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Cotgrave Town Council Play Strategy

Location of Play Facilities

Ring Leas / Eastmoor
The Green
Cotgrave Futures
Arthur Ridley Sportsground and Pavilion
Madisson Park
Football Pitch (behind the Leisure Centre)
Multi Use Games Area (Candleby Lane, next to Cotgrave Futures)

Previous Play Area Audits

Audit of play areas was undertaken in 2006.

Rushcliffe Borough Council Recreational space audit 2008 – identified that Cotgrave’s current provision of public outdoor facilities is 3.6 hectares below the recommended provision and the provision for children and young people is 0.2 hectares below the NPFA standard.

Previous Consultation

RCAN consulted re Tennis Courts in 2008
Cotgrave Town Council consulted re Broadmeer Park in 2008
Town Plan Questionnaire in 2009

Current Inspection Schedule

Play areas are checked daily by Council’s groundstaff and by park keepers.  The Administration Manager carries out a more detailed inspection on a bi-monthly basis, the findings are reported to Recreation and Parks Committee.  An annual  inspection by ROSPA – the findings reported again to the Recreation and Parks Committee.

A Vision for Play in Cotgrave

“Cotgrave will be a child friendly place where all children and young people have access to play opportunities within their local communities, which offer variety, adventure and stimulus.  They will be able to play freely and safely and make choices about where, how and and when they play.”

Core Values

Play is an activity that has a value in its own right.  it is about the fun and satisfaction of the participant and benefits children, young people, families and communities.

Every child and young person in Cotgrave should be able to access play opportunities, play activities, play facilities relevant to their needs and play aspirations.

Children and young people in Cotgrave have the right to safe, secure, hazard free play environments and to lead active, healthy lives.

Children and young people should be involved in the design of the environment in which they play.

The views, opinions and experiences of children and young people should be taken into account in the development of policies and strategies and the decision making process which impact upon their lives.

The role of early year provisions for play in child development is recognised within the strategy.

Key Objectives

Ensure and improve play space and play provision in terms of quality, quantity, accessibility and safety.

Ensure that play space and play provision is inclusive and meets the needs of all local children and young people.

Promote a greater social inclusion.

Develop a balance between supervised and unsupervised provision according to local need.

Ensure that play spaces enhance the quality of the local environment for children and young people.

Make clear links to other relevant strategies and plans within Cotgrave.

Make the best use of natural environment.

Action Plan

Continue to inspect play facilities on a regular basis to ensure that they are in a good condition, safe and fit for purpose.

Ensure that staff undertake regular training.

Undertake an annual review and audit of Council’s play equipment and consult with partners regarding their redevelopment on a prioritised basis.

Council welcomes active participations from individuals and/or community groups.  The Area youth worker and the embryonic Cotgrave Youth Council have standing invitations to Recreation and Parks Committee Meeting.

Aim to bid into each round of the Country Play Partnership funding.

Apply to WREN main programme for funds to refurbish Cotgrave’s  ‘play space.’

Work in partnership with other play providers seeking examples of good or best practice and lessons learned.

Liaise with Friends of Cotgrave Country Park re appropriate play provision in the park.

Liaise with Cotgrave FC re community aspirations for the Sportsground and Pavilion

Consider funding a parks/play ranger.