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Minutes Council Meeting 11th November 2020

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Councillors D Stothard (Acting Chairman), H Brumpton (from 7.03pm), R Butler, D Eldridge, S Ellis, S Gardner,
B Handbury, L Healy, N Monday, I Shaw and A Simpson.

Apologies Received:          
Councillors K Chewings, M Chewings, C Jeffreys, C Patterson, and D Wilkie.

In Attendance:         
The Town Clerk, Administration Manager (Cotgrave Town Council), and Nicky Brindley MBE.

The meeing was held virtually, via Zoom, and commenced at 7pm.

Councillor Gardner was in attendance but due to his health condition, did not want to chair the meeting.


1119     The apologies given were approved.

Declarations of Interest

Councillor Stothard declared an interest in planning application 20/02729/VAR – Hotpots Café on Cotgrave Shopping Centre.

Public Open Session

To suspending Standing Order to allow Nicky Brindley MBE to give a presentation on the J9 Initiative, Agenda Item 16.

Nicky, a resident of Cotgrave works for the DWP and is also a volunteer for the women’s refuse Tara’s Angels.  This is a not for profit organisation that was set up after the murder of Tara Newbold following domestic abuse. 

Janine Mundey, a mother of two, was killed by her estranged husband while he was on police bail.  Janine used to sign off her text messages J9.  In her memory the J9 initiative was created to open doors to support and to create a network of safe places where survivors of domestic abuse can seek help, and now the initiative wants to set up safe spaces in Rushcliffe where survivors can come in and use a telephone and get the help they need in a safe and secure space.

Nicky has been working to achieve this with Ruth Edwards MP for Rushcliffe and Paddy Tipping, Nottinghamshire Police Crime Commissioner, who has provided funding for the initiative.

J9 offers free training sessions(approximately 3 hours) for organisations across all sectors, so they can confidential offer support to people who are experiencing domestic abuse by providing information about professional support networks and/or the use of a quiet space to make a phone call.

Once the training sessions have been completed, all participants will be asked to display the J9 logo in their window, to identify that they are a safe space and will be provided with copies of literature on the services in place to help domestic abuse survivors.

Councillor Ellis said that he was totally in favour of this initiative.

Councillor Butler stated that Council’s office, especially when they have relocated in the new Business Hub, would be the ideal place for this.

Councillor Shaw queried that the office is not available 24/7, and that a lot of incidents of abuse might happen during the night.  Nicky informed that survivors are always able to contact the police as well.

Councillor Healy asked how do survivors recognise what J9 means?  J9 is being advertised on social media, magazines etc.

Councillor Handbury asked, in terms of numbers in Cotgrave and Rushcliffe how many incidents of domestic abuse are there?  Nicky explained that per year at least 1 in 4 women in a lifetime can suffer some form of domestic abuse, and within the last week 3 incidents had been reported in Cotgrave.

The Clerk will forward the details regarding the training to all councillors.

The Clerk and the Administration Manager had already signed up to complete the training course.

Resolved          :           “All of Council were in favour of supporting the J9 initiative.”

Council thanked Nicky for her time and for the excellent work she is doing with Tara’s Angels and domestic abuse survivors.

Standing Orders were resumed at 7.30pm

Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on 14th October 2020 and the Extraordinary Council Meeting on 4th November 2020

Councillor Butler stated that minute number 0966 should read that the Recycling Centre had been discussed at the Nottinghamshire County Council committee meeting and not at Rushcliffe Borough Council.

The minutes will be amended.

Resolved          :           “That the minutes of the previous meeting held on 14th October and                       Extraordinary Council Meeting held on 4th November 2020 be received and confirmed as a true record”.


Council Meeting held on 14th October 2020

1139     M1028 Phone Box West Furlong

There has been a slight delay in the transfer of the phone box, due to a change in the Rushcliffe Borough Council’s solicitor, who Cotgrave Town Council have engaged to complete the purchase.

