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Minutes Council Meeting 13th July 2022


Councillors D Stothard (Chairman), R Butler, M Chewings, D Eldridge, S Ellis, S Gardner, B Handbury, L Healy,
C Jeffreys,  N Monday, M Myles, I Shaw and A Simpson.

Apologies Received          
Councillors H Brumpton and K Chewings.

Councillor C Patterson

Attendance                   :         
Paul Rix (Regional Operations Manager) and Sumar (Area Manager)  Well Pharmacy, Julie Stephenson (Town Clerk) and Jane Pick (Administration Manager) – Cotgrave Town Council,

The meeting was held at Cotgrave Methodist Church and commenced at 7.00pm   



2464     The apologies received were approved.

Declarations of Interest

2465     Councillors S Ellis and D Eldridge declared an interest in agenda item 11, Cotgrave U3A.

Public Open Session

2466     No members of the public were in attendance.

2467     Councillor Stothard suspended standing orders to allow Paul Rix, the Regional Operations Manager and Sumar, Area Manager, of Well Pharmacy to give council an update on the running of the pharmacy in Cotgrave.

2468     A new pharmacist (Miriam) will be in situ from 18th July. She will be employed for 48 ½ hours per week working Monday to Friday one week and Tuesday to Saturday on alternative weeks.

2469     Three new part time assistants have also been employed, two are working 24 hours a week and the third member of staff working 26 hours per week, all starting from August.  These additional staff members will mean more staff available on Saturdays.

2470     Full assessments and new policies will be put in place for the store, and meetings have been held with the medical centre as well at councillors to help improve the service for all.

2471     A Well mobile health van has been arranged to be sited in the shopping centre car park.  This will provide free blood pressure checks.  Paul will be visiting the shop every three weeks, and Sumar will be visiting in between.

2472     Paul informed council that there had been a lot of complications as to why the shop had not been giving Cotgrave the service is should have been, including Covid-19 and staff shortages.  These issues have now been identified and policies put in place.

2473     Prescriptions are printed off three times a day and the majority of prescriptions are sent to a central location to be prepared and returned to the shop 2 days later for collection by customers.

2474     Councill Shaw said that the old shop on the shopping centre was larger than the new shop and does this affect the running of the business?  Paul said that Well ran smaller shops that dealt with far more prescriptions that Cotgrave, and that the shop was adequate.

2475     Councillor M Chewings asked how they were going to get back the customers who had now taken their prescription elsewhere? This would be something that would be looked into once the new staff were in place.

2476     Councillor Stothard thanked Paul and Sumar for their presentation and standing orders were resumed at 7.40pm.

Accuracy of the minutes of the meeting held on 8th June 2022

Resolved          :           “That the minutes of the meeting held on 8th June 2022 be received and confirmed as a true record.”

Progress Council Meeting held on Wednesday 8th June 2022

2478     M2437  Annual Governance Statement and Accountability for 2021-2022

The Clerk confirmed that Annual Governance Statements 2021-2022 have now been     
sent to the external auditor and the confirmation of the dates of the period for the exercise of rights has been placed on Council notice boards.

2479     M2449  Cotgrave Police

PC1930 Cai Kemish had obviously not been able to attend the meeting. The Clerk would send an invitation for the Police to attend the council meeting in September.

2480     M2456 Council’s Insurance Policy

The Clerk has investigated how to make a complaint to the Insurance Ombudsman and Council firstly have to lodge a formal letter of complaint with the insurers.  The insurers then have 8 weeks to reply and depending on the reply, then if necessary, a letter can be sent to the Ombudsman.

2481     M2463  Jubilee Party on The Dial

Councillor Healy asked Councillor Shaw about the Jubilee Party that had taken place on The Dial.  Councillor Shaw said this had been for the residents of the surrounding area, The Dial,
Fox Hill, Ingles Close.

Planning Minutes

Resolved          :           “To confirm the planning minutes recorded and the decisions taken by the Council and those of the Planning Authority.”

Financial Matters

2483     Payments

Resolved:         ‘’That the payments made since the previous meeting totalling £77,002.37 as recorded below, be approved and the invoices awaiting payment be paid’’.

