Minutes Council Meeting 12th February 2020

Cotgrave Town Council Meeting 12th February 2020

Councillors S Gardner (Chairman), R Butler, M Chewings, D Eldridge, S Ellis, B Handbury, L Healy, C Jeffreys,
N Monday, C Patterson, I Shaw, A Simpson, D Stothard and D Wilkie

Apologies Received: 
Councillors H Brumpton, and K Chewings

In Attendance:
The Clerk and the Administration Manager (Cotgrave Town Council), and PC H Shinn and Michelle Mark, Cotgrave’s Community Champion.

The meeting was held at Cotgrave Futures and started at 7.00pm


The apologies given were approved.

Declarations of Interest

No declarations of interest were received.

Public Open Session

Standing Orders were suspended at 7.01 to allow for PC H Shinn and Michelle Mark to give their updates and presentations.

PC Shinn informed that following on from the anti-social behaviour on the shopping centre and in particular the incidents at the Methodist Church, two arrests had taken place, the young people had been given curfews which run until April and a report had been submitted to the Youth Offending Team.  They will work with the young people with diversionary and education before making a decision of the final outcome.

The Police had put out a post on social media saying that the police were not receiving report of ABS through the 101 telephone number, and encouraged residents to report any ASB activity.  The 101 system has recently been replaced by a new system and this has had a few teething problems.  Since the post was put out on Saturday 8th February, there had been no report of ASB in Cotgrave.

PC Shinn asked Council if they thought that it would be a good idea to put out on social media an appeal to parents to question where their young people are when out at night.  Council thought this was a good idea, but were not sure what response they would receive. People need to be aware that social media can spread rumours and the information is not always correct.

The Crime figures for January are reproduced under Correspondence so far in February there had been a report of theft of a motor vehicle, theft from a motor vehicle, some criminal damage and a drug possession.

Councillor Patterson asked if the police had ever carried out any visits all local schools, this is something that could possible take place.

Councillor Wilkie stated that the positive impact on Cotgrave’s young people previously, had been provide by the Positive Futures team, working with a lot of young people to help them change their lives and make better choices.

The Chairman thanked PC Shinn for his update.

Michelle Mark introduced herself to Council.  Michelle who has lived in Cotgrave for 15 years and is married with you teenage boys, has taken on the new role of Cotgrave Community Engagement Worker with the Trent Bridge Community Trust.  Michelle also works part time in Cotgrave Library.

Michelle has recently visited a lot of groups and organisations already operating within Cotgrave including the Memory Café, Coffee Club, Super Kitchen and is looking forward to being introduced to many others.

The post primarily involve signposting residents to relevant services they need. Michelle has found that there are a lot of good groups/organisations providers in Cotgrave. Although Michelle said she was not an expert in providing services, but she can point anyone in the right direction of people who are able to help, and is looking forward to being to help where she can.

Michelle can be contacted by email: michelle.mark@trentbridge.co.uk or facebook @cotgravecommunity or you can even stop her in the street, her aim is to be as flexible and accessible as possible.

Standing Orders resumed at 7.27pm

Minutes of the Town Council Meeting of 8th January 2020

Resolved:        “That the minutes of the previous meeting held on 8th January 2020 be received and confirmed as a true record.”


M0450  Apologies

Councillor D Wilkie apologised for his absence from the 8th January 2020 meeting.

M0468 Crematorium

Council requested that this item be put into a closed session at the end of the meeting

M0499 Cotgrave Park Run

A quotation had been obtained for the purchase of a portable AED that could be used for the Park Run.  The cost is £1,100 to purchase a portable AED.

The Park Run committee has requested a meeting to take place to discuss the logistics of using the AED.  A meeting is being arranged and an update will be given at the next council meeting.

M0522 Litter Bin on Black Path

The lock on the bin had now been repaired and is being monitored.

Planning Minutes

Resolved:       “To confirm the planning minutes recording the decisions taken by the Council and those of the Planning Authority.”

Financial Matters

0546     Payments

Resolved:   “That the payments made since the previous meeting totalling £87,327.71 as recorded on page 4, be approved and the invoices awaiting payment be paid’’.


Resolved:         “That the income totalling £61,411.62 received since the last meeting, as reproduced below, be noted.

