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Minutes Council Meeting 8th June 2022

Please note all minutes remain in draft form until approved at the next Council meeting.

Present                         :        
Councillors I Shaw (Acting Chairman), R Butler (from 8pm), K Chewings, M Chewings, S Ellis, S Gardner, B Handbury,
C Jeffreys, M Myles, C Patterson, and A Simpson.

Apologies Received      :          
Councillors H Brumpton, R Butler (for lateness),  D Eldridge, L Healy, N Monday, and D Stothard.

Attendance                   :         
Julie Stephenson (Town Clerk) and Jane Pick (Administration Manager) – Cotgrave Town Council, Jermaine Shread (Positive Futures).

The meeting was held at Cotgrave Methodist Church and commenced at 7.00pm   



2418     The apologies received were approved.

Declarations of Interest

2419     No declarations of interest were received.

Public Open Session

2420     Jermaine Shread from Positive Futures gave an update on the work they were carrying out in Cotgrave.

2421     Positive Futures engage with young people later after/early evening when no other youth provision is available, this is a vital service to ensure that young people are stimulated through diversionary activities and engagement session that will be young person led to ensure attendance is assured.

2422     Their target for 2022 is to deliver a minimum of 39 youth detached sessions each Friday between 4-6pm.  So far this year they have delivered 17 sessions with 146 attending

2423     Positive Futures now employ a local young person to help delivery of their current sessions in Cotgrave. She will also have a responsibility to work with other young people to identify and deliver community cohesion projects.  Leading up to and during the summer holiday they will focus on different aspects and perspectives around anti-social behaviour.

2424     Life Skill Workshops – the target for 2022 is to deliver a minimum of 20 workshops.  5 have been delivered to far this year with 30 attendances.  These workshops include Boxercise sessions, confidence and self-esteem, health, wellbeing and relationship, 2 days strictly stress workshop and a 6-week introduction to fitness.

2425     Upcoming workshops will include Peer Mentoring/Sports Ambassador (staring in June), a 6-week introduction to fitness, VIP football camp, substance use and misuse and risky Behaviour and Healthy Relationships.

2426     Additional Work/Sessions – in partnership with Cotgrave Young Peoples Centre, Positive Futures has delivered 16 multi sports sessions(112 attendances) from the Leisure Centre sports hall, 4 open access school holiday sports sessions (52 attendances).  From 15th June they will be working with young people who are struggling in a school environment or on the verge of exclusion in the Community Garden, as well going to support the Friends of Cotgrave Country Park task days.

2427     Their target for 2022 is to deliver and support 10 young people in the primary to secondary school transition.  This is due to start Friday 17th June at Cotgrave Candleby Lane School.

2428     Council thanks Jermain for attending the meeting an giving them an update on the valuable work that is carried out in Cotgrave, and asked him to contact Council if they can be of any further help with the project.

Accuracy of the minutes of the Annual Public Meeting, Annual General Meeting and Full Council Meeting, held on Wednesday 11th May 2022

Resolved          :           “That the minutes of the meeting held on 11th May 2022 be received and confirmed as a true record.”

Progress Minutes of Annual Public Meeting, Annual General Meeting and Full Council Meeting held on Wednesday 11th May 2022

2430     M2376 Well Pharmacy

An email has been received from Regional Operations Manager at Well, following an invitation for him to attend the council meeting. Unfortunately, he will be on annual leave so unable to attend, and feels that he is the right person to attend the meeting rather than send someone else.  He will make arrangement to attend a future meeting of council.

Planning Minutes

2431     Resolved          :          
“To confirm the planning minutes recorded and the decisions taken by the Council and those of the Planning Authority.”

Financial Matters

2432     Payments

‘’That the payments made since the previous meeting totalling £16,563.15 as recorded below, be approved and the invoices awaiting payment be paid’’.

 Adlard Print19427Platinum Jubilee Posters924.00
Cotgrave Methodist Church Room Hire 13.4.22130.00
Mick Dutton & Son14690Jack, cable ties, strimmer cord, puncture repair181.36
E-on4Suite F Electricity1102.50
Hydro-xHX151722Sports Pavilion Legionella Testing1336.00
Notts County CouncilN042200483Stationery, gloves150.26
Notts County Council92717789April Salaries110,300.80
ProludicSIN00561Rubber support for Broadmeer equipment1174.75
Rialtas29721Year-end online closedown 11.5.221669.60
Rushcliffe BC70936625Quarterly Rent Eastmoor166.25
Rushcliffe BC70936634Quarterly Rent Grassmere168.75
Rushcliffe BC70936616Quarterly Rent Candleby Lane168.75
Rushcliffe BC70937346Rent Unit 28 May 221600.00
Rushcliffe BC70937462Rent Suite F May 22 435.00
Rushcliffe BC70937711Suite F Service Charge May 22 156.00
Three306068292Mobile Telephones129.78
Water Plus6144158Unit 28 charges 22.1.22 to 1.5.22170.60
Opus72358331Sports Ground Electricity151.65
Nomix Enviro4423356Service Hand Sprayer1117.60
Barriers Direct230983New barrier at sportsground12634.83
M Mark Items for Jubilee event914.50
B Woodcock Internal Audit 31.3.22 166.80
Arco943711814Safety Boots179.67
Sublime Shine687Cotgrave Futures Window Clean155.88
Parker Tool Hire28874Propane Gas – Jubilee Beacon9116.40
J Pick128463Reimbursement Jubilee Event961.42
  TOTAL 16,563.15