1140     M1045  Cotgrave Police

The Clerk updated Council on the Police attending a future Council meeting.  She has spoken with PC Paul Henson, but unfortunately at this time their shift patterns did not correspond with Council meeting dates, but he would try and amend these so that they can possibly attend the meeting on 2nd December.

Extraordinary Council Meeting 4th November 2020

Councillor Shaw wished to make a statement, and that it should be placed in the meeting records, as follows: –

“I was surprised and not a little embarrassed by the chairman interrupting members of the public who were speaking with what appeared to be a rude and censurable remark.  I have heard that following this treatment at least one member of the public would not consider attending any future council meetings.

Also, for the chairman to interrupt me when I had been speaking for less than a minute with a similar remark was totally unacceptable.  Following me being similarly interrupted by the chairman at two previous council meetings when members of the public were present, I privately requested that he desist from such action in the future.  He obviously chose to ignore this request.  To prevent any acrimony, I chose not to remind him of this request publicly as this would not have been acceptable with the public and guest speakers present. 

I now repeat this request and would remind the chairman that, like all members of the council, I have a right to speak and find it completely disrespectful and unacceptable to be interrupted before I have finished”.

The acting chairman as if Councillor Gardner wished to respond to Councillor Shaw’s statement.

Councillor Handbury enquired if Barratts already owned the land for the potential building.  Barratts do own this land.

Councillor Brumpton believed that they had acquired the land in 2013.

M1063 Surveys & Site Reports

Councillor Brumpton noted that all the surveys had not been completed through all the seasons and would need to be completed to give full information regarding the environmental impact.

1146     M1066 Impact on Traffic

Councillor Shaw suggested that it might be a good idea to invite Nottinghamshire County Council Highways to a future meeting to further discuss the impact on the road and traffic

1147     M1068 Additional Houses

Council noted that the original application had stated 190 houses and the plans are now stating 210 houses, which is a significant change and it was explained that the outline plan is just to approve for building and then the finer details are worked out within the legal guidelines set for building properties but many surveys and reports need to be done before it is all approved.

1148     M1097 Bridge over the Grantham Canal

The bridge planning application is presented to Council in this meeting, but after looking at the design and placement, it is not acceptable to Cotgrave Town Council in the current planning application.

Planning Minutes

1149     Resolved          :       
“To confirm the planning minutes recorded the decisions taken by the Council and those of the Planning Authority.”

Financial Matters

1150     Payments

Resolved:         ‘’That the payments made since the previous meeting totalling £17,838.98 as recorded below, be approved and the invoices awaiting payment be paid’’.

COTGRAVE TOWN COUNCIL 11th November 2020
Streetwise18492Empty Bins1528.99
Rushcliffe BC70817731Quarterly Rent Candleby Lane168.75
Rushcliffe BC70827713Quarterly Rent Grassmere168.75
Rushcliffe BC70817722Quarterly Rent Eastmoor166.25
Rushcliffe BC70817750Quarterly Rent Studio 3 1410.00
Roffesoft6764Website Upgrade for Accessibility1828.00
UK Fuels1054894Fuel1105.11
Notts CC92496298September Salaries19202.85
Talktalk21491495Phone and Broadband138.59
Rushcliffe BC70818990Empty Septic Tank Sportsground1139.84
Notts County Supplies102001193Gloves168.85
Opus69328107Pavilion Electricity137.02
Big Bang2010202Fireworks 2300.00
Autocare Antifreeze for mower154.00
Notts CS102001624Nitrile Gloves145.90
J A Kents61513October Grounds Maintenance1880.00
Notts CS2001772Paper111.39
Meerkat Comms6042CCTV Broadmeer159.40
Veber1285-7899Data Back Up113.20
Fabrications Northeast201Seat and Planter11872.00
Market Shop Hardware123.95
Vodafone459619419Mobile Phone119.65
HSBC Bank Charges16.50


1151     Income

Resolved:         “That the income totalling £1,034.41 since the last meeting, as reproduced below.

