Minutes Council Meeting 11th March 2020

Cotgrave Town Council Meeting1 1th March 2020

Present                         :         
Councillors D Stothard (Acting Chairman), R Butler, K Chewings, M Chewings, S Ellis, B Handbury, L Healy, C Jeffreys, N Monday,  C Patterson, I Shaw and A Simpson.

Apologies Received      :          
Councillors H Brumpton, D Eldridge, S Gardner and D Wilkie.

In Attendance                :         
The Clerk and the Administration Manager (Cotgrave Town Council), Michelle Mark (Trent Bridge Community Trust) and two members of the public.                       

The meeting was held at Cotgrave Futures and started at 7.00pm


The apologies given were approved.

Declarations of Interest

No declarations of interest were received.

Public Open Session

Two members of the public asked Council if they had any future plans to hold events that are not already covered in Cotgrave like an open door cinema/family picnic, that could be affordable to the public, they said that Cotgrave have facilities to hold these types of events, such as the Welfare field.

These types of events have taken place in other places, where you pay for a company to provide the equipment.

Council asked if the residents would be willing to volunteer to help organise such an event.  It would probably be too late to arrange anything for this year, but Council will discuss this further at its meeting on 8th April.  Plans are in place for several events this year in Cotgrave, including the Cotgrave Festival, Cotgrave Safari Sale, and later in the year the Bonfire and Christmas Lights Event.

The acting Chairman thanked the residents for attending the meeting and putting their ideas to Council.

Minutes of the Town Council Meeting of 12th February 2020

Resolved          :           “That the minutes of the previous meeting held on 12th February 2020 be received and confirmed as a true record.”


M0542 Park Run

The Administration Manager had met with one of the organisers of the Park Run to discuss the access to a portable defibrillator.

It was suggested that the defibrillator could be signed in and out from the Council Office, but the Clerk had today spoken with Alex Julian from Rushcliffe Borough Council and he has asked if this could be available from the Leisure Centre Reception rather than the Council Office.  This will be further investigated.

M0583 Armed Forces Community Champions

The Administration Manager informed Council that she had took on the role of the Community Champion for Cotgrave, and will be getting some information out to the public on how any member of the armed forces, such serving personnel, reservists and their families contact her to get information and support.

M0587 Incident Dog Walkers on Ringleas Park

There had not been any response following the letters that had been sent.

M0588 Bank

This issue with NatWest Bank had now been rectified, and the loan from Rushcliffe Borough Council has been fully repaid.

The complaints department of NatWest had offered compensation and costs incurred by Council.

M0596 FOCCP Chairman

Harry Burrows, who had recently stepped down as the Chairman of the group had thanked Council for their letter of thanks for the work he had carried out as Chairman of the Country Park.

A new chairman had now been appointed.

Planning Minutes

Resolved          :           “To confirm the planning minutes recording the decisions taken by the Council and those of the Planning Authority.”

Financial Matters


‘’That the payments made since the previous meeting totalling £13,108.02  as recorded below, be approved and the invoices awaiting payment be paid’’.

Jan 20HSBC Bank Charges111.28
Jan 20Veber47410Data Back Up113.20
Jan 20Vodafone405280863Mobile Phone119.20
4.2.20George Brook Tree Works11215.00
29.1.20Cotgrave Futures252MUGA Electricity145.00
20.1.20Hags-SMP69249Wood Logs (Grassmere Park)1146.82
17.1.20Kent Services60240Grounds Maintenance January1880.00
3.2.20TMS Hardware Various Hardware Items129.75
11.2.20Notts CC92409649January Salaries18802.66
2.1.20Rushcliffe BC70759066Quarterly Rent Grassmere168.75
4.2.20Sublime Shine485Cotgrave Futures Window Cleaning149.99
4.2.20Sublime Shine484CTC Window Cleaning111.99
26.1.20UK Fuels1039402Fuel1183.68
30.1.20WaterPlus3403351Forest Close Allotments124.19
6.2.20Mrs J Pick Ledger/Holiday Chart119.72
11.2.20Youth Club Grant11000.00
24.2.20Opus67889482Sportsground Electricity126.97
24.2.20WaterPlus3404489Burhill Allotments1192.42
27.2.20HSBC Bank Charges112.40
25.2.20Atkins Air Con30Service Air-conditioning Units160.00
26.2.20Notts County Supp2202124Stationery155.57
18.2.20ABM18143Ink Cartridges196.00
23.2.20UK Fuels1041438Fuel156.47
14.2.20Vodafone411217735Mobile Phone Charges119.20
   TOTAL 13,108.02


“That the income totalling £23,180.58 received since the last meeting, as reproduced below, be noted.

