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Minutes Council Meeting 13th October 2021

Councillors I Shaw (Acting Chairman), M Chewings, D Eldridge, S Ellis, B Handbury, L Healy, N Monday, M Myles,
C Patterson,  and A Simpson.

Apologies Received      :          
Councillors H Brumpton, R Butler, K Chewings, C Jeffreys and D Stothard

Attendance                   :         
Julie Stephenson (Town Clerk), Jane Pick (Admin Manager) – Cotgrave Town Council                                                                                                                                       

The meeting was held at Cotgrave Methodist Church and commenced at 7pm   



1912     The apologies given were accepted.

Declarations of Interest

1913     No declarations of interest were received.

Public Open Session

1914     No members of the public were in attendance.

Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 1st September 2021

Resolved          :          
“That the minutes of the meeting held on 1st September 2021 be  received and confirmed as a True record.”


1916     M1840  Barratt Homes

 A response from Barratt Homes regarding the bridge at Hollygate Lane had been received. The planning submission for the bridge has been put forward, and once the permission has been granted it is their intention to construct the bridge.

1917     Councillor L Healy asked that this item is now not to be discussed at each council meeting now that the reply from Barratt Homes has confirmed that the bridge will be constructed.

Councillor S Ellis agreed with this and asked if perhaps the bridge could be reviewed each quarter or when any updates are provided.

 Councillor Eldridge asked if council could ask Barratts for a commencement date for the building of the bridge?

1918     Council asked the Clerk to contact Barratt Homes asking for a proposed timeline for the start of building.

1919     M1841 Drain on Bingham Road

Councillor M Chewings said that the drain was still blocked with water, dirt and plants/weeds had started to grow in it. Had there been any update on the works being carried out? No further information had been provided.

1920     M1842 Parking on Burhill

Councillor Butler had passed on information regarding parking pressures on and around Ringleas. Nottinghamshire County Council are looking at carrying out a study and putting a case to the Executive Management Team and have noted council’s observations about Ringleas, Woodview, Cartbridge and Burhill.  They will then look at what the likely costs would be for any improvements and see if a budget could be made available – this is not just exclusive to Cotgrave but is County wide.

1921     M1842 Recycling Bins on Shopping Centre Car Park

The Clerk had contacted Rushcliffe Brough Council regarding the position of the recycling bins and the Estates Manager was going to contact the waste disposal company and ask about returning them to the original position in rear car park.

1922     Remembrance Day Service 14th November 2021

Councillor Shaw had spoken to Revd P Massey at All Saints Church regarding the service and the obtaining of the names of members of the public and community groups who wished to attend the service.  He has asked Council staff to just contact the community/uniformed groups in Cotgrave to provide the numbers who wish to attend and that the remainder of the seats available are issued on a first come first services basis on the morning of the service, to all residents which will be monitored and controlled by the Church Wardens.

1923     M1898 Cotgrave FC

Councillor Healy and Butler had attending one of the football sessions at the sportsground on 18th September.

An email has been received from Cotgrave FC saying that “this was a great opportunity for them to see how far the club has progressed over the last 4 or 5 years since their last visit to the ground, and more importantly how we have invested your generous £30,000 funding into improving the clubhouse and patio area.”

1924     The Chairman of the club also raised concerns regarding access into the ground. Council asked that this item be added to the agenda for the next council meeting for discussion.

1925     M1907 Property at the junction of Stragglethorpe Road/Main Road

Council has received notification from the Borough Council Planning Department that planning application 20/02722/FUL which the planning authority had refused planning permission for, had now received an appeal request and that this was in the hands of the Planning Inspectorate.  Any comments regarding this application should be directed to the Planning Inspectorate by 9th November. All comments previously made by Council will be sent with the refused documentation.

Planning Minutes

1926     Resolved          :          
“To confirm the planning minutes recorded the decisions taken by the Council and those of the Planning Authority.”

Financial Matters

1927     Payments

‘’That the payments made since the previous meeting totalling £19,391.38 as recorded below, be approved and the invoices awaiting payment be paid’’.

