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Agenda Council Meeting 13th January 2021

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7th January 20201

Dear Sir/Madam,

You are invited to attend the Town Council meeting being held on Wednesday 13th January 2021 at 7pm, which will be held by video conference to transact the business specified below.

Press and Public joining the meeting

Members of the public and press are invited to attend and listen to the proceedings.  Please follow the following link :

Passcode: Meeting ID: 921 4450 0551
Passcode: 905422

You can view the Town Council’s privacy policy by visiting:

Yours faithfully

Mrs J Stephenson
Town Clerk



1.         To receive apologies for absence.
2.         Declarations of Interest
3.         Public Open Session
4.         To confirm the accuracy of the minutes of the virtual meeting held on 2nd December 2020
5.         To consider progress with the decisions taken.
6.         To confirm the Planning Minutes
7.         Planning Applications

20/03248/OUT   Land rear of Mill Hill Lane/The Old Park, Cotgrave, Nottingham – application for Outline
Planning Permission for the construction of up to 210 dwellings (all matters reserved except
for access)
20/03244/OUT Land East of Gamston and North of Tollerton, Tollerton Lane, Tollerton Nottingham –
Development: Outline Planning Application for the first phases of a Sustainable Urban
Extension at Land East of Gamston and North of Tollerton, comprising up to 2,250
dwellings, a primary school, a local centre (Class E a, b, c, d, e, f and g), retail shop (Class E a),
strategic green infrastructure and associated buildings, children’s play areas, strategic
infrastructure including drainage and engineering and demolition works. Full details sought
for the principal vehicular accesses off A52 and Tollerton Lane with all other matters
reserved. (Views requested as adjacent to Cotgrave Parish on above proposal)

8.         Financial Matters – to consider a) payments made, b) income received (since the last meeting),
c) Financial Statements for November 2020.
9.         Budget – to agree the budget for 2021-2022
10.        Working Groups – a) Grassmere Play Area, b) Local Development – i) to receipt an update, ii) to agree a
formal letter to be sent to RBC/ Barratts, iii) to consider a Neighbourhood Plan.
11.        Tree Survey – to consider the quotation.
12.        Defibrillators in Cotgrave – to consider the purchase and placement.
13.        Cyber Insurance – to consider.
14..       Rushcliffe Borough Council – Planning Enforcement Consultation
15.        Apologies – to review extended apologies of Councillors.
16.        Covid-19 Policy – to review any changes/updates required.
17.        Correspondence
18.        Clerk’s Reports
19.        Councillors Reports