J A Kent & Sons64108May Grounds Maintenance1960.00
Proludic5569Grassmere Play Park Works18002.80
James Hallam515397559Fleet Rates Commercial Insurance1852.69
HSBC Bank Charges110.45
A Parr Refund Pop Up Market120.00
I J Brough Event Management Jubilee9416.75
G Metcalfe Facsimile – Jubilee Event9500.00
Proludic5568New Play Equipment and  
UK Fuels1089794Fuel1252.63
Little Horsebox2Drinks for volunteers for Jubilee event952.60
G Metcalfe Facsimile – Jubilee Event9100.00
M Dutton14751Labour and fan belt Kioti174.40
Methodist Church Room Hire130.00
Rushcliffe Borough Cl70939897Suite F Rent June 2022 600.00
Rushcliffe Borough Cl70940109Suite F Service Charge 221156.00
Rushcliffe Borough Cl70939770Unit 28 Rent June 221600.00
Frank Power Jubilee Event920.00
Roffesoft7431ESET Anti-Virus140.72
Water Plus6284175Forest Close Allotments1162.10
Three1314958370Mobile Phones129.78
Notts CC92734518May Salaries112165.83
Cotgrave Futures511Muga Electricity119.04
E-On Suite F Electricity1102.33
S Harrison Sound Service Jubilee Event9300.00
Breakfast Club468Music Jubilee Event9200.00
B E Event Hire715098Benches/Picnic Table Hire Jubilee Event9597.00
Roffesoft7438Secure Web and email hosting1374.40
Opus72497940Sports Ground Pavilion Electricity1100.25
Notts County Council92734940Occupational Health Appointment1225.00
Cotgrave Futures528MUGA Electricity Charges12.04
Hags82720D Shackle – Play Park part154.00
Kents64224June Maintenance1960.00
Streetwise Events bins for Jubilee event944.40
Reach Publishing226234806Safari Sale Advert982.80
MeerkatComms7018Phone and Broadband162.56
J Hallam515636789GPA/Sickness/Business Travel Insurance1491.07
J Hallam515547264Commercial Combined Insurance112,332.74
HSBC Bank Bank Charges18.00
  TOTAL 77,002.37

Income Received


1.6.22Cotgrave FCRent155.00
6.6.22Safari SaleRent5.00
7.6.22Fosse MedicareGrass Cutting44.40
13.6.22Safari SaleStall5.00
13.6.22Safari SaleStall5.00
14.6.22Rushcliffe BCShopping Centre Maintenance2737.54
23.6.22Safari SaleStall5.00
25.6.22Safari SaleStalls x 210.00
27.6.22Rushcliffe BCReimbursement for Grit Salt121.48
27.6.22Safari SaleStall5.00
27.6.22Safari SaleStalls x 420.00
27.6.22Winn & WinnChristmas Market Stall20.00
28.6.22Safari SaleStalls x 420.00

Financial Statements

2485     Members considered and approved the Statements for April 2022 as reproduced at the back of the Minute Book.

 At the end of March 2022 Council had £24,290.85 in the Co-op account, £152,524.35 in the HSBC account and £201,141.03 in the NatWest account.

Working Groups

Cotgrave Miners Memorial

2486     Councillor Gardner is still working on this project.  The Clerk has sent an email to Drew Wilkie asking for his input regarding the wording for the plinth, which would also be in braille.  A further update will be given at the September meeting. Councillor Gardner is still searching for some good photographs that can be used for the plinth.

Jubilee Event

2487     The Clerk asked Council if they would approve a donation for the Notts 4×4 who helped with the Jubilee event on the Green on Sunday 5th June.

2488     Resolved          :           “To give a donation of £250 to Notts 4×4.

Location of Council Meetings

2489     Given the fact that of the continuing rise in Covid-19 cases, Council

Resolved          :           “To continue holding Council meetings at the Cotgrave Methodist Church.”

2490     This will be reviewed at the March 8th, 2023, meeting.

Cotgrave U3A

2491     Following their Declaration of Interest, Councillors S Ellis and D Eldridge left the room while this agenda item was discussed.