Rushcliffe BC70877186Remove wasp nest at C Futures181.50
J A Kents62875August Grass Maintenance1906.40
Notts County SuppliesN082100998Storage Boxes, Paper130.11
425849441146380Domain Name1117.30
PKF Littlejohn20210904Audit Year and 31.3.21 720.00
Acora1285-48428Data Back Up113.20
3 Mobile1235342584Mobile Telephones129.78
Notts CC92622850August Salaries110227.38
WaterPlus5268748Forest Close Allotments131.01
Rushcliffe BC70880987Empty Septic Tank at Sportsground1144.81
UK Fuels1074726Fuel1201.04
Mrs J Stephenson Litter Bins (New Office)115.98
Roffesoft71272 x Microsoft 365 apps x 1 year1312.96
Notts CC92101339Cleaning Equipment for Unit 28126.63
Vale Skip Hire Skip Hire Unit 281150.00
Sublime Shine621CF Window Cleaning155.88
Notts Fire Safety Ltd36552New extinguishers at Unit 281195.26
Hags SMP Ltd75795Repair works at Broadmeer Park1674.40
J Pick Reimbursement for racking for Unit 28179.98
NALC Report Writing Course 27.10.21140.00
Notts County Supplies92102576Refuse Sacks128.49
J A Kents63014September Maintenance1906.40
Notts Fire & Rescue36517Service Fire extinguishers161.50
L Knight Reimbursement for fuel131.01
J Pick Petty Cash124.50
Parkrun Grant1500.00
Meerkat CommsMC006536CCTV Broadband159.40
Grannies 4 x 4 Breakfast (volunteers)142.21
Geldards30014945Legal Fees for Suite F & Unit 2813600.00
ABM18915Ink Cartridge148.00
TMS Hardware Hardware136.25
  TOTAL 19,391.38

1928     Income

“That the income totalling £104,862.50 since the last meeting, as
reproduced below.

1.4.21Cotgrave FCRent150.00
23.4.21Rushcliffe Borough CouncilPrecept104,712.50

Financial Statements

1929     Members considered the Statements for August 2021 as reproduced at the back of the Minute Book.

 At the end of August 2021 Council had £24,290.85 in the Co-op account, £105,183.52 in the HSBC account and £201,097.72 in the NatWest account.

Budgets 2022/2023

1930     The Clerk asked Council to form a working group to prepare the Budget for 2022/2023.

1931     Councillors I Shaw, S Ellis, L Healy agreed to form part of the working group. Cllr R Butler was also added to the working group.

1932     The Clerk will arrange a Zoom meeting to discuss the budgets.


1933     No grant applications had been received.

Working Group Updates

Cotgrave Welcome Back Fund

The working group had met and have arranged for two activity days using the funding from the Welcome Back Fund.

On Friday 22nd October there will be an activity day from 11am to 4.30pm. The event is free for all to attend and will consist of Trampolines, Crazy Golf, Giant Inflatable Football Game and horse racing game.  Council have arranged for Notts 4 x 4 to provide Marshalls and first aid provision for this event.

On Friday 29th October there will be a Halloween Craft Afternoon in Cotgrave Library between 2-4pm.  Younger children must be accompanied by a responsible adult. A member of Council’s staff will be in attendance to run the event, who is fully DBS checked.

1937     Business on the shopping centre have been informed of the events taking place.

1938     After these activities have been paid for there is some more funding available, still to be spent. Some ideas have been put forward for the Christmas Lights Event, but if Council have any other ideas, please share these with the working group.

1939     The funding criteria says that the money needs to be spent by 31st March 2022, but the Clerk is making enquires as to whether some events can take place after this date, as long as they have been booked and paid for before 31st March 2022.

1940     Councillors L Healy and R Butler, met with Ophelia Gamble, who has been employed by Rushcliffe Borough Council to work with some towns in Rushcliffe.  There is a separate fund for the Borough Council to use within Rushcliffe. She has met with most of the retailers in Cotgrave and has received some feedback from them regarding the shopping area. It was hoped that Ophelia could attend tonight’s meeting.

