcliffe Borough Council would not invest the extra money required to fulfill their promise to Cotgrave of a full and complete rebuild due to insufficient funds. Whilst at the same time they sat on a significant reserve and were pledging significant funding for a new leisure centre and civic centre in West Bridgford. I raised my concerns both in private at meetings and also in public, speaking to many members of the community and the press.

This culminated in a strategic board meeting compiling a list of facts including positive and negatives for both precinct options to be presented to Rushcliffe Borough Council cabinet to make the final decisions. It saddens me to say that at this meeting I was assured by Rushcliffe Borough Council Chief executive Allen Graham that the presentation would be pure facts with no recommendation for either option, yet on the night itself the paper made a clear recommendation for a refurb, going against assurances made by “our partners” at Rushcliffe Borough Council.

On a positive note, I have enjoyed my time as Chairman of the Town Council meeting, different religious and community groups and local school leads. I was also pleased to see a new church form In Cotgrave; The Rock Church and have been encouraged as to their enthusiasm and participation within the community. The Town council also funded vital equipment to allow a Community First Response team to be set up with in Cotgrave to allow greater care and coverage during medical emergencies.

It has been my pleasure to be the Chairman of Cotgrave Town Council, but due to the actions of Rushcliffe and others over the Precinct I feel that I can not remain within the post. I will remain as an active Councillor for Cotgrave Town Council and will be holding them to account in the coming years and will continue to work hard for the community.

Keir Chewings
Chairman Cotgrave Town Council 2015-16
11th May 2016

Chairman’s Annual Report

 In the spring edition of Cotgrave Connections, I wrote in some detail about the work of the Town Council, and, as I read again that report, it is heartening to see the progress that has been made. Our partnerships with local and other organisations have strengthened, and Cotgrave is well on its way to being one of the best places to live in Rushcliffe.

Since my last report, I am delighted to say that our bid for funding to buy additional play and adult gym equipment for Grassmere play area has been successful, and the Town Council will contribute the rest of the money. This should bring health and recreational benefits to a wide range of residents, and our thanks go to the Clerk for her hard work, putting the bid together.

As you know, the building of houses on Hollygate Lane has transformed that particular gateway, and the Town Council has decided to provide a welcome pack for new residents to Cotgrave. Councillors felt that it was important they be made to feel part of the town from the moment they receive their key, and we are asking, in the summer edition of Cotgrave Connections, local organisations and businesses to provide details of their activities so that newcomers are fully aware of the choices available to them.

Following confirmation from Rushcliffe Borough Council that the bid to bring funds to Cotgrave, as part of the expansion of the Growth Deal, has been successful, I can let you know that the plans for the redevelopment of the Town Centre are advancing well, and that in July there will be an event at which residents will be acquainted with them, and their views on them sought. Further details of this will be published in due course.

Our new Town Council website has now appeared, and we are keen to make sure it becomes an important platform for communicating and explaining our work. We hope, too, that it will be a window in which local groups can raise awareness of their events. We welcome suggestions for its further development, so do please let us know your ideas.

This past year has seen us enjoy a splendid Christmas Lights Event, which was very well attended, and the feed-back was positive. Now we are all looking forward to our Festival, which is in the offing. We are all grateful to the organising committee, who would, I am sure, welcome any offers of help. Cotgrave Festival has done, since it began, so much to generate enthusiasm and a positive community spirit.

As ever, I thank, on behalf of the Town Council, all those who support our young people, in a range of ways, in schools and community organisations. The Town Council, too, has approved a grant to provide developmental and other activities for some of our young people, and believes it is always worthwhile to invest in our future.

We are grateful to those who keep us safe and well, and who look after our environment. Our Country Park is a wonderful asset cared for by a group of dedicated enthusiasts, and we acknowledge, too, the efforts of those who keep our streets clean and tidy.

Following the recent Parliamentary and local elections, we welcome new councillors, and pay tribute to the contribution made by those who left, for a variety of reasons, during the lifetime of the council, to those who did not stand again, and to those who stood and were not re-elected. They were valued members of a council which worked well as a team, and which focused on what is best for Cotgrave, and I expect the new council to continue in that non-adversarial vein.

Finally, I would like to thank the citizens of Cotgrave, the Town Council’s employees, and those who work here but live elsewhere, for their collective effort to embrace change, and for their initiatives in the community. I believe that we have a fantastic place to live, and it is going to get even better. By looking after each other, and focusing on what is good about where we live and what we do, we can go from strength to strength. We are all responsible for morale, and can all play a part in securing a bright future for Cotgrave. Let us embrace that challenge together.

Vance Wood
Chairman of Cotgrave Town Council 2014-15
13th May 2015

The Chairman’s Annual Report 2013-14

In May 2013, Councillor McGinley was elected as Chairman, and Councillor Wood was elected as Vice-Chairman.

On 8th October 2013, Councillor McGinley asked the Clerk to inform all councillors that, for personal reasons, she was going to take a break of three months from Council business. Councillor Wood then became Acting Chairman.

