Council Minutes Meeting 4th December 2019

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Councillors C Jeffreys (Acting Chairman), H Brumpton, R Butler, M Chewings, D Eldridge, S Ellis, B Handbury, L Healy, N Monday, C Patterson, I Shaw and D Wilkie

Apologies Received:          
Councillors K Chewings, S Gardner, A Simpson and D Stothard.

In Attendance:
The Clerk and the Administration Manager (Cotgrave Town Council),  and Rebecca Sells (Council’s Solicitor)                                                         

The meeting was held at Cotgrave Futures and started at 7.00pm

In the absence of both the Chairman and Vice Chairman, Council agreed that Councillor Christine Jeffreys would Chair the meeting.


The apologies given were approved.

Declarations of Interest

No declaration of interest were given.

Public Open Session

No members of the public were present at the meeting.

Standing Orders were suspended at 7.05pm to allow Rebecca Sells, Council’s Solicitor, to provide Council with information regarding Agenda Item 12, allotment site at Hollygate Lane.

Rebecca Sells explained to Council that the transfer of land should have been straight forward but it has not been, it has had many hold ups. A copy of the final draft lease has now been given to Council for signing, but an amount of S.106 money has been applied for and this has not been formally agreed by Barratts. There are still a couple of minor items which need to be addressed by Barratts, when they have been agreed and completed Cotgrave Town Council are ready to sign the transfer and allow for the allotments to be used.

The Council are sending an invitation to one of the Managing Directors of Barratts to attend the next meeting to sign the agreement, if all issues have been resolved.

Standing Orders were resumed at 7.20pm.

Minutes of the Town Council Meeting of 13th November 2019

“That the minutes of the previous meeting held on 13th November 2019 be received and confirmed as a true record.”


M0331 Anti Social Behaviour

Councillors R Butler, L Healy and the Clerk had met with David Warren (Youth Service Worker), J Brown Rushcliffe Borough Council, PCSO P Evans and Inspector C Berry to discuss the anti-social behaviour of a few young people in Cotgrave.  David Warren has been carrying out some outreach work in Cotgrave with the young people and this will continue for December, and a follow up meeting will be arranged for January 2020.

Police attendance at Council Meetings

PC H Shinn has said that he will be able to attend Council’s meetings being held on 8th January and 12th February 2020.

M0329 Drain outside Manvers Arms

Council has received an email from Nottinghamshire County Council informing that the works through Via Highways have been ordered and this is programmed in for repair before the end of December 2019.

Councillor R Butler added that CCTV had also been arranged for the drains along the same stretch to further investigate the standing water problem.

M0339 Adopt a Kiosk

British Telecom had advised Council that the telephone kiosk on West Furlong would be used for wi fi purposes, so was not available for adoption.

M0349 RBS Rialtas

The Clerk confirmed that Council were now fully signed up to the Making Tax Digital with the HMRC.  This was a legal requirement from 1st October 2019.

M0374 Multi Play Unit at Cotgrave Futures

M0381 Nottinghamshire Association of Local Councils

Following a request from Serendipity’s to remove all of the play equipment, a quotation has been received and this has now been forwarded to Serendipity’s.  All costs incurred for the removal of the equipment would have to be met by Serendipity’s.

Councillors L Healy and C Jeffreys had attended the NALC’s annual general meeting on 21st November.

M0388 NatWest Bank

The Clerk was still working to resolve the issues with NatWest Bank and is now dealing with a complaint handler.

M0391 Rubbish in field on A46

This matter is still in the hands of the Environmental Agency.

M0395 Cotgrave Park Run

Councillor Patterson had attended a volunteers meeting, there were several issues in arranging the run that needed to be dealt with including the run surfaces on some parts of the park and the need to allow for dog walkers to have walks away from the runners.  Manvers Business Park had agreed that this could be used as a car parking area for the event.

Planning Minutes

Resolved          :           “To confirm the planning minutes recording the decisions taken by the Council and                                        those of the Planning Authority.”

Financial Matters


‘’That the payments made since the previous meeting totalling £105,008.99 as recorded on page 4, be approved and the invoices awaiting payment be paid’’.

0414     Income

“That the income totalling £25259.44 received since the last meeting, as reproduced below, be note.