Cotgrave Play Areas

1941     Councillor D Stothard has started to put together some quotations from play equipment providers.

1942     Council had also been copied into Council’s current Play Strategy, which was very outdated and needs to be revised.

1943     Due to Cllr Stothard having to give his apologies for this meeting, this item will be placed on the next council meeting agenda for further discussion.

Pensioners Christmas Meal

1944     Councillor L Healy had spoken to the Nottinghamshire Golf and Country Club and has booked the date of the event for 15th December, and they can offer a 3-course meal for £24.95 per head. He has also spoken to Sharps regarding the transport to the Golf Club.

1945     There was also an option to work with the Community Kitchen if any meals would need to be provided to those pensions who are housebound.

1946     Councillor Healy will liaise with the administration staff to arrange for an article to go in the Cotgrave Connections Newsletter and noticeboards and to arrange the booking system.

Christmas Lights Event

1947     The Christmas Lights Event has been booked for Friday 26th November.

1948     Councillor Stothard had made enquiries about booking an ice-skating rink for the event, using some of the Welcome Back Funding. Unfortunately this was now not available for booking due to its popularity.  Council also thought that this was a large expense for the one day’s hire.

1949     Ophelia Gamble has spoken to the Clerk and the Chairman of Council regarding the event and is arranging some market stalls on the shopping centre.

Fireworks Event

1950     The Fireworks event is booked for Sunday 7th November on Cotgrave Welfare Field.  Gates open at 6 for a 6.30 display.

1951     The Clerk has asked if Council would agree to ask Notts 4 x 4 to Marshall the event and allow the group to have a couple of collection buckets for their charity.

1952     Council has no objection to the Notts 4 x 4 to Marshall the event.

Covid-19 Memorial Grant Fund

1953     Council had been copied into several options for a memorial, which includes benches and planters.

1954     Councillor A Simpson asked how many deaths there had been in Cotgrave for Covid-19?  The figure for this was not available.

1955     Following the meeting, the number of deaths was found as 263 for Rushcliffe, no further breakdown for Cotgrave was available. After a discussion council agreed that perhaps a tree and a plaque would be more suitable for this memorial rather than a bench or planter.

1956     The Clerk will get more information on costs for a tree and plaque and bring this to the next council meeting.

Cotgrave Community Kitchen

1957     Council were copied into the email forwarded to Council  from the Community Kitchen.

1958     No one as available from the Community Kitchen at the meeting, so council agreed to defer this item until further communication was received from the group.

New Council Office/Workshop

1959     The move into Unit 28 and the new office, Suite F, Cotgrave Business Hub is now complete.

1960     The office is still waiting for the telephones to be transferred over, but the council can still be contacted via the mobile numbers, which are available on the website.

1961     The Clerk asked how much Council would like to donate to the Notts 4 x 4 team who help with both the move into the workshop and the office?

1962     Resolved          :           “To make a donation of £250 to Notts 4 x 4.”

Council Policies

1963     Council has received copies of the following updated policies :-

Child Protection & Vulnerable Persons
Environmental & Sustainability
Press & Media
Home (and Hybrid) Working
Use of Face Coverings

1964     Resolved          :           “To adopt the above Council Policies.”

Covid-19 Policy

1965     No further changes had been made to the policy, and Council staff will still be encouraged to maintain safe working Covid-19 procedures.


1966     Information from Finding Fitness regarding sport holiday club proposals has been received.

1967     Crime Figures

The following crime figures for September had been forwarded to Council.

DateCrime TypeLocationCrime
4.9.21Criminal DamageRitchie CloseFenced Damaged
9.9.21Criminal DamageHollygate LaneStable door damaged
13.9.21TheftKilgraney FarmMetal Stolen
17.9.21Criminal DamageWoodviewFence Damaged
19.9.21BurglaryShepherds RestaurantGaming Machine Attacked
21.9.21Criminal DamageCotgrave Community GardenGarden Fence Damage
30.9.21Criminal DamageScout Hut Chapel LaneExterior Light Damaged

Clerks Reports

1968     Rialtas

Notification of the year end accountancy closedown 2022 rates have been received.