Income Received

31.12.19NatWest BankInterest46.20
3.1.20Cotgrave WelfareAdvert Newsletter151.20
6.1.20Allotment RentPlot 2846.39
8.1.20Rushcliffe BCCall out electrician to Shopping Centre150.00
13.1.20Rushcliffe BCLitter Clearance Shopping Centre821.52
18.1.20Chin Chin Gin BarCotgrave Festival Stall50.00
19.1.20Darceys              Cotgrave Festival Stall28.00
19.1.20Wooden WordCotgrave Festival Stall25.00
19.1.20Arty SparklesCotgrave Festival Stall25.00
10.1.20Rushcliffe BCLoan40,000.00
22.1.20FoodworksCotgrave Festival Stall50.00
22.1.20Kids Bee Happy SandCotgrave Festival Stall25.00
24.1.20Allotments RentPlot 3446.39
28.1.20HMRCVAT Refund19,343.91
29.1.20Allotment RentPlot 746.39
31.1.20Allotment RentPlots 3, 9, 16, 2, 5228.45
31.1.20Cotgrave Festival3 x stalls55.00
2.2.20Allotments RentPlot 1a24.19
3.2.20Allotments RentPlots 15, 24, 1, 36b, 4, 14a202.59

The £40K loan from Rushcliffe Borough Council, is to allow for Cotgrave Town Council to make the final payments for the play park equipment until Council can transfer our fund from the NatWest Savings Account, which the bank has lost all the mandate information.

 COTGRAVE TOWN COUNCIL 12th February 2020
3.12.19TalkTalk20391843Phone and Broadband136.00
14.12.19Vodafone399291986Mobile Telephone119.20
Dec 19Alzheimer’s Society In memory of Pat Wash (ex Cllr)130.00
5.12.19Veber47355Data Back Up113.20
Dec 19HSBC Bank Charges17.40
11.11.19Hags-Smp67773The Green Play Area Equipment115,000.00
11.10.19Jupiter Play2666-2The Green Play Area Equipment19524.60
7.1.20D H Electrical18525Repair Floodlights on MUGA1100.00
7.1.20D H Electrical18524Remove Christmas Decorations91000.00
29.12.19UK Fuel1037357Fuel1127.08
1.2.20SLCC2264022020 Membership1227.00
27.12.19Notts CC92394018December Salaries/Cllrs Allowance112,755.48
7.1.20Mrs J Pick Reimbursement for Plastic Covers187.92
23.12.19Cotgrave Futures240MUGA Electricity146.50
31.12.19Streetwise17076Empty Dog Bins, Service Charges1803.88
18.12.19Mick Dutton & Son13261Chainsaw chain, bar and oil185.93
7.1.20Shield Insurance Allotment Insurance1139.03
20.12.19Notts Golf Club24015Pensioners Christmas Meal92917.90
2.1.20Rushcliffe BC70758935Rent Forest Close Allotments135.00
2.1.20Rushcliffe BC70759100Studio 3 Quarterly Rent131410.00
2.1.20Rushcliffe BC70759084Quarterly Rent Candleby Lane168.75
2.1.20Rushcliffe BC70759075Quarterly Rent Eastmood166.25
3.1.20Talktalk20502466Landline and Broadband136.00
9.1.20Opus67704845Sports Pavilion Electricity126.70
11.11.19Hags67773Play Equipment – The Green142,799.99
   TOTAL 87,327.81

Financial Statements

Members considered the Statements for November, as reproduced at the back of the Minute Book.

At the end of December 2019 Council had £23,463.57 in the Co-op account, £70,173.91 in the HSBC Account and £263,543.78 in the NatWest Account.


A grant application was received from the Cotgrave Young Peoples Centre.

They were requesting a contribution towards the re development of the outside area of the youth centre entrance.  The works will ensure that the young people able to walk around the site without having to cross dirt/mud (especially in the winter months).

Resolved          :           “To approve a grant of £1,000.”

Working Groups

Cotgrave FC

The Clerk informed Council that no further update has been received from the football club.  They are currently considering their options of where to use the funding.  The pitches, due to the amount of rain have not been playable since October 2019.

Leisure Centre Agreement

Council requested that this item be put into a closed session at the end of the meeting

Trent Barton

A meeting with Trent Barton has been arranged for 17th March at 1pm at Cotgrave Futures.

Hollygate Lane Allotments – Transfer of Land

Council has signed the copy of the transfer of land agreement and is with Council’s solicitor. 

The guarantee period for the Beech whips is for 1 year being offered by Barrett’s but having spoken to the Borough’s Tree Officer he advised that this should be for at least 2 years.  This has been requested.

The date of the exchange of contracts had been set for 3rd February this had now been put back due to the continued wet weather being unable to carry out the essential maintenance.  A new date for exchange of contracts has not been confirmed by Barratts/HCA but hopefully in March 2020.

An email will be sent out to the allotment tenants informing them of the current situation.

