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Minutes Council Meeting 17th June 2024


Present                         :         
Councillors I Shaw (Chairman), R Butler, K Chewings, S Ellis, S Gardner, L Healy, C Jeffreys, S Mitchell, M Myles,
A Simpson and M Woodward.

Apologies Received      :          
Councillors N Monday and D Stothard

Absent                          :          
Councillor S Denham

In Attendance                :         
Julie Stephenson (Town Clerk) and Jane Pick (Administration  Manager) – Cotgrave Town Council.

The meeting was held in the Meeting Room at Cotgrave Futures and commenced at 7pm.                                                                                                          


0778     The apologies received were approved.

Declarations of Interest

0779     No Declarations of Interest were given.

Public Open Session

0780     No members of the public were present.

Accuracy of the minutes of the Council Meeting held on 10th April 2024

0781     M0709 Chairman’s Welcome and Annual Report
            The Chairman noted that ‘Vice Chairman’ should read ‘Chairman’.
            This has been amended on the Chairman’s copy of the Minute Book prior to the meeting.

0782     M0774 Parking on Candleby Lane

Councillor M Woodward said should this read ‘exiting’ and not ‘existing.’

0783     Resolved          :           “That the minutes of the Annual Town Meeting, Annual Council
                                                    Meeting and Town Council meetings held on 8th May 2024 be
                                                    received and confirmed as a true record.”

Progress Minutes of Annual Council Meeting held on 8th May 2024

0784     M731 Report in relation to Section 137 Expenditure 23-24

Councillor L Healy queried the population of Cotgrave of 6,017.  This information has been provided by the Election Services of Rushcliffe Borough Council.  The actual population is probably higher, but not everyone is registered on the Electoral Role.

Progress Minutes of Town Council Meeting held on 8th May 2024

0785     M0736 Planters on Cotgrave Shopping Centre

Further planting up of the planters is expected from the Community Garden.  The garden has endured some anti-social behaviour recently this may have affected the plants.  The Clerk will
monitor the situation.

0786     M0737 Sign at Shepherds

Councillor Butler said that the grey section of the sign has been reduced slightly but this is there as a support to the signage.

0787     M0738 Grass Cutting at Church Yard and Cemetery

A brief response has been received from the Rector saying the Diocese are looking at this and an update will be issued when further progress has been made.

0788     Council resolved:         “To write to the Rector requesting an acceptable timeline to deal with
                                                the payment of the outstanding invoice so this can be discussed at
                                                Council’s meeting on 15th July.

0789     M0741 RBC Growth Board

The notes of the meeting with Rushcliffe Borough Growth Board have now been received and further discussion will take place.

0790     M0743 S H Events/Cotgrave Welfare/Bonfire Event

A meeting with SH Events and Cotgrave Welfare will be arranged prior to the event taking
place in November.

0791     M0745 Cadent Repair Works on Daleside

Councillor Shaw said that the repair works had yet to be completed.

Councillor Butler would chase this up.

0792     M0739 D Day 80 Event

Councillor Chewings said how lovely the event was on 6th June, especially the Radcliffe-on-Trent Male Voice Choir and the lighting of the Beacons. Many had attended the event.

0793     Councillor Jeffreys was disappointed that the event was not held earlier in the evening so children could have attended.

The timings had been instructed from the Pageant Master in London and  the events and the lighting of the beacons took place at a set time nationally.

0794     M0746 See-Saw on Broadmeer Park

The piece of equipment has been inspected by Council’s contractor as well as the manufacturers and a document has been received saying it is safe for use.  It has been
recommended that the see saw is inspected on a monthly basis.

0795     M0747 Cotgrave Library

Councillor Jeffreys informed that the library has a survey that they are asking residents to complete regarding the services that the library provide and encouraged everyone to complete the survey.

0796     M0761 Review of Council Policies

Councillor Woodward queried why the Standing Orders Policy on the website said that the review was due in 2025.  Standing Orders should be revied annually.  Standing Orders will be updated again following the change in day and place of the council meetings, which will be put forward at the council meeting on 15th July.

0797     M0763 Cotgrave FC

 A meeting needs to be arranged with the football club to further discuss the football pitches, this will be arranged when council have concluded their investigation.