Income Received

4.2.20Allotment RentPlot 5 and 14b70.58
8.2.20Little Schnauzer CoffeeCotgrave Festival50.00
14.2.20Lincs & Notts AmbulanceCotgrave Festival Stall10.00
17.2.20Usbourne BooksCotgrave Festival Stall25.00
26.2.20Utility WarehouseCotgrave Festival Stall25.00
27.2.20FCC CommunitiesFunding Grant – The Green Play Area23,000.00

Financial Statements

Members considered the Statements for January, as reproduced at the back of the Minute Book.

At the end of January 2020 Council had £13,938.97in the Co-op account, £53,252.01 in the HSBC Account and £263,588.55 in the NatWest Account.


A grant request has been received from Revitalise Respite Holidays, who provide holidays for disabled people and their carers at centres in Southport, Southampton and Essex. 

Resolved          :           “To approve a grant of £400 to Revitalise Respire Holidays.”

A second application has been received from Cotgrave Super Kitchen, the group was set up at Cotgrave Welfare in June 2019 and offer each week a 2 course lunch using produce from Fareshare and other surplus supermarket food.  They cook nutritious and affordable meals for £2.50.

Resolved          :           “To award a grant of £335 to Cotgrave Super Kitchen.”

The outstanding balance of the grants budget for 2019-2020 stands at £145.57, so Council agreed that these grant payments should come out of Council’s budget for 2020-2021 and will paid in April.  If Council need to increase the budget next year they will do so.

Working Groups

Cotgrave FC

The Clerk had contact Paul Heard, the Chairman of Cotgrave FC and he had provided an update for the club.

The club are still limited to the use of the football pitches at Arthur Ridley due to the inclement weather conditions, but are using the new mini pitches and are having to hire out other facilities.

A grant which the football club have been awarded, of £19,000, has been approved for the purchase of a tractor from the Football Association, the club will need to provide a further £6,000 in addition to this amount.

 They also hope to purchase some verti draining equipment which will enable them to verti drain the pitches at Arthur Ridley and also the pitches at the back of the leisure centre, they will trial this for one year to see how it improves the condition of the pitches before revisiting the plan to provide a new sports building at the Arthur Ridley site.

The Clerk had provided Council with some running costs for the sports pavilion, the costs covered electricity, periodic electrical testing (currently every 3 years), and rent paid to CISWO.  This amounts to £1800 for 2019-2020.

The Hire Agreement for 2020-2021 will added to the agenda for the next council meeting.

Leisure Centre Agreement

The Clerk and the Administration Manager had met with Dave Banks and Helen Penniston at Rushcliffe Borough Council and had gone through the agreement.  There were some services in the agreement that Council no longer used, ie, photocopying, use of leisure centre safe, access to the leisure centre reception, service of meetings and the rental collection for the allotments, which is only used for one month per year and not all year round.

Council have requested that this agreement is re-negotiated to reflect the changes in usage.

Councillor Ellis asked if the Clerk could forward details of the changes of the lease to all councillors.

Trent Barton

A meeting has been arranged for Tuesday 17th March at 1pm.

Councillor K Chewings informed Council that The Cotgrave no longer have return tickets available, and could this be raised at the meeting.

Hollygate Lane Allotments – Transfer of Land

A date had been set for the handover of the allotments, this is Wednesday 18th March.

The allotments have been weeded, but the Clerk is still waiting to hear if the Beech hedging will be guaranteed for two years and not one year.