They are offering a year end loyalty scheme for councils who are prepared to commit to a three-year term for the year end service. This will include preferential year end date, and also receive a 7% discount on the 2022 fee.

1969     The Clerk asked Council if they would like her to take up the offer for the loyalty scheme?

1970     Council were all in agreement.

1971     Queens Platinum Jubilee

The Queens Platinum Jubilee events will be taking place on 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th June 2022.

The Clerk has suggested that perhaps Council could arrange for a Scarecrow event for Cotgrave based on the theme “Anything Royal”

1972     A beacon is being lit at the Country Park on ?

1973     This item will be placed on a future agenda for further discussion.

Councillors’ Reports

1974     Councillor D Eldridge asked if the new litter bins had been placed on order?  The additional bin for the Green Play Area had been ordered, and permission had been asked from Nottinghamshire County Council for the additional bins on Thorntons Close and Prioridge.

1975     Councillor Eldridge also asked if the fair had decided to return to Cotgrave again this year.  No further communication had been received from the organiser of the fair.

1976     Councillor Eldridge also informed Council that Streetwise no longer held the contract with Metropolitan Homes.

1977     Councillor M Chewings asked if progress had been made regarding the provision of a Council street warden.  The Clerk will arrange for a Personnel Committee Meeting to discuss this.

1978     Councillor M Myles asked if there was an update from BT regarding the cutting back of the trees/hedges at the telephone exchange.

1979     The Administration Manager would contact them again for an update.

1980     Councillor Shaw asked if the rubbish that had been left on Owthorpe Road had been moved.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.15pm

Chair:…………………………………… Signed as a True Record (Date)………………………………

Planning Minutes

The following responses were made to plans under consideration by the Planning Authority Rushcliffe Borough Council.

No objections were raised except where stated.

070       At Council Meeting held on 1st September 2021

            21/02347/FUL    Heronbrook Farm, Peashill Lane, Cotgrave, Nottinghamshire, NG12 3HD –
                                   proposed change of use of land to caravan and motorhome storage.

            21/02601/CTY    Ash Lea School, Owthorpe Road, Cotgrave, Nottingham, NG12 3PA –
                                    to retain existing temporary classrooms for 5 years; 8/16/02279/CTY expire
                                     31st August 2021.

            21/02129/FUL    20 Rectory Road, Cotgrave, Nottingham, NG12 3HU – replacement
porch, conversion of garage including raising the roof height of the garage and
                                    alterations to the fenestration.  Extension of single storey side
extension.  (Please note change of description)

            21/02594/FUL    Co-Op Retail Services, Cotgrave Shopping Centre, 15 Candleby Lane,

Cotgrave – installation of an Amazon locker (retrospective) (Council
comments – can consideration be given to the location of the locker ie could this be either at the side of the co-op or inside the co-op)

            21/02661/FUL    3 Ingleby Close, Cotgrave, Nottingham, NG12 3QR – single storey rear

                                    extension.  Demolition of flat roof over garage and WC and replacement with
                                    mono pitched roof; New entrance door to front of property.

            21/02673/FUL    1 The Park, Cotgrave, Nottingham, NG12 3JT – construction of single storey

                                     Front and side extension, canopy car port and landscaping including
                                    increased driveway parking.  Removal of boundary trees and hedges and

                                    replacement with new front wall and metal and timber fencing to the
                                    boundaries.(Council Comments: concerns over the removal of trees and

Rushcliffe Borough Council, the planning authority, has forwarded the following decisions:-

071       Permission Granted:

            21/02504/FUL    24 Brambleway, Cotgrave, Nottingham, NG12 3NN – 2 storey side
                                    extension. Single storey front extensions and single storey rear


            21/02052/FUL    Cornerstone, 69 Owthorpe Road, Cotgrave, Nottingham, NG12 3PT –

                                    To replace existing flat roofs with tiled pitched roofs.

Chair:…………………………………… Signed as a True Record (Date)………………………………