Cotgrave Town Council Annual Town Meeting – Wednesday 6th May 2020

The Annual Town Meeting will take place on Wednesday 6th May, a venue is yet to be confirmed but hopefully it will be held at Cotgrave Futures.

Council would like to arrange for a speaker to attend the meeting, and Nicky Brindley, who has been awarded an MBE for her charity work with was suggested as was Rushcliffe new MP, Ruth Edwards.

Resolved:      “To invite Nicky Brindley and Ruth Edwards to attend and speak at the Annual Town Meeting on 6th May 2020.”

Service of Commemoration and Remembrance, Southwell Minster, 10th May 2020

The Business Support Officer from Nottinghamshire County Council has forwarded an invitation to a Service of Commemoration and Remembrance at Southwell Minster on 10th May 2020 at 3pm to mark the 2020 VE 75 commemorations.

The invitation is extended to the Chairman and all members of Council.

Anyone wishing to attend the event will need to inform the Clerk. Councillor B Handbury said that he and his wife wished to attend.

Quarterly Park Inspections

Council noted the latest parks inspections.

The skate board ramps are becoming more and more unusable.  A quotation will be obtained for their removal.

CCTV Cotgrave Shopping Centre/the Green Play Park

Following the quotation received for the supply of CCTV for the Shopping Centre and The Green Play Park, which will include 9 cameras, 3 of which will be directed onto the play park.  It was decided that a maintenance contract was not needed and to pay for maintenance as needed.

A Broadband connection of £30 per month will be required, which will be paid for by Cotgrave Town Council. Council will also cover the cost of the 3 cameras and associated costs for the play park.

Resolved :          “To agree to pay for the 3 cameras and associated costs, plus the monthly broadband costs and 1/3 maintenance costs as and when needed.”


Crime Figures 1.1.2020 to 1.2.2020

6.1.20Criminal DamageCandleby LaneVan damaged
6.1.20Criminal damageMethodist ChurchWindows damaged
9.1.20Theft of motorWestwayTransit van stolen from driveway
12.1.20Criminal damageMethodist ChurchWindows damaged
13.1.20Criminal damageMethodist ChurchWindows damaged
14.1.20Criminal damageMethodist ChurchWindows damaged
19.1.20Criminal damageMethodist ChurchWindows damaged
20.1.20Theft from motorRingleasVan broken into
21.1.20Theft from motorLingfordVan broken into
22.1.20Thefts of motorColston GateTransit van stolen from roadside
22.1.20Criminal damageMethodist ChurchFencing damaged
28.1.20Criminal DamageCandleby LaneVehicle damaged on driveway
29.1.20Public Order Criminal DamageMethodist ChurchOngoing issues at the location

Community Garden

Alex Julian has provided Council with an update.  Streetwise Environmental have been supporting the project to get up and running.  They have offered to plant several trees including crab apple whips, a cherry and a acer campestre tree. 

Ruth Edwards MP for Rushcliffe

Notification has been received dates for Constituents Surgeries with Ruth Edwards MP.
The dates are as follows:-
Friday 14th February at West Bridgford
Friday 21st February at East Leake
Friday 13th March at West Bridgford
Friday 27th March at East Leake

If any resident would like to make an appointment with Ruth Edwards, please email: ruth.edwards.mp@parliament.uk or telephone her assistance on 0207 219 3549.

Cotgrave War Memorial

Correspondence has been received from Historic England notifying Council that the War Memorial located in the cemetery, has now been listed at Grade II.

Methodist Church

The Minister, Mark Roberts had copied council into an email detailing the issues they are having with vandalism and anti-social behaviour.

Great British Spring Clean 2020

Rushcliffe Borough Council’s appointed contractor, Streetwise Environmental Ltd will be working with Town and Parish Councils and local community groups in supporting the Great British Spring Clean 2020 to take place from 20th March to 13th April.

Councillor Eldridge stated that the U3A had spoken about a date for a clean-up day.  This has not yet been confirmed, once confirmed he will update council.

This item will be added to the agenda for the meeting on 11th March.

Rushcliffe Borough Council – Planning

Planning application number 19/02209/FUL Cotgrave Shopping Centre – construction of 4 no replacement retail units will be considered at the Planning Committee on Thursday 13th February.

Budget Summary 2020-2021

A copy of the budget summary for 2020-2021 has been produced.

Nottinghamshire County Council

Advance notice of a public consultation on the Nottinghamshire and Nottingham Waste Local Plan Issues and Options documents.

The consultation will be open between 27th February and 9th April.

Armed Forces Community Covenant Development Officer

Information has been received regarding recruiting Armed Forces Community Champions.