At 9.30am, on 19th November 2013, the Clerk accepted Councillor McGinley’s resignation, and informed councillors that she had done so.

On 4th December 2013, Councillor Wood was elected as Chairman, and Councillor Attewell was elected as Vice-Chairman.

Drew Wilkie was elected to the Council on 13th February 2014.

Cotgrave Town Council has managed this last year’s operational challenges and budget effectively, and has tried to be more proactive in implementing new ways of working with the community, to enrich the lives of all residents. There is no doubt that the workload of the Clerk and the Administration Manager has increased, arising from initiatives such as the Community Website, and so the Administration Manager’s hours have been increased from sixteen to nineteen and a half. So that staffing matters, such as long-term absence due to ill-health, can be discussed promptly, a Personnel Committee has been formed, and has met when necessary to recommend actions to Council.

Councillors’ surgeries have been introduced, and are held periodically on Saturday mornings, in the library, and though they have not been massively attended, they demonstrate Council’s desire to listen to residents’ views. As developments on the former colliery site and town centre progress, the surgeries may well become a more popular conduit for public opinion. The last of the Cotgrave Forum meetings, which similarly have not been well attended, has taken place, so the surgeries may well compensate for that loss.

Council has worked co-operatively with partners in the planning for the building of new homes, and for the redevelopment of the town centre. In June 2013, workshops, in which the public was invited to contribute ideas, and learn about employment and training opportunities, were held in the Welfare, and there have been displays of the different kinds of houses that will be built. The Clerk and Chairman have attended the Strategic Board meetings, to which they have taken councillors’ questions, and Kath Marriott, Head of Transformation at Rushcliffe Borough Council, now attends Cotgrave Town Council meetings, whenever possible, to field any questions arising from her update on progress. The Strategic Board, in its entirety, comprises Allen Graham, Chief Executive of Rushcliffe Borough Council, and representatives from Notts County Council, Rushcliffe Borough Council, Cotgrave Town Council, Barratt David Wilson, Metropolitan Housing, and the Homes and Communities Agency. The meetings are usually held in the Civic Centre, West Bridgford.

The Clerk and Chairman have attended conferences and meetings convened by Rushcliffe Borough Council, and the Clerk has attended additional events for her own professional development. These have helped to enhance their understanding of developments in other parishes and towns, some outside Nottinghamshire.

The Clerk and other councillors have attended the Local Area Group meetings with the police, and have discussed priorities for policing in our area. As part of maintaining an effective dialogue, the Chairman, Clerk, and a member of CNHW met Inspector Berry, the new Inspector for Rushcliffe, and pertinent issues were discussed. As ever, Council is grateful for the work done by the police, CNHW, and the Speedwatch Team in helping to keep crime down in Cotgrave. A Lorrywatch has also taken place to see if there is a problem with lorries exceeding 7.5 tonnes, and without a drop-destination within Cotgrave, passing through, and though the figures point to there being no significant problem, the situation will be monitored again, later in summer.

There is much of which we can be proud. The Christmas Lights event was really well attended, and there was positive feed-back in the media, and from those who had a stall, sponsored the day, or simply came to enjoy it. We are all looking forward, once again, to Cotgrave Festival, and our thanks go, in advance, to the Committee and all those who will help on the day for their massive efforts. I am sure the organisers are pleased that their bid for lottery funding has been successful.

As a responsive Council, we are about to appoint a Cotgrave Community Warden, who, for two hours a day, for one year, will make a significant contribution to the cleanliness of areas where people have not cleared up after their dogs, and who will report to the Clerk other problems, such as any build-up of litter. The work will be undertaken by Streetwise, though the warden will be clearly identifiable by a high visibility jacket with COTGRAVE COMMUNITY WARDEN on it, and we hope the public will see a difference.

A small group of councillors and two members of the public have met to discuss the possibility of establishing a wild flower meadow and community orchard, and though there has been only a small level of interest shown, to date, the group will meet again. This follows one councillor’s good idea to invite two representatives from the Keyworth Abundance Scheme to address a Town Council meeting.

Council has made funds available for the commemoration of the centenary of the First World War. The organising group, of which several councillors are members, has already met and produced an excellent programme of events.

The introduction of our Citizenship Awards has been successful, and long may Council continue to recognise sustained and significant contribution to Cotgrave.

Council is aware that Cotgrave is dynamic, and is grateful to all who work with and support young people and those needing advice and information about work and other matters. Our gratitude extends also to those who provide activities for older citizens, and to those who care for our wonderful country park.

Finally, Cotgrave Town Councillors have worked well together, and have made real attempts to be proactive. Meetings have been constructive, and good ideas have been generated. I would like to thank all employees of Cotgrave Town Council, but particularly the Clerk and her Administration Manager for being an ever-present, frontline face for the public. Finally, my thanks go to all councillors for their unstinting commitment to Cotgrave. It is a pleasure to work with them all.

Vance Wood
(Chairman of Cotgrave Town Council)
11th May 2014