2492     Stuart Ellis, Secretary for Cotgrave U3A has submitted a proposal for the planting of a tree near the shopping centre to mark the UK Trust’s 40th anniversary. Their executive committee have decided upon an Acer platinoids Fairview which would have a maximum height of 17m.  

2493     The group have asked if the tree can be planted to the right of the Candleby Lane entrance/exit road to the shopping centre, planting it to the left of the footway and behind the Café Pizzeria.

2494     Resolved          :           “Council did not have any objections to the planting of an Acer Fairview tree as per the location indicated.”

Cotgrave Futures

2495     Councillor Stothard, Council’s representative for Cotgrave Futures, gave an update.

2496     New contracts have been resigned for Serendipity, Compassion Care, and the Cotgrave Community Kitchen.

2497     The Trustees have once again asked Serendipity to removed the wall that they have built in the café area.

2498     A new kitchen is being installed, and the Trustees have asked Council if the new kitchen can be stored in the container at the rear of the Muga until the installation date.

2499     The Clerk will see if any space can be made in the container.

Street Cleansing Operative

2500     The trial period for this position is ending at the end of August 2022.

2501     Council discussed the benefits of this position, and that the member of staff was doing an excellent job and to make the role permanent.


2502     Resolved          :           “To offer the member of staff a permanent contract for the role
                                    of Street Cleansing Operative for 6 hours per week.”


2503     Council had been copied into a quotation for the supply of a 6m flagpole. The pole would be constructed from white powder coated fibreglass, with a gold onion shaped finial and an internal Halyard.

2504     The flagpole cannot be fitted onto the shopping centre (where the Christmas tree is sited), but the Borough Council are happy for it to be placed on the Green area (near to the Coal trucks).  A planning application has been forwarded to the Borough Council.

2505     Council asked for some prices for various flags, including a Union Flag, National flags, Armed Forces Day Flag, and a Cotgrave Town Council Flag.

2506     The Administration Manager will look into writing a policy relating to the flying of flags.

2507     Pending the approval of the planning application an order will be placed for the flagpole.

Arthur Ridley Sports Ground Pavilion – Periodic Electrical Testing Inspection

2508     The three yearly inspections have been carried out, and council had been copied into the quotation for repairs that are required to be carried out following the inspection.

2509     Resolved          :           To agree that the electrical contract carry out the repairs as per
                                    the quotation at the cost of £1,177.00 + VAT.”

Burhill Allotments

2510     The current padlock on the gates at the Burhill Allotments site failed on Tuesday 28th June, which caused a tenant to be locked in. An allotment tenant managed to release the lock which has now since been repaired.

2511     Moving forward, if the padlock were to fail again, council would need to consider replacing this with a more reliable padlock.  After speaking with the locksmiths, they have advised for such a high usage area an Abloy padlock, as used on all councils play parks and buffer zones, would be the most reliable option.

2512     Council already have a spare padlock, but would need to provide each allotment tenant with a new key, a total of 53 keys would be needed. The cost for the keys would be £620 + VAT.  Once cut, these keys cannot be copied without permission from Cotgrave Town Council.

2513     Council discussed various options, and

Resolved          :          
“To provide each allotment tenant of Burhill Allotments with a new key for the Abloy padlock. If a replacement key is required by the allotment tenant, this would be at a cost of £15. (This will be added to the 2023 Terms and Conditions of Tenancy).


2515     Notts Make it Safe Funding

Council has received an email from the Office of the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner launching the Make Notts Safe Community Chest Fund.  The fund offers funding awards of up to £5,000 to community groups who help transform lives and Make Notts Safe.

The Community Chest is aimed at third sector community-based organisations and parish councils, to support projects that help meet the Police and Crime Commissioner’s priorities in the Make Notts Safe Plan.

These priorities are: Preventing crime and protecting people from harm; responding efficiently and effectively to local needs; and supporting victims, survivors, witnesses, and communities. Please feel free to share this opportunity with your contacts.