Income Received


1.5.22Cotgrave FCRent155.00
5.5.22Rushcliffe BCCIL Payment1218.26
13.5.22Rushcliffe BCPrecept12,617.50
17.5.22Allotment Plot 21Rent/Bond85.33
24.5.22Rushcliffe BCPlatinum Jubilee Grant500.00
24.5.22ParrPop Up market stall 27.5.2220.00
25.5.22Little Horse BoxJubilee Event 5.6.2220.00
30.5.22HolbakesJubilee Event 5.6.2220.00


Financial Statements

2434     Members considered and approved the Statements for April 2022 as reproduced at the back of the Minute Book.

At the end of March 2022 Council had £24,290.85 in the Co-op account, £164,335.39 in the HSBC account and £201,123.40 in the NatWest account.

Annual Governance Statement and Accountability for 2021-22

2435     Members have been presented with a copy of the Annual Governance Statement and Accountability Return for 2020-2021 documents, as listed below:-

i)          Section 1 Annual Governance Statement 2021-2022
ii)          Section 2 Accounting Statements 2021-2022
iii)         Confirmation of the dates of the period for the exercise of public rights.
iv)         Bank Reconciliation
v)         Explanations of variance between boxes 7 and 8
vi)         Internal Auditors Report

2436     The Chairman read out the Annual Governance Statement, council agreed that statement numbers 1 to 8, are all to be answered with a ‘yes’ and all appropriate measures are in place and statement number 9 is not applicable to this council.

2437     Resolved          :          
“Council are all in agreement of answering ‘yes’ to all the statements  on the  Annual Governance Statement for 2020-2021.

2438     Council considered the accounting statement for the year end 2020-2021 and agreed that the
figures were correct with the RBS software accounts.

2439     Resolved          :           “Council agreed that the figures were correct for the year end”

2440     Resolved          :           “Council all agreed that the financial information provided was  correct for the year ending 2020-2021.

Working Groups

Grassmere Play Park

2441     The installation of the new equipment is now complete, and the post installation inspection has been carried out.  The park will re-open on Thursday 9th June after a slight delay due to the dry conditions and the need watering of the new turf that has been laid on the park.

2442     The Clerk explained that the large concrete pad that has been left following the removal of the old skate park ramps could be used to put a thermal graphic  of a snakes and ladder
game with a dice board.  The Clerk will make enquiries and obtain some quotations.

Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

2443     On Thursday 2nd June a Beacon was lit on the Green by Councillor Christine Jeffreys (who supplied funding for the purchase of the Beacon through her Borough Councillor Funding). Approximately 150 residents attend the event, which also included a local piper, who played  ‘Diu Regnare’ and entertained the residents whilst the beacon was lit.

2444     On Sunday the Picnic in the Park went ahead despite the weather. After a slow start, and once the rained stopped residents ventured out and set up their picnic tables and enjoyed the entertainment.

2445     Councillor Mary Myles spoke with several residents who expressed their thanks and appreciation to everyone who had worked on the Platinum Jubilee events for Cotgrave, especially the Town Clerk and Administration Manager of Cotgrave Town Council.

2446     Councillor Jeffreys also wanted to thank Council’s Groundsmen for setting up the Beacon on Thursday Evening.

Cotgrave Miners Memorial

2447     Councillor Steve Gardner thanks Councillors R Butler and L Healy for the assistance they had given him in bring moving this project forward, and to Councillor M Myles for providing photographs of the pit head.

2448     Councillor Gardener is now sourcing quotations for the memorial lectern.


2449     An email has been received from PC 1930 Cai Kemish saying that they will look at the dates for future council meetings and let council know which dates would be suitable for them to attend.

2450     An invitation has been received for the Nottinghamshire County Council Civic Service on Sunday 26th June at Southwell Minster.  If any councillor wished to attend RSVPs were need by Monday 20th June.

2451     The Tour of Britain was taking place on 8th September and is taking the same route as in 2018.  The race is due to come through Cotgrave around Midday.

Clerks Reports

2452     The Clerk has received a copy of Council’s insurance policy for 2022 from the insurance broker.  The cost of insurance is £13,677.   This is an increase of 260.5% on last year. 

2453     The Clerk has forwarded her concerns and dismay at this cost of insurance without any warning of such an increase.

2454     Council were in a three-year deal through the broker, WPS James Hallam with the insurance cover provided by Military Mutual.  Military Mutual have withdrawn all council insurance policy cover