They will be a ‘go to person’ for any Veterans and members of the Armed Forces Community (such as reservists, spouses and serving personnel). The Champion will be provided with the information to be able to signpost those who are in the need and have asked for help, to the relevant services and charities that can provide the suitable help and support.

It was also note that Zoe Richardson has now left the post of the Covenant Development Officer and Councillor M Chewings asked if Council could write to Zoe thanking her for her help in achieving the Covenant.

Clerks Reports

Sheila Wheeler

Information has been forwarded to Council informing of the passing of Sheila Wheeler.  Shelia was a resident of Cotgrave and local district nurse for many years.

Nottinghamshire County Council Local Improvement Scheme

The latest round of funding for the Local Improvement Scheme has now opened.

Incident Dog Walker Ringleas

There have been an incident on Ringleas park with a dog and Council’s Play Park Inspector.  The dog walker then exited the park through a gate into a garden of a property on Gripps Common.

The Saturday Park Keeper when to open the park, also found that there was someone already on the park whilst it was still locked, obviously gaining access through the gate in the  fence.

The Clerk has spoken with the Police and when the park is locked access into the park is classed as trespassing.

Council asked the Clerk to write to the resident of the property stating that this was classed as trespassing and also write to the dog walking company stating that they should not be using play area to exercised dogs as part of the paid employment on this children’s play park.  Council do provide a dedicated dog walking field.


The Clerk had still not been able to sort out the issues with the bank, and is waiting for another call from the banks complaints department. 

Council asked the Clerk to contact the Ombudsman and Council’s solicitor or some legal advice.

Councillors Reports

Councillor Simpson informed that he was attending the Western Power Workshop

Councillor Ellis had received information about the Nottingham Roosavelt Memorial Scholarship.  This information has been placed on Council’s website.

Councillor Eldridge noted the development of the travellers site at Stragglethorpe.  Councillor Butler said that this issue has been referred to the enforcement officer at Rushcliffe Borough Council and is being closely monitored.

Councillor Eldridge asked if the Community Warden ever walked the full length of Woodview.  Woodview is covered within the scheduled but different parts on different days to provide a litter picking service.

Councillor Eldridge also noted that the No Dogs sign was still in place for Madisson Park and should be removed as this was now a dog walking field.  The ground staff will be asked to remove this part of the sign.

Councillor Healy informed Council that Harry Burrows had stood down as Chairman of the Friends of Cotgrave Country Park after 6 years in post, and asked if a letter of thanks could be forwarded to him.

A new Chairman had yet to be appointed.

Councillor Butler informed Council of a new app ‘My Notts App’.  The Nottinghamshire County Council App is now live and available to download. It can be downloaded from the app store on Android and Apple devices.

The app will make it easier, quicker and more convenient for those residents who prefer to access services on their smartphone and will complement the services already provided through the council’s website and customer service centre.

Councillor Butler also informed that the new interactive speed sign on Hollygate Lane has been installed.

Councillor Stothard informed that the Environmental Inspector had made a visit to Cotgrave Futures as part of their duties to inspect all food outlets and producers.

Councillor Stothard commented about the amount of street parking on Woodveiw when they hold events at Cotgrave Welfare.  It was very difficult to drive through the cars parked on both sides of the road.  Council could suggest to the Welfare, when they take a very large booking, they give out information about all other car parking areas available.

To suspend Standing Order to allow the meeting to continue for a further 10 minutes in closed session.

M0468 Crematorium

In response to Councils request for an Extra Ordinary Council Meeting to discuss the evidence of need for a crematorium in Rushcliffe, a response had been received from the Chief Executive of Rushcliffe Borough Council.

The Chief Executive explained that “the planning application was submitted by Mercia Developments Ltd and the documentary evidence they submitted in relation to need and site suitability is available on the planning portal website and the document relating the appeal decision should be available on the planning inspectorate website ……….. As it is a quasi0judicial process it is not appropriate for the leader or I to discuss the decisions taken on applications that have been through the planning process and indeed, on this occasion have been determined by the Planning Inspectorate.”

Council request that a response the Chief Executive’s letter was sent, stating that Council understands that they crematorium will proceed, but are disappointed that they were not able to attend a meeting with Council.

Leisure Centre Agreement

Council had been given a copy of the current agreement with Rushcliffe Borough Council dated 2010. 

Some of the services provided by the Leisure Centre for Cotgrave Town Council, under the agreement are either no longer used or required.

Resolved :      “To agree to work with Rushcliffe Borough Council and try to  re-negotiate any of the changes.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.07pm.

Chairman…………………………………… Signed as a True Record (Date)………………………………