Council Minutes 8th July 2020

Cotgrave Town Council Meeting 8th July 2020 Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Councillors S Gardner, C Pattison, B Handbury, I Shaw, A Simpson, R Butler, D Stothard, N Monday, L Healy.

Apologies Received:    
Councillor M Chewings, K Chewings, S Ellis and C Jeffreys

Councillors H Brumpton, D Eldridge and D Wilkie

In Attendance:  
The Town Clerk (Cotgrave Town Council) and Paul Heard (Chairman Cotgrave FC)
The meeting was held at virtually, via Zoom, and commenced at 7pm


The apologies given were approved.

Declarations of Interest

No declarations of interest were given.

Public Open Session

An apology from Leighton Peel, from Virgin, was given as he could not join the meeting to give an overview of the installation of Virgin cables within parts of Cotgrave.

Council agreed to suspend Standing Orders at 7.00pm, to allow Paul Heard from Cotgrave FC to give an update regarding the future for Cotgrave FC.

Cotgrave FC as they are now known, will be 30 years old this year and the football committee have decided to update the current clubhouse before the start of the new season, due to the current pandemic, it would be better to upgrade the current clubhouse rather than build a new one, which would take a lot of funding. Also, the club has decided to do additional works on improving the quality of the pitches and the purchase of some new machinery for that reason.

The football club had given three contractors, a description of the improvements they would like to consider within the budget of £30k, which was being given from Cotgrave Town Council, the money which was achieved when the telephone mast was installed onto the side of the football pitch on the Lingford field, for updating the building. The three contractors all produced a detailed specification of the work and the costs.

The improvements would include cladding to the outside of the building, toilet and patio area upgrades and some roof improvements.

The football club have had the building checked by a structural engineer and the building is sound and the cladding to be used on the building, has been checked for fire safety.

The work is hoping to be completed within three weeks and ready for the start of the season on 5th September 2020.

The football club will be offering mixed teams for the girls; this is what has been requested. If the numbers of girls playing increases, girls only teams will be offered.

Standing orders resumed at 7.43pm

Minutes of the Town Council Meeting of 10th June 2020

Resolved :          “That the minutes of the previous meeting held on 10th June 2020 be received and confirmed as a
                            true record”.


M748 Motorcyclists at Devils Drop Woods

Cllr Shaw has rung the police again regarding motorbikes travelling at speed going through the woods on the bridle path and on one occasion causing a horse to bolt. The police have not attended, and the residents are very frustrated with the regular disturbance in the area.

Cllr Monday commented that the police should be attending, and that Council need to write to the Chief Constable and Paddy Tipping to complain about the lack of policing and the concerns of the residents regarding the motorcyclists.

Resolved:     ‘To write a letter to the Chief Constable and Paddy Tipping regarding policing within the area.’

M0777 Plumtree Road Wall

Cllr Healy noted that the brick wall on Plumtree Road is falling into a poor state of repair but is unsure who is responsible for its repair.

Cllr Monday commented that the walls surrounding a property on the corner of Risegate and Owthorpe Road may also need some attention.

Council requested that the Clerk write to Via and ask if the work should be completed by them.

M0779 Road Resurfacing on Owthorpe Road

Cllr Monday noted that the road surfacing had been completed again on Owthorpe Road and this time the surface has a very good finish.

Planning Minutes

Resolved:      “To confirm the planning minutes recording the decisions taken by the Council and those of the                         Planning Authority.”

Financial Matters

Payments Made

Resolved:   ’That the payments made since the previous meeting totalling £24,069.68 as recorded below, be approved, as recorded below, be approved and the invoices awaiting payment be paid’’.

HSBC Bank Charges16.50
Notts County Cl923455844May Salaries18824.44
Veber1285-47697Data Back-Up113.20
Landscape Supply91979Visors, Sanitiser, Sunscreen1111.44
RBS28075Year-end closedown1672.00
Roffesoft6644Laptop, Admin and Office 36511272.00
Roffesoft6646Anti virus x 4 pcs158.20
M Dutton & Son13501Service Scag Mower and repair hedge cutter1280.02
M Dutton & Son13502John Deere Ride on Mower15400.00
Mrs J Pick Printer Cartridges – Home working134.07
Mrs J Pick Face Masks135.00
Mrs J Stephenson Bum Bags for staff safety kits153.94
Greyhound Leisure4533Concrete pad at Broadmeer Play Park1360.00
UK Fuels1047281Fuel1115.89
Mrs J Stephenson Printer Cartridges for home working125.89
Adlard Print18085Summer Newsletter41210.00
Vodafone Mobile Telephone119.65
Opus Energy Pavilion Electricity128.75
Talktalk Phone and d Broadband136.00
Kent Services Grounds Maintenance June1880.00
Absolute Business18287-18294Toner and Printer Belt1132.57
Notts CC92465634Payroll Service 2019-20201713.17
Barry Woodcock Internal Audit3148.05
Premier 1 (UK) Ltd113Flower Baskets13234.00
Roffesoft6660Web Hosting and email1190.80
HSBC Bank Charges16.50
  TOTAL 24,069.68

Income Received


Resolved:         “That the income totalling £711.30 since the last meeting, as reproduced below, be noted.

3.6.2020Rushcliffe Borough ClGrass Cutting329.48
12.6.2020Rushcliffe Borough ClGrass Cutting663.41
2.6.2020Allotment RentPlot 18 Burhill47.89

Financial Statements

Members considered the Statements for May, as reproduced at the back of the Minute Book.