Examples of how the money could be used include funding community events to build trust and confidence in Nottinghamshire Police, running small scale activities for young people at risk, undertaking outreach or awareness-raising initiatives, or purchasing small items of equipment for community initiatives

The Clerk has made enquiries regarding the possibility of putting in an application to provide an additional CCTV camera for Grassmere Play Park – applications for CCTV will be accepted however the application will need to show careful consideration as to the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of the CCTV as well as consideration as to who would be responsible for the monitoring of the CCTV. Careful consideration will also need to be shown in the application in relation to the wider community safety benefits of the CCTV beyond the individual organisation applying for it.

The deadline date for applications is Friday 5th August.

Clerks Reports

2516     Electricity Supply Suite F

 The Clerk has been looking into changing council’s electricity supplier. Council’s current provided is EoN.  Using Clear Utility Solutions, who are working in partnership with NALC has offered two quotations. One with Valda (100% renewable) and one with British Gas (75% renewable). The Clerk will start the process of changing supplier.


2517     Ground Staff

 A member of ground staff needs some physio for an ongoing issue.   Council have agreed to pay for three sessions of physio that is required.

Councillors’ Reports

2518     Councillor Butler stated that Nottinghamshire County Council are putting in measure to help deter motor bikes from riding around the Fosse Walk area.

2519     Councillor Butler also said that the Borough Council has agreed to put some wooden fence around green area on the Dial.

2520     Councillor Healy mentioned that the recycling bin were still located in the front car park of the shopping centre.

2521     Councillor Healy asked if the Muga closing time could be extended to 10 pm.  The Clerk will liaise with the staff regarding this.

2522     Resolved          :          
“To suspend Standing Orders to allow the meeting to continue for  further 10 minutes.”

2523     Councillor Healy reminded council that the Tour of Britain would be coming through Cotgrave on 8th September and asked if there were any plans in place to support this event.

Information has been passed to the local schools and the Library are putting on some activities for the event.

2524     Councillor Myles informed Council of the state of the BT building on Bingham Road.

2525     Councillor Stothard said that £4,800 had been raised through Go Funding for Dr MacDonald.  He has spoken to Dr MacDonalds family, and they have suggested a memorial garden near to the Cotgrave Surgery.  Councillor Stothard will arrange a meeting with Dr Lewis and Sue MacDonald.

2526     Councillor Stothard also said that he had witnessed a lot of scooters riding along the path at the back of the Welfare.

There being no further business, the meeting closed at 9.05pm

Planning Minutes

The following responses were made to plans under consideration by the Planning Authority, Rushcliffe Borough Council.

No objections were raised except where stated:-

087       At Council Meeting on 13th July 2022

22/01180/FUL    The Apple Press, Cotgrave Place, Main Road, Cotgrave, NG12 3HB –  partial demolition of existing garden room, ground floor extensions, external cladding, first floor terrace and external stair.

22/01180/LBC    The Apple Press, Cotgrave Place, Main Road, Cotgrave, NG12 3HB – partial demolition of existing garden room, ground floor extensions, external cladding, first floor terrace and external stair.

20/02586/REM   Site of former Cotgrave colliery, Stragglethorpe Road, Stragglethorpe,  Nottingham, application for matters reserved under application, landscaping,  layout and scale for the erection of a new footbridge over Grantham Canal.
22/01258/FUL    10 Morkinshire Lane, Cotgrave, NG12 3HJ – single storey front porch; single storey side extension; new overhanging pitched roof to front; formation of pitched roof around existing flat roof balcony; alterations to fenestration.

088       Standing Order No. 68, the Clerk in consultation with the Brough’s Ward Members, considered the following applications:-

22/01440/VAR   19 Hawthorne Avenue, Cotgrave, Nottingham, NG12 3PY – variation of conditions 1(Plans) and 2 (Boundary treatment) of planning application 20/02533/FUL to allow for revisions to block and elevational
plans and amendments to boundary/access.

Rushcliffe Borough Council, the planning authority, has forwarded the following decisions:-

089       Permission Granted:

22/00983/FUL    26 Greengage Road, Cotgrave, Nottingham, NG12 3SY – single storey rear extension.
22/00840/FUL    Installation of 1 no. air conditioning unit and retention of 1 no. air conditioning unit at rear.

090       Permission Refused:

22/0950/FUL      86 Ringleas, Cotgrave, Nottingham, NG12 3NE – single storey front porch extension; erection of detached garage; associated landscaping and access works.