0798     M0772 Volunteer Litter Picker

 Councillor Healy asked if we still employed a litter picker as well as having the volunteer.
Council still employ the Street Cleaning Operative and the volunteer also carried out litter picking for 2 hours, 3 days a week.

Planning Minutes

0799     Resolved          :           “To confirm the planning minutes recorded and the decisions taken
                                    by the Council and those of the Planning Authority.”

Financial Matters

0800     Payments

Resolved:         ‘’That the payments made since the previous meeting totalling £44,347.36 as recorded below, be approved and the invoices awaiting payment be paid’’.

British Gas836879269Suite F184.72
J Stephenson Zoom Renewal177.94
Sublime Shine888Suite F Internal Window Clean110.00
Rushcliffe Borough Cl91755731Business Rates Unit 28  24-2512412.00
Vale Skip Hire Skip Hire Burhill Allotments1290.00
Three Mobile Phones114.62
D DixonCO21Internal Audit3220.00
Cotgrave Futures818MUGA Electricity Costs115.99
Glasdon1885280Skipper Litter Trolley1500.39
Rushcliffe Borough Council9175638XBusiness Rates Suite F  24-2512556.00
Methodist Church Room Hire Council Meeting130.00
Rushcliffe Borough Council71099264Monthly Rent Suite F13435.00
Rushcliffe Borough Council71099602Service Charge Suite F1180.00
Rushcliffe Borough Council71099513Rent Unit 281650.00
HSBC Bank Charges18.00
Rialtas31624Year End Closedown 23.4.241990.00
Notts County SuppliesN052400480Refuse Bags119.21
Gallagher Insurance6890915332Cyber Package1367.36
Gallagher Insurance6890915332Commercial Motor Insurance1728.11
Gallagher Insurance6890915332Community Insurance18092.42
Notts County Supplies52400834Litter Picker (Volunteer)130.48
Meerkat Comms3099Phone and Broadband163.31
A C Medical98Occupational Health Assessment1200.00
UK Fuels10019439Fuel1100.75
Notts County Council900308944April Wages112492.78
Rushcliffe Borough Council71101371Park Repairs1250.80
Rushcliffe Borough Council71101443Parks Inspections1540.00
Wrightway Roofing60Clean out gutters/replace chicken wire Cotgrave Futures1180.00
Cotgrave Futures843MUGA Electricity19.10
Methodist Church Room Hire 8.5.24130.00
Sublime Shine896C Futures Window Clean161.88
UK Fuels10020702Fuel1137.56
Notts County Council93018913May Wages112568.94

Councillor Healy asked why the Zoom membership had been paid for when council do not hold Zoom meetings.

Councillor Woodward proposed that council just use the 40 minutes free Zoom and do not renew the membership next year.  The Clerk will cancel the automatic renewal for next year.

Councillor Healy also ask about the payment for a skipper litter trolley.  This is for the volunteer litter picker.

0804     Income

Resolved          :           “That the income totalling £7,901.89 since the last meeting, as reproduced below.

April 24Safari SaleX 5 stalls25.00
22.4.24CCKSummer Market Stall15.00
1.5.24Cotgrave FCRent160.00
8.5.24GS11 StragglethorpeSolar Panels7301.89
16.5.24AccidentRepairs of Council Vehicles192.00
20.5.24Fosse MedicareGrass Mowing48.00
3.6.24Cotgrave FCRent160.00

Financial Statements

Members considered and approved the Statements for April and May 2024 as reproduced at the back of the Minute Book.

At the end of April 2024 Council had £4,986.85 in the Co-op account, £204,976.48 in the NatWest account and £138,160.56 in the HSBC account.

At the end of May 2024 Council had £4,986.85 in the Co-op account, £205,228.91 in the NatWest account and £115,144.50 in the HSBC account.


A grant request has been received from Cotgrave Young People’s Service for a grant of £780 towards an Alton Tower Trip and  £1,380 for a residential to the Mill Adventure Base Pod camping.

0808     Following a discussion Council

          :           ‘to award a grant of £750 contribution towards the residential to the
                                      Mill Adventure Base pod camping.’

Finance Committee – Terms of Reference

Council considered the Terms of Reference for the new Finance Committee.

The Membership of the committee will be 5.

A date was set for the first meeting of the committee for Monday 16th September, when the dates for the remaining meetings for the council year would be put in place.

