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1st December 2022

Dear Sir/Madam,                         

You are invited to attend the Town Council meeting being held on Wednesday 7th December 2022 at 7pm, which will be held at Cotgrave Methodist Church Hall, to transact the business specified below.

Members of the press and public are welcome to observe proceedings.  Time is allowed for brief public participation. (Please forward details of any issues to the Town Clerk prior to the meeting).

All Cotgrave Town Council’s COVID-19 guidelines are advisory, as follows:-

  • It would be good practice to take lateral flow test prior to attending the meeting.
  • You may wish to wear a face covering and remove this when seated.
  • Please use the hand sanitiser provided.

Yours faithfully

Mrs J Stephenson
Town Clerk


1.         To receive apologies for absence.
2.         Declarations of Interest.
3.         Public Open Session.
4.         To confirm the accuracy of the minutes of the Council Meeting held on 9th November 2022
5.         To consider progress with the decisions taken.
6.         To confirm the Planning Minutes – to note
7.         Planning Applications
22/01885/FUL Cafe Pizzeria, Cotgrave Shopping Centre, Cotgrave – change of use from restaurant to a
mixed use restaurant and takeaway (retrospective)
8.         Financial Matters – to consider a) payments made, b) income received (since the last meeting), c) Financial
Statements for October 2022, d) Budgets 2023-2024 – to consider/recommend the first draft.
9.         Grants – a) to consider a grant request from Cotgrave Methodist Church,  
10.        Working Groups  – Pensioners Christmas Meal – to give an update.
11.        Cotgrave Futures –  to receive an update from the Board of Trustees.
12.        Remembrance Day Parade 2022 – to consider the report of the event and any recommendation required.
13.        Civility and Respect – to agree to sign the Civility and Respect Pledge and to agree Dignity at Work Policy.
14.        Flagpole/Flying of Flags Policy – a) to note the planning authority’s decision and planning consideration, b)
to approve the purchase of flags, c) approve the Flag Flying Policy.15.        Tree Works – to consider
quotation for tree works in the Cemetery, Ringleas Park, Grassmere Park and Hawthorne Avenue.
16.        Correspondence – (for information only)
17.        Clerk’s Reports
18.        Councillors Reports