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Minutes Council Meeting 10th April 2024

Please note that minutes remain in draft format until approved at the next council meeting.

Present                         :          
Councillors I Shaw (Chairman), R Butler, K Chewings, S Ellis, S Gardner, L Healy, C Jeffreys, S Mitchell, N Monday,
M Myles and M Woodward.                                

Apologies Received      :          
Councillors A Simpson and D Stothard.

Absent                          :          
Councillor S Denham

In Attendance                :          
Julie Stephenson (Town Clerk), Jane Pick (Admin Manager) – Cotgrave Town Council, Helen Tooth (Joyful Jukebox) and Linda Blyth.                                                                                                    

The meeting was held at Cotgrave Methodist Church and commenced at 7pm.                                                           


The apologies given were approved.

Declarations of Interest

No declarations of Interest were received.

Public Open Session

Helen Tooth from the Joyful Jukebox CIC was in attendance at the meeting along with Lynda Blyth from the Cotgrave Methodist Church to give a brief presentation regarding a grant request they have made to council.

The Joyful Jukebox, which is a company interest company, runs dementia friendly sing-alongs in South Nottinghamshire. They aim to enable as many as possible to access the therapeutic power of music to improve their health and wellbeing. Informal, social sing-alongs create the opportunity to meet new people and become part of welcoming social groups through the enjoyment of singing in a relaxed, friendly and fun environment.

The purpose of the grant request is to contribute help with cost to deliver 24 sing-along sessions at Cotgrave Methodist Church.

Councillors N Monday said that this was a very welcomed event for Cotgrave.

Councillor Shaw thanked Helen and Lynda for their presentation and the grant request will be discussed later in the meeting.

Accuracy of the minutes of the Council Meeting held on 13th March 2024 and the Personnel Committee Meeting held on 21st March 2024

0664     Resolved          :          
“That the minutes of the meeting held on 13th March 2024 and the Personnel Committee Meeting held on 21st March 2024 be received and confirmed as a true record.”

Progress Minutes of Council Meeting held on 13th March 2024

M0596 NatWest Account

The signatories for the NatWest bank account had been forwarded a link to an online form that required completing to transfer the funds into a new higher interest account.  This has proven to be quite a difficult excise. Councillor Butler has asked if the signatories could come into the Council Office and meet with the Clerk and go through the form together.

M0600 Planters on the Shopping Centre

The Clerk has contacted the Community Garden asking when they will be starting the planting.  They are hoping to start anytime soon.

M0602 Sign at Shepherds Junction

The contractors have been to replace the sign for a smaller sign, but the incorrect sized brackets to fix the sign were sent.  Replacement brackets are on order and the new sign will be fixed into the correct place as soon as possible.

M0603 Green Spaces on Flagholme and Cartbridge

Councillor Butler informed that grass space on Woodview would also be included in this scheme.

M0605 Grass Cutting at Church Yard and Cemetery

 Councillor Shaw has spoken with Revd. Massey regarding the outstanding monies for previous years grass cutting.  Revd. Massey is talking with the diocese on obtaining some funding to pay for the grass cutting service.

M0614 D Day 6th June 2024

Councillor L Healy said that NALC were advertising an official flag for the D-Day 80 Event on 6th July.  The Union Flag can also be flown for this day.  By flying the Union Flag this will not cost any additional money for the event.

Councillor S Mitchell has ordered a D-Day 80th Wreath which will be laid on the Green on the day of the event, this will then be moved to the War Memorial. The D-Day Wreath will cost £27.00.

M0617 Rushcliffe Borough Council Growth Board

A meeting was held with members and officers of the Borough Council and some councillors an officer from Cotgrave Town Council, several items were discussed, including the location of the recycling bins on the Shopping Centre.  Also, future spending in Cotgrave was discussed, but they were in the very early stages.

The Clerk had received an email from Cath Evans acknowledging Councils attendance at the meeting.

M0620 Litter Bin Refuge Collections/Litter Picking Service

A further meeting is scheduled with the Borough Council staff to discuss this issue on 30th April.

M0632 Management Company Charges

Councillors Shaw noted that Service Charges for new estates does not allow them to be integrated in existing towns and villages.

M0639 S H Events

No further communication has been received from SH Events following their request to use Maddison Field which was declined by Council.

M0641 Bonfire Event at Cotgrave Welfare Field

A meeting has been arranged with Maurice Brown from Cotgrave Welfare to discuss arrangements for the Bonfire Event being held on Sunday 3rd November.
Councillor M Woodward said that she would like to attend the meeting.