Model Finance Regulations for Local Councils

Council has been copied into the new National Association of Local Councils (NALC) Model Finance Regulations for England for approval by Council

Council asked if this document could be added to the agenda of the Finance Committee to consider, before it is brought back to full council for approval.

Working Group Updates

Cotgrave FC

A meeting between Council and Cotgrave FC will be arranged to discuss the football clubs pitches.

Summer Market 3rd August 2024

There are currently 6 stalls that have requested booking forms for a stall at the event on 3rd August, but ideally we would like to have up to 15 stalls to make the event a success.

Councillor Woodward suggested that we print off some flyers and these could be distributed to the stall holders at the market at West Bridgford on Saturday.

The Administration Manager will again post information of the local Facebook groups.

The Town Clerk has booked for the Skateboard and Slacklines to attend, which residents will be able to have a go free of charge.

Blu, who are celebrating their 20th anniversary have asked if they can put out a stall in front of their shop and  have additional items alongside the main event which may include some singers for all the public to enjoy.

Broadmeer Play Area

Following the removal of the springer/rocker, the Clerk has obtained a quotation for a replacement piece of equipment at the cost of £3,876.94 + VAT.

Council consider the quotation and decide that the play park would benefit from replacing the piece of equipment in the park and a safety surface already in place.

0822     Resolved         :           “To purchase the Kompan Supernova for £3,876.94 + VAT for installation at
Broadmeer Play Park.

Social Media/Press Releases

Councillor K Chewings proposed the following motion with regard to a Council Facebook page.


 This council recognises the increasing importance of having a robust social media presence to effectively communicate with our community.  Currently, our Town Clerk and Administration Manager are utilising their personal Facebook accounts to disseminate information and advertise events.  This practice inadvertently exposed them to direct contact and potential hostility from the public, which is neither sustainable nor professional.”

Therefore, Cotgrave Town Council resolved to:

Establish an official Facebook page in the name Cotgrave Town Council.  Appoint the Town Clerk and the Administration Manager as the authorised administrators of the page.  Use the Facebook page exclusively for advertising council events and dissemination public information pertinent to Cotgrave.

Ensure the page is not utilised for any party-political purposes.

Councillor Shaw also asked if Council could also give out press release relating to activities within Cotgrave to publications further afield in the Borough.  Council was in agreement with this.

Youth Council

Councillor Chewings has been approached by Integrated Neighbourhood Working who have been working in Cotgrave with a suggestion of Cotgrave setting up a Youth Council.

He asked if this is something council wished to look into this, Ollerton Town Council already has a very successful Youth Council and have a model to following in heling to set up the council.

Council has a budget of £2,000 for a Youth Council.

Council agreed to set up a meeting and find out more about setting up a Youth Council in Cotgrave and find out what is involved.

Nottinghamshire County Council
Linford and Ringleas, Prohibition of Waiting (8382) Initial Consultation

Via East Midlands are working on behalf of Notts County Council to deliver highways services. Concerns have been raised about inconsiderate and obstructive parking at the junction of Lingford and Ringleas which is causing issues with access and visibility at this junction.

To help alleviate these problems, it is proposed to introduce a No Waiting at Any Time (Double Yellow Lines) restrictions at the above location.

0830     Council are in full agreement with this proposal.

Correspondence (for information only)

Information has been received on the safety of electric powered micro mobility vehicles and Lithium Batteries Bill.

Crime Statistics

The crime statistic for Cotgrave from 20.3.24 to 18.5 24 are as follows:-

DateCrime TypeDetailsLocation
20.3.24Criminal Damage/Theft of public payphoneCash box forced open and money from within takenMain Street
28.3.24Criminal DamagePlants pulled out of pots and rubbish emptied from bins onto groundCotgrave Community Garden
10.4.24Vehicle DamageEMAS First Responded vehicle windscreen damaged overnightCotgrave Hub
17.4.24Vehicle DamagePolice Car windscreen damaged overnightCotgrave Hub
24.4.24Criminal DamageVehicle damaged whilst parked.Broadmeer
7.5.24Criminal DamagePlants pulled from pots; poly tunnel damagedCotgrave Community Garden
18.5.24Criminal DamageGarden Furniture and plants damagedCotgrave Community Garden

Update from Ward Members

Councillor Chewings has spoken with INW and they have asked about Cotgrave having a community website. Some funding is available to help with this. The website could either be a new site or even linked to the Town Council Website.