Income Received

31.10.19Nat West BankInterest44.74
4.11.19Rushcliffe BCGrass Cutting214.70
15.11.19FCC CommunitiesFunding for Play Park The Green25,000.00

Financial Statements

0415     Members considered the Statements for October, as reproduced at the back of the Minute Book.

At the end of September Council had £54,079.31 in the Co-op account, £104,918.15 in the HSBC Account and £263,455.72 in the NatWest Account.

 COTGRAVE TOWN COUNCIL 4th December 2019
Nov 19Notts 4×4 Donation1100.00
Nov 19M Dutton & Son13149Belts for chipper, oil, chain1186.60
Nov 19M Dutton & Son13150New belt drive for Kioti vehicle1586.34
Oct 19Notts CC92354758September Salaries18802.49
14.9.19Vodafone387365875Mobile Phone119.20
9.10.19Opus67168818Sportsground Electricity173.06
30.10.19Talktalk20169956Phone and Broadband136.54
5.10.19Veber1285-7248Data Back Up113.20
Oct 19HSBC Bank Charges18.00
30.10.19Arco936738021Hi Vis Jacket, Safety Boots185.14
28.11.19Attewell Prop11388Put up poppies on lamp columns150.00
31.10.19Big Bang3131019Fireworks Display91550.00
28.10.19M Dutton & Son13177Cable Ties, Oil134.20
18.10.19Kent Services59751October Maintenance1880.00
5.11.19L Knight Padlocks117.50
29.10.19Notts CC92370554October Salaries18648.85
5.11.19J Pick Selection Boxes9277.68
5.11.19J Pick Petty Cash124.49
1.10.19Rialtas20770Omega Software Maintenance1306.00
1.10.19Rialtas20771Data Back Up Service1178.80
1.11.19Rushcliffe BC70741698Annual Rent Broadmeer140.00
27.10.19UK Fuels13033Fuel1154.18
11.10.19Jupiter Play2666-2Play Equipment The Green19524.60
7.11.19Baker Ross12064477Grant for Library1305.44
1.11.19Waterplus3102056Burhill Allotments1294.44
1.11.19Waterplus3101918Forest Close Allotments115.86
12.11.19Cot Futures227MUGA Electricity Charges131.80
2.10.19Rushcliffe BC707347283Quarterly Rent Grassmere168.75
3.5.19Hags67508New Play Equipment The Green170000.00
4.11.19M Dutton & Son13197Repair Chipper1237.54
15.11.19Greyhound4508Repair wet pour at Broadmeer Park12090.40
4.11.19Allotment Asso Membership Renewal166.00
9.11.19Opus Energy67350955Sportsground Electricity155.89
18.11.19RBL Grant1150.00
18.11.19J Stephenson Pallets for bonfire930.00
10.11.19Tea for Two Remembrance Day Refreshments166.00
   TOTAL 105,008.99

Working Groups

Cotgrave FC

An email has been received from the Estates Manager for CISWO, the owners of the land at Arthur Ridley Sportsground.  They are happy in principle to allow the Council to have a sub-lease to the football club from the lease given to Council, which will enable the football club to go forward to try to secure funding to allow them to rebuild/refurbish the pavilion.

CISWO have stipulated that all fees and costs (including CISWO’s) associated with the sub-lease, licence for works and variation of lease/sub-lease must be met by Cotgrave Town Council and/or the football club.

0418     Council asked the Clerk to arrange a meeting with CISWO and Cotgrave FC to discuss this further.

Leisure Centre Agreement

Councillor Ellis had not received any further information regarding the agreement with the Leisure Centre.

Councillor Butler asked to be copied into any correspondence regarding this.

2020/2021 Budget Meeting

The Clerk had received the tax base figure for 2020/2021 and a budget meeting needed to be arranged.

0422     The meeting will be held in the Council Office on Wednesday 18th December at 2pm.  Councillors R Butler, S Ellis, L Healy and I Shaw would attend the meeting.


Councillor Shaw had drafted a letter to the Secretary of State, against the appeal decision by the planning inspectorate. He had noted that after reading the appeal approval letter that it seemed flawed and had not taken all considerations.

Councillor S Ellis said the letter should be shorter and more condensed, and that it should be signed by the Chairman of Council.

Council agreed that Cllrs Ellis and Shaw would review the letter and ask the Clerk to post the amended letter.

Positive Futures

Following on from the presentation at Council’s meeting held on 13th November, council agreed to write a letter of support of the Positive Futures project, which is due to come to an end in December 2020.  A meeting will be held in January 2020 to decide whether the project will continue after December.