M0647 Flooding on Hollygate Lane

Councillor Butler said that the issues with the flooding on Hollygate Lane has now been identified. The ownership of the land lies with a third party and investigations are being carried out to resolve the issue.

Cadent work on Daleside

Councillor Butler said that Cadent will be returning to site to repair the road surface following their works in the area.

Planning Minutes

0679     Resolved          :          
“To confirm the planning minutes recorded and the decisions taken by the Council and those of the Planning Authority.”

Financial Matters


‘’That the payments made since the previous meeting totalling £27,931.64  as recorded below, be approved and the invoices awaiting payment be paid’’.

Adlard Print21148Printing of Spring Newsletter41622.00
CISWO3545Annual Rent Sports Ground11,024.84
Allotment Tenant Bond Refund/Rent/Key Refund195.86
Notts County Council92983443February 2024 Salaries113,522.86
Nottingham Local News61174Delivery of Newsletter4288.00
Rushcliffe Borough Council71081312Rent Suite F1435.00
Rushcliffe Borough Council71081635Service Charge Suite F1180.00
Rushcliffe Borough Council71081546Rent Unit 281650.00
Sublime Shine863Suite F Internal Window Clean110.00
Three Mobile Phones113.99
UK Fuels10016845Fuel173.48
Attenborough Doors88798Plaza Doors Repair (Futures)1210.00
Regal Paints11310White Lining Fluid, Thinners1231.54
Methodist Church Room Hire 14.2.24130.00
Mick Dutton15775Service Eco Strimmer1143.10
R Janes Dr Macdonald’s Bench Deposit12000.00
NALC Annual Subscription11494.00
British Gas828898771Suite F Electricity187.66
Community Garden Planting Up of Shopping Centre1950.00
Kents66757Grounds Maintenance11045.00
Water Plus5087020Unit 28161.22
Water Plus4859911Forest Close Allotments143.87
Meerkat Comms2962Phone and Broadband160.60
HSBC Bank Charges120.52
EDF Energy Unit 28114.70
Rushcliffe Borough Council71083522Tree Works Hawthorne Avenue13360.00
Water Plus5139866Burhill Allotments148.66
Opus Sports Ground Electricity180.42
Cotgrave Futures797MUGA Electricity Nov to March1134.32

0681     Income

“That the income totalling £4,627.40 since the last meeting, as reproduced below.

29.2.24NatWest BankInterest235.30
1.3.24Cotgrave FCRent160.00
4.3.24Bakery 91Summer Street Market Stall35.00
7.3.24All Saints ChurchGrass Mowing 50% (23/24)2,160.00
6.3.24Hendersons CraftsSummer Street Market Stall25.00
10.3.24Allotment TenantPlot 35 Burhill133.52
13.3.24Rushcliffe Borough CouncilUKFPS Fund1,000.00
15.3.24Via East MidlandsGrass Mowing 23/24747.58
22.3.24Safari Sale 20.4.24Stall5.00
26.3.24Cllr K ChewingsAdvert Spring Newsletter126.00

Financial Statements

Members considered and approved the Statements for March 2024 as reproduced at the back of the Minute Book.

 At the end of March 2024 Council had £4,986.85 in the Co-op account, £29,503.08 in the HSBC account and
£ 204,708.12 in the NatWest account.


A grant request has been received from the Joyful Jukebox CIC who provide friendly sing-alongs in South Nottinghamshire. They aim go enable as many as possible to access the therapeutic power of music to improve their health and wellbeing. Informal, social sing-alongs create the opportunity to meet new people and become part of welcoming social groups through the enjoyment of singing in a relaxed, friendly and fun environment. It is especially good for people with dementia and can help with their mental wellbeing.

0684     Resolved         :           “To award the Joyful Jukebox CIC a grant of £500.”

Parks Inspections

The latest parks inspection has raised an issue with the springer/rocker at Broadmeer Park.  This piece of equipment has been repaired and following advice from the inspectors this piece of equipment has now been removed from site. The spring is starting to fail again.

Council was asked if they wished to consider a replacement piece of play equipment.

The Clerk will obtain some prices of various pieces and bring these to the next council meeting on 8th May.

The All-inclusive Roundabout at Ringleas Park requires the bearings servicing and these may need to be changed.

To service the roundabout would cost £154.00, but if the bearings required replacing this would be at a cost of £1,675.30.

The inspection company are carrying out the same repair in another parish for the same piece of equipment and said they will report back to council on how this goes, before council make a decision of the repair.