Income Received

6.10.20Rushcliffe BCGrass Cutting682.27
7.10.20Cotgrave FCRent September and October 2020300.00
22.10.20Allotment RentPlot 26 Burhill46.39
22.10.20Western PowerWayleave5.75

Financial Statements

1152     Members considered the Statements for August as reproduced at the back of the Minute Book.

At the end of September 2020 Council had £24,290.85 in the Co-op account, £162,509.73 in the HSBC account and £201,079.27 in the NatWest account.


1153     Council had received an update from the Cotgrave Community Garden, following on from their grant request for a contribution towards a polytunnel.

1154     The group have put in some additional security measures, and that the polytunnel will be insured under the group insurance policy.

1155     Council were happy with the additional safety measures that had been put in place and agreed to give the grant.

1156     Resolved          :           “To pay the Cotgrave Community Garden a grant of £1,000

RBS Rialtas Business Solutions

1157     Council noted the charges for 2020/2021 Accounts package and were all in favour of continuing to use the service.

Council Office Relocation

1158     The Clerk is in discussion with Rushcliffe Borough’s Property team regarding Cotgrave Town Council being able to keep on the garage and stores at the Leisure Centre with the new lease agreement for the office suite at the Business Hub and a Deed of Easement is being written up.

1159     Due to the national lockdown it is now expected that the move to the new office is expected to take place in February/March 2021.

Working Groups

Pensioners Christmas Meal

1160     Councillor Healy gave an update.

As of today, a total of 117 Christmas meals have been booked over the 2 days.

The Cotgrave Community Kitchen have said that they have enough volunteers for preparing and cooking the meal, but Council will need to get the volunteers for the delivery of the meals.

Councillors R Butler, K Chewings, B Handbury, L Healy, N Monday, I Shaw and A Simpson, D Stothard, the Clerk and the Administration Manager will help with the delivering of the meals over the two dates.

Once bookings are closed on 30th November, the Administration Manager will compile a list of delivery routes.

Due to the high take up of Christmas meals, Cllr Healy suggested that council pay over some of the agreed money to the group, to allow them to make the initial purchases required, £1200 was suggested and all councillors agreed to this amount of money to be paid. The remainder will be paid nearer the dates.

Grassmere Play Area

1161     Councillor Stothard gave an update.  He had received 3 quotations back and was waiting for one more, for new equipment on the play park.   He would hopefully have more information for the 2nd December meeting.

2021-2022 Budgets

1162     The Clerk asked Council if they can set up a working group to work on the budgets for 2020/2021.

1163     Councillors R Butler, S Ellis, L Healy and I Shaw would form the working group, and the clerk will arrange for a Zoom meeting to take place to discuss the budget and report back to a full council meeting for approval.

Covid-19 Policy

1164     Since the announcement of the National Lockdown from 5th November, Council’s administration staff are now working from home.  Ground staff and park keepers will be carrying out their normal duties.

1165     Outdoor gyms are now out of use.  The equip at Ringleas Park has been taped off (and photographed), Grassmere park is currently closed due to vandalised equipment, and information regarding the use of play parks/gyms has been added to the Town Council website.

1166     We are still waiting for guidance on the multi-use games area (MUGA).

1167     The Covid-19 policy will be updated accordingly.

RCAN Membership

1168     Information has been received from the Rural Community Action Nottinghamshire (RCAN) regarding membership to the organisation.

1169     RCAN provides support for village halls, community groups, parish councils, sports groups and other local groups in the community.

1170     They can provide expertise on community planning, transport and access support, consultation and engaging the community, health and wellbeing, economic regeneration and fund, regional rural poly and raising the rural voice.

1171     The cost of the annual members ship if £95 + VAT.

1172     Resolved          :           “To sign up to the membership at a cost of £95/year +VAT.”

Cotgrave Plastic Free

1173     An email has been received from Brenda Ainsley from Cotgrave Plastic Free, that as part of their submission to Surfers Against Sewage, an agreement with Council needs to be formed in support of the groups initiative, council would need to agree to additional the following statements:-

1.         Council will lead by example and phase out* single use plastic
2.         Council will support all plastic free initiative the area.