At the end of May 2020 Council had £23,332.41 in the Co-op account, £155,052.08 in the HSBC Account and £201,072.44 in the NatWest Account.

Conclusion of Audit 2019-2020

Council had been copied into the Conclusion of Audit for 2019-2020 from the Internal Audit, Barrie Woodcock, which stated that he had not found any concerns whilst doing Council’s audit. He did note that the S137 allowance, was shown but could be may clearer. The Clerk will work on this to improve the visibility within the accounts.

The AGAR form required for the External Audit has been signed off by the Internal Auditor.

Risk Management

Council considered the Risk Management document which had been updated.

Council noted that Cotgrave Futures need to be providing regular reports to Council, as its role as custodian trustee and information provided by Cotgrave FC for the upgrade of the sports pavilion.

Resolved :      “To approve the Risk Management document”

Cotgrave FC

Council agreed to allow Cotgrave FC to choose the contractor for the upgrade of the sports pavilion, but would need to provide Council with a copy of all documentation of materials being used and the method statement for the refurbishment project, including the contractors details and public liability for council’s records.

All of the money paid to Cotgrave Town Council for allowing for a Telecoms mast to be placed      in the football field will be passed over to Cotgrave FC as agreed, to allow them to complete their refurbishment of the club house.

Resolved          :           ‘To give the £30k remittance from the Telecom Mast to Cotgrave FC.’


Staff Policy

Council have been provided with an updated copy of the COVID-19 staff policy, to review the changes. The policy has been updated to include more information of staff returning to the workplace and if they have any concerns and how this could be remedied.

Council have noted all the updates and are satisfied with all the changes.

Resolved          : ‘Council have adopted the changes to the policy’

Play Ground and Outdoor Gym Risk Assessment/Notices

A poster has been designed for all the play areas including the outdoor gym equipment and the sports pavilion and these will be placed on all gates and near play equipment, currently the play areas are all open, in-line with the current government guidelines and temporary signs are in place, whilst the permanent signs are on order.

A risk assessment has been produced for all Council’s play areas, using the current government guidelines and this will need to be checked and updated on a regular basis.

Cllr Stothard has some concerns about if some parents are not able to provide cleaning wipes/ or hand sanitiser for their children to use whilst playing on the park and would contact the school to ask if any help would be needed for some families and how this could be achieved.


Rushcliffe Borough Council has asked Cotgrave Town Council if they would like representatives working on the planning and building of the new crematorium to attend future council meetings.

Council agreed that it would be beneficial if representatives attended future meetings to give updates on the project.

NALC has been providing Council will regular updates on COVID-19 guideline changes.

Clerks Reports

Council have been informed about a property which has put garden waste into the buffer zone belonging to one of the play parks that now needs removing.

The Clerk will write and ask for the resident to remove the garden waste and make an enquiry about if any enforcement can be achieved.

The Clerk will contact Rushcliffe regarding office space and how Council can improve access during this pandemic.

Clerk informed Council that Hotpots Café, Foot FX and the Manvers Pub had closed due to COVID-19.

The new block of shops on the shopping area will start to be prepared and built from 20th July and is expected to be completed in February 2021.

Councillors Reports

Cllr Butler noted the comments regarding Risegate from Cllr Monday and said that there is a form on the Nottinghamshire County Council website, where residents can make suggestions to ‘Make a new Highway’.

Cllr Butler has been informed that some additional yellow lines are under consultation for Owthorpe Road, near the junction of Ash Lea Close, Candleby Lane, near to the school, Bingham Road near the junction to The Old Park and outside All Saint’s Church and hopefully all these will be implemented.

Resolved          :           ‘To extend Standing Orders for 10 minutes’

Cllr Healy asked about purchasing of a Christmas Tree and would Council have enough time to purchase, if not discussed until the September meeting.

The Clerk noted that should be enough time and will chase up the quotes for the next meeting.

Cllr Healy would like Council to consider if the shopping precinct could be updated with a new term of reference, but this can be discussed at a future date.

Cllr Stothard asked if Council had been informed where all the new dog fouling signs had come from and why?

The Clerk had found out that the signs had been placed on grass and pavements where residents had complained to environmental health at Rushcliffe Borough Council, to try to reduce the issue.

Cllr Stothard asked if council had been informed to what would be happening with the empty building on the precinct, after Hotpots and Foot FX have closed.

The Clerk & Cllr Butler noted that the owner had been in contact with Rushcliffe Borough Council and they were in discussions, but no further information is known.

Cllr Monday also made further comments regarding the narrow and uneven pavements on Risegate for wheelchair and pushchairs.

Cllr Butler stated that the pavements could be reported and checked to see if they could be repaired but there would not be any possibility of widening the pavement in this area.

Cllr Patterson commented on a letter which could offer councils a small grant towards the purchase of a defibrillator and was asking if this could be considered.

The Clerk will look at the offer and contact council’s previous supplier for quotes.

Cllr Handbury asked if Council could return to a physical meeting from September?

The Clerk informed that more guidelines are due to come out soon, but it suggested that council continue with Zoom meetings for the current time.

Cllr Shaw asked if the Memorial Bench is on order and when it will be in place?

The Clerk has written to Rushcliffe Borough Council for permission to site the bench and has not had a reply.

Cllr Shaw asked if any there had been any updates on the proposed bridge at Hollygate and Harmony Park.

Cllr Butler noted that there is no further information available regarding the bridge and Harmony Park is in discussions with Rushcliffe Borough Council. The removal of the hedge has been noted.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.06pm

Chairman…………………………………… Signed as a True Record (Date)………………………………