Clerks Reports

The bench for Dr Macdonald has now been delivered and landscaping works are due to take place this week.

Sue Macdonald wishes to have an official unveiling of the bench and council have previously agreed to provide some refreshments following the opening at Cotgrave Futures.

The repairs have been carried out on the gate to the play area in the Green.

Councillors’ Reports

Councillor Healy mentioned the very successful market that takes place every Tuesday on the Rose and Crown car park, and enquired if any market licence was in place for this event.

Councillor Chewings has had a resident asked about having a ‘No Ball Games’ sign on the shopping centre as young people were playing football by the side of Heron and front of the nail bar.

The Clerk informed council that she had already met with Nick Berry from the Borough Council who has identified a place for some signage.

Councillor Myles enquired when the road from the traffic lights to Stragglethorpe would be resurfaced.

Councillor Butler said that this was planned to be carried out during August.

Councillor Woodward asked if there was any further update on the issues with the mini roundabout at the Cross.

Councillor Buter informed that a meeting was to take place between the highways design department at Notts CC and the housing developers, this is still to be arranged.  The works have been put on hold.

0844     Resolved         :           “To suspending Standing Orders at 9pm to allow the meeting to
                                  continue for a further 10 minutes.”

The press and public will be excluded from the meeting during consideration of the following item/s of business on the grounds that it involves to likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in Section 1(2) of the Public Bodies (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960.

Staffing Issues

Council were updated on the current staffing levels and the pressure this was having on all staff and jobs required to be completed.

Council agreed for the Personnel Committee to continue working on staffing issues and any associated requirements.

At the end of the meeting, the Chairman of Council presented Councillor Richard Butler with his 25 years long service certificate.

Councillor Butler was first elected to Council at the election in May 1999.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.10pm.

Chair:…………………………………… Signed as a True Record (Date)………………………………

Personnel Committee Meeting
4th July 2024

Present                         :          
Councillors R Butler (Chairman), K Chewings, L Healy, C Jeffreys S Mitchell and N Monday

Attendance                   :          
Julie Stephenson (Town Clerk) and Jane Pick (Admin Manager) – Cotgrave Town Council,                                                                   

The meeting was held in the Cotgrave Town Council Office and commenced at 2.30pm 


0091     No apologies were received.

Declarations of Interest

0092     No declarations of interest were given.

Public Open Session

0093     No members of the public were in attendance at the meeting.

0094     The minutes from the Personnel meeting held on  14th May 2024 were noted and approved.

Flexible Working Policy

0095     The Committee considered the second draft of the Flexible Working Policy.

            With one amendment, the committee

0096     Resolved          :           “To accept the Flexible Working Policy”.

The press and public will be excluded from the meeting during consideration of the following item/s of business on the grounds that it involves the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in Section 1(2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960.

Staffing Matters

0097     Staffing issues were discussed.

The meeting ended at 2.55pm

Chairman: ………………………………….. Signed as a True Record (Date): ……………………………

Planning Minutes

The following responses were made to plans under consideration by the Planning Authority, Rushcliffe Borough Council.

No objections were raised except where stated.

034       At Council Meeting on 17th June 2024

            24/00753/REM   Land South of Hollygate Lane and North of Colston Gate, Cotgrave,
                                    Nottinghamshire – reserved matters application pursuant to outline
                                    permission 21/01203/OUT to seek approval of the appearance, landscaping,
                                    layout and scale for the provision of 90 dwellings, infrastructure and open

            24/00554/FUL    8 Rivermead, Cotgrave, Nottingham, NG12 3LQ – new single storey and
                                    rear extensions. New 7ft high timber Verti lap panel fences to rear garden

Rushcliffe Borough Council, the planning authority, has forwarded the following decisions:-

035       Planning Permission Granted

            24/00554/FUL    8 Rivermead, Cotgrave, Nottingham, NG12 3LQ – new single storey front
                                    and rear extensions.  New 7ft high timber vertilap panel fences to rear
                                    garden boundaries.

Chair:…………………………………… Signed as a True Record (Date)………………………………