Council asked the Clerk to draft a letter of support.

Rushcliffe Borough Council
Proposed Civil Enforcement Off-street Parking Places Order 2020

The Borough Council had forwarded a copy of the formal consultation of the proposed introduction of Rushcliffe Borough Council (consolidated) Civil Enforcement off-street parking places order 2020.  The proposed order relates of existing off-street parking places provided by the Council.

The car parking at the Shopping Centre, Cotgrave Hub, Multi Service Centre (MSC), Rivermead, and Cotgrave Leisure Centre have a maximum stay of 12 hours and a zero-charge pay and display.

The permit only parking place or space at the MSC on Rivermead has a waiting period of up to 24 hours and a zero charge.

Car parking charges will not be introduced at Cotgrave at the present time from this review.


Cotgrave Community Growing Scheme

An email has been received from Alex Julian, Rushcliffe Borough Council attaching a design for a possible community growing scheme using one of the bowling greens at the Cotgrave Welfare, also asking if council could offer a possible alternative to the Bowling Green as an area of community growing space.

Council, unfortunately, does not own any land that would be suitable for this project.

Cotgrave Library

A thank you letter from the Library for Council’s grant of craft items has been received.

All Saints Church

A letter has been received from the secretary of the PCC thanking council for the grant of £500 towards the clock fund.

Crime Figures

The crime figures for 1.11.19 to 1.12.19 have been received, and are produced below.

3.11.19Criminal DamageMethodist Church, Bingham RoadSide window of church smashed
13.11.19Theft from motorWhite FurrowsItems taken from within car
13.11.19Theft from motorColston GateForced entry to van – nothing taken
13.11.19Theft from motorWoodviewItems taken from within car
14.11.19Criminal DamageCartbridgeCar tyres slashed
20.11.19BurglaryMill LaneJewellery and watches stolen
28.11.19BurglaryFoxglove WayWatches and clothing taken

Clerks Reports

The Clerk had received the renewal information for the Society of Local Council Clerks (SLCC).  This is a professional body for local council clerks and senior council employees

The Clerk had received an email from a resident stating his disappointment in the “poor festive decorations and the tree”.  The Clerk invited the resident to attend the council meeting where he would be able to put his concerns to Council.  The Clerk will respond to the email.

The Clerk asked which elected councillors would like to claim their Councillors Allowance.  Councillors H Brumpton, R Butler, C Jeffreys, L Healy and D Wilkie wished to claim the allowance. Cllr S Gardener had been asked prior to the meeting when he gave his apologies and wished to claim his chairman’s allowance.

Following the Christmas Lights Event on Friday 29th November there was a number of selection boxes left over.  Council agreed that these could be shared between Ash Lea School and the Trussell Trust food bank.

Councillors Reports

Councillor Monday asked about the traffic lights at Holme House/A52, as these were causing delays in getting out onto the A52 at peak times.  The phasing of the lights had been changed not to allow u turns on the A52 and this had alleviated the queuing problem, but the lights had now been changed back again.

Councillor Butler and Healy informed Council that works on the A52 are expected within the next two years, and works are in progress on this with Highways England.

Councillor Eldridge asked why the teen shelters had been moved from The Green and were now in store in the lock up on the shopping centre.  These had been removed due to anti-social behaviour, and in particular one family near the Green had been targeted.

Councillor Eldridge asked who had provided the dates for the Rotary Clubs Santa Sleigh as the dates in the Cotgrave Connections were incorrect.  The Administration Manager would forward the email received from the Rotary Club to Councillor Eldridge.

Following up on the article in Cotgrave Connection regarding the new recycling point on the Shopping Centre, he said that plastic bottle tops could be recycled at the Dove Cottage charity shop.

Councillor Shaw asked if the Clerk could arrange a meeting with Trent Barton in January.

Councillor Shaw also raised the issue of the road surface on Owthorpe Road.  The road had been top dressed but following the large amount of rain that had ran down the road, the surface was breaking up.  Nottinghamshire County Council are aware of the problem with the road and investigations are being carried out. In the short term the road will be swept.

Councillor Handbury informed that the coal trucks on the Green were full of water, and asked if some holes could be drilled in them.  Council would like to plant these up with flowers.

The Chairman thanked Council and wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.50pm.

Chairman…………………………………… Signed as a True Record (Date)……