Cotgrave Futures

The new office manager is now in place and making progress.  A meeting of the Trustees was held on 9th April.

Correspondence (for information only)

Council has received a copy of a response from a resident which they had received from Nottingham County Council Highways (Via EM) regarding complaint of the road surface from Main Road to Holme House. It stated that the road in parts was in a reasonable condition, but the road is in a poor condition from Shepherds to Holme Home.

An email has been received from Cavendish Consulting with an update on the installation of the Heron Solar Farm on land off Stragglethorpe Road.

The planning application was submitted in December, and they have been working with Rushcliffe Borough Council to progress the proposal. They are undertaking archaeological trenching work on-site over the coming weeks and once complete a report will be reported to the Borough Council and this will be available on the Planning Portal.

Update from Ward Members

Councillor Butler informed Council that the planning application for the Chicken Farm at Owthorpe has gone to the Planning Inspectorate for a planning appeal and this appeal application has been lost by the applicant.

Clerks Reports

The Clerk has been copied in an email from Cotgrave Library to Positive Futures, saying that they had approximately 15 young people in the library.  They are overall well behaved, but when there are higher numbers in the library their behaviour comes more challenging, and it has been necessary to remove some of them from the library.

The Library are asking if Positive Futures could work in partnership with the library during the school holidays.

Councillor Chewings had held his monthly surgery in the library in the afternoon and had himself spoken to some of the young people.

An update from Barratt Homes has been forwarded to Council and the current position is a “Work in Progress’’ regarding the bridge at Hollygate.

Council have now received its new framed picture of HM The King, which is now on display in the Council Office.

An email from PC 1946 Mills has been received informing council that the Community Garden are enduring issues with anti-social behaviour. The Police have installed some temporary CCTV cameras, which were installed on the Welfare gate side. The footage has been viewed but has not managed to identify any of the suspects.

PC Mills has asked Council could help with some funding towards barbwire, anti-climb paint, flood lighting or an alarm system.

The Clerk will respond to PC Mills that the land used by the Community Garden is not owned or mange by the Council, but Cotgrave Welfare, but if the community garden could find some funding for a camera, this may be able to be added to Cotgrave Futures CCTV system.

Council asked if the Police could be invited to a council meeting to give updates on policing in Cotgrave.

Councillors’ Reports

Councillor Gardner said that the litter bin at the bottom of Sandside was attracting some fly tipping. This is one of a few and it will be discussed when Council have the next meeting to review the bins in Cotgrave.

Councillor Mitchell said that the overhanging hedge on Rise Gate had been cut back.

Councillor M Myles had attended the Town and Parish Forum at Rushcliffe Arena. Amongst the topics discussed was Code of Conduct, Civility & Respect and Policies. It was a very worthwhile event to attend and more councillors should try to attend any future ones.

Councillor Butler said that the resurfacing of the Stragglethorpe to Holme House has been approved and will be completed this year at a cost of £0.5 million.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.36pm.

Chair:…………………………………… Signed as a True Record (Date)………………………………

Planning Minutes

The following responses were made to plans under consideration by the Planning Authority, Rushcliffe Borough Council.

No objections were raised except where stated.

029       At Council Meeting on 10th April 2024

Land North of Tollerton, Tollerton Lane, Notts – Hybrid planning comprising: (1) Full Planning application for a first phase of residential development for 400 dwellings with associated access from Tollerton Lane, partial demolition of the runway, drainage, open space and associated infrastructure works; and (2) Outline planning permission (all matters reserved) for a phased residential development at Tollerton Airfield comprising demolition of                 existing infrastructure including accesses from Tollerton Lane and A52, open space, sports pitches, greed and blue infrastructure and other supporting infrastructure.

Fosseway Service Station, Nottingham Road, Cropwell Bishop, Nottingham, NG12 2JU – demolition of existing two forecourt buildings and erection of one replacement forecourt shop building; new timber compound; new substation with enclosure. Installation of jet wash and electric vehicle charging bays with associated forecourt area alterations, parking and other associated external works.

51 Daleside, Cotgrave, Nottingham, NG12 3QN – replacement of existing front flat garage/porch roof with a hipped roof.

030       Permission Granted

Cotgrave Leisure Centre, Woodview, Cotgrave, Nottingham NG12 3PJ – refurbishment of leisure centre premise4s and integrated youth club to include internal rearrangement, new entrance canopy and associated groundwork, new cycle shelter, fencing and signage. EV charge points. Also includes upgrade of mechanical plant systems to improve energy efficiency and associated substation.

Chair:…………………………………… Signed as a True Record (Date)………………………………