*Note that this states ‘phase out’.  There is no expectation that this would happen overnight – it is and will be likely to be a gradual process, starting with some pretty small steps.

1174     Resolved          :           “To add the above statement to Council’s support to the Cotgrave Plastic Free submission to Surfers Against Sewage.”

1175     Council noted that additional recycling was being made available in Cotgrave and this all helps.


1176     HM Land Registry

A copy of the completion of registration has been received from the HM Land Registry for the land on the north side of Candleby Lane, Cotgrave.

1177Crime Figures

Date    LocationCrime
3.9.2020Thorntons Holt Camp SiteCriminal Damage/Theft – caravans damaged, and items stolen from within.
5.9.2020GrassmereCriminal Damage – outhouse window smashed
13.9.2020MarlwoodCriminal Damage – car window smashed
15.9.2020CartrbridgeTheft from motor – registration number plates stolen overnight
17.9.2020Shopping CentrePushbike Stolen

1178     Selection Box for Schools

All three of Cotgrave’s schools had accepted Council’s offer of purchasing selection boxes.  In total Council will need to purchase 809 selections boxes at a cost of 89p each (boxes of 24) £726.24.

1179     Resident

A resident had been made aware that Council would be discussing the planning application for the footbridge at Hollygate Lane, and wished to  raise her concerns about this as wheelchair users and those with pushchairs will not be able to use it.  She said that they were puzzled as to how such a bridge could be offered when even railways have upgraded their overline bridges to incorporate ramps.  It does need to be fit for purpose or it will not be used, and people will continue to use the road.  Since this bridge will be there for many years it needs to be useful or it will be an unnecessary piece of wood and concrete. 

Clerks’ Reports

1180     The Clerk informed Council that she had received back the external audit from Council’s Auditors PK Little John, and that the accounts had now been approved.  These will be upload to Council’s website.

1181     The Clerk also notified Council that she will be attending the annual Practitioners Conference in February at the cost of £75 + VAT.  This will be a 3-day online conference.#

Councillors Reports

1182     Councillor Butler had brought to Council’s attention that since the national lockdown commenced on 5th November, users of Cotgrave Country Park had increased and were now parking on Hollygate Lane and Harvest Drive.  The County Council will be looking into possibility of extending the car park, but this will obviously take some time.

1183     Councillor Butler also informed that since central government has announced a second wave of Covid-19 financial business support for eligible Rushcliffe and Nottinghamshire business.

1184     Councillor Butler had also been informed by a resident of the amount of dog foul on Mensing Avenue from a particular dog walker.  He had advised the resident to note the dates/time of any incidents of dog foul that could then be forward to the Borough Dog Warden.

1185     Councillor Eldridge asked any more funding would be available for the volunteers at the Cotgrave Community Kitchen.  The Clerk had forwarded details of funding opportunities to them.

1186     Councillor Handbury asked if the grants work and are they easy to access?

Councillor Butler said they are working well and are easily accessed.

1187     Councillor Monday noted that amount of wet leaves on the pavements and road in Cotgrave.

Councillor Butler said that the road sweeper had been booked for Cotgrave within the next couple of weeks.

1188     Councillor Shaw asked if the road signs that had been used for the road works in Cotgrave could now be removed, as the works had now been completed.  Councillor Butler will check this.

1189     Councillor Shaw also raised the issue of a sewage smell near to the canal on Hollygate Lane

1190     Councillor Shaw was pleased about the many complementary comments regarding the Fireworks display on 8th November.

1191     Councillor Stothard noted that the weather had hampered the firework display but would like to see them book in again for next year.

1192     Councillor A Simpson had attended a Western Power Distribution Workshop and would share the slide show with any councillor who wished to look at them.  The workshop covered Fuel Poverty Scheme and development of community energy.

1193     Councillor Stothard had wished to ask for a working group to be formed towards the development of Local Plan II and the building of houses and the infrastructure.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.02pm

Chairman…………………………………… Signed as a True Record (Date)………………………………