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Agenda, Council Meeting 14th October 2020

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8th October 2020

Dear Sir/Madam,

You are invited to attend the Town Council meeting being held on Wednesday 14th October 2020 at 7pm, which will be held by video conference to transact the business specified below.

Members of the public and press are invited to attend and listen to the proceedings.  Please follow the following link :

Meeting ID: 988 1384 2472
Passcode: 773391

Time is allowed for brief public participation (Please forward detail to the Town Clerk prior to the meeting).

Yours faithfully

Mrs J Stephenson

Town Clerk


1.         To receive apologies for absence.
2.         Declarations of Interest
3.         Public Open Session
4.         To confirm the accuracy of the minutes of the virtual meeting held on 2nd September 2020
5.         To consider progress with the decisions taken.
6.         To confirm the Planning Minutes
7.         Planning Applications
20/02282/FUL    Woodend Farm, Owthorpe Road, Cotgrave, NG12 3PU – construction of agricultural
                                    building (machinery store).
20/02367/FUL 28 Green Platt, Cotgrave, NG12 3HZ – construction of enclosed porch with disabled ramp
20/02398/TPO 1 Fields View, Cotgrave, NG12 3GU – trees: T1 and T2 – (Two stem sycamores) – fell to
height of fence.
20/02290/LBC 1 Church Lane, Cotgrave – repairs to timber frame and timber floor joist and rebuilding
of brickwork, infill on east elevation, installation of services and internal alterations.
20/02459/FUL 17 Glenbrook, Cotgrave, NG12 3LY – construction of two storey rear extension and single
storey front extension. Demolition of existing conservatory.

8.         Financial Matters – to consider a) payments made, b) income received (since the last meeting), c) Financial
Statements for August 2020.
9.         Grants – a) Cotgrave Open Gardens, unused grant – to consider whether they should return to grant   
             awarded for 2020, b) Cotgrave Community Garden.   
10.        Allotments – rental charges and terms and conditions of tenancy for 2021, to approve – a) Burhill and Forest
Close Allotments, b) Hollygate Lane Allotments.
11.        Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan – to form a working group
12.        Nottinghamshire County Council – Have your say on the future of local government
13.        Rushcliffe Borough Council – Flood Resilience Store Grant Scheme –
14.        Council Office –
15.        Fireworks Display 8th November 2020 –
16.        Pensioners Christmas Meal 2020 – to consider options.
17.        Litter signs – to consider new signage.
18.        Covid-19 Policy – to review any changes/updates required.
19.        Telephone Box on West Furlong – Agreement for the sale and purchase
20.        Grassmere Play Area – a) to receive a report from the working group, b) damage to seesaw/insurance claim.
21.        Correspondence
22.        Clerk’s Reports
23.        Councillors Reports