When the handover has taken place, all those residents who have been allocated a plot will be notified and will be given a rent request letter and terms and conditions of tenancy document.  The rent will be charged pro-rata for the remaining months of the year and will be the same cost as a full size allotment on the Burhill Allotment site.

Youth Zone

ASB group meetings are ongoing and discussions have taken place regarding the provision of a youth zone.  Maddison Field, which is currently being used as a dog walking field, has been suggested by the Police Liaise Officer for Rushcliffe Borough Council, but council feel that this area is too enclosed, as would also be Grassmere Play area, and that also both sites are very close to residential properties.

Council suggested if an area on the Green could be used for this facility.  A follow up meeting will be taking place during March.

Plastic Free Cotgrave /Great British Spring Clean

An open meeting is taking place on Saturday 14th March at Cotgrave Library between 10.30am and 12 noon.

Plastic Free Cotgrave is part of a national scheme, working with business, organisation and individual to reduce plastic pollution.

Cotgrave Town Council have been made aware of a scheme that sends recycled tops and lids to raise funds for Dove Cottage.  Council staff have arranged for collection points at the following places in Cotgrave:-

Cotgrave Town Council Office, the Post Office, Post News Shop, Hot Pots and Cotgrave Library.

A resident has organised for a litter pick, as part of the Great British Spring Clean, to take place on Saturday 9th May. Further information to follow.

VE75 Memorials

Council have been copied into information about memorial benches for the VE Day celebrations and have asked if the Clerk can obtain prices for both the bench and planter.

Resolved          :           “To agree a budget of £1100 for a memorial bench/planter.”

The Clerk informed council that they had some red, white and blue bunting that could potentially be put up around the shopping centre and she would speak with the Borough Property Manager.

The CBOC branch of the British Legion are working on an event for the 8th May and more information will be passed onto council once agreed.


Nottinghamshire County Council

Nottinghamshire and Nottingham Joint Waste Local Plan
Notification has been received for a Issues and Options consultation over a six week period between 27th February and 9th April 2020.

Nottinghamshire Association of Local Council

NALC had forwarded details of a Local Electricity Bill.  The Bill, if made law, will empower local communities to sell locally generated clean energy directly to local customers by establishing a statutory Right to Local Supply. 

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Newsletter

The February 2020 edition of The Beat has been forwarded to Council.

Clerks Reports

A reply has been received from Ruth Edwards, MP for Rushcliffe following an invite to
Council’s Annual Town Meeting on 6th May, unfortunately she is not able to attend as the meeting clashes with her being in Parliament. She apologised on this occasion but would like to host a meet your MP event in Cotgrave on another date.

PC H Shinn had apologised for not being able to attend the meeting, and informed that there has not been many issues reported around Cotgrave, other than a report involving some young people over the weekend.

Councillors Reports

Councillor M Chewings had spoken with a resident who had concerns regarding the traffic lights at Holme House and the traffic backing up.  This is a Highways England issue, but Councillor R Butler would see if he can speak to someone at the County Council Highways.

There are ongoing roadworks along the A52 at present.

Councillor Simpson had attended the Western Power Distribution presentation on 3rd March and had produced a report to share with council.

Councillor Shaw said that roadwork resurfacing has taken place within Cotgrave.

Councillor Shaw also asked if there was any update on the bridge across the canal at Hollygate Park?

Councillor R Butler informed council that an application from Barratt/DWH is still expected.

Councillor Shaw noted that building works were still taking place at a site at Straggelthorpe.

Councillor K Chewings asked if the council papers could be sent by email, unfortunately several councillors did not use email/internet, so all papers are distributed as a hard copy.

Councillor K Chewings also noted that within the Borough Council’s Cabinet Meeting Minutes that included details of money that the Borough has made from sale of land in Cotgrave, and asked if Council could write to the Chief Executive to find out what this land was and would the money be re-invested in Cotgrave.

Councillor R Butler said it was the land at the rear of the business units on Hollygate Lane that was already allocated for land to be used for housing.

Councillor Healy suggested that there should be a name change for the shopping centre, now that the majority of the refurbishment works has been completed.  Council will write to the borough suggesting some names.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.25pm.

Chairman…………………………………… Signed as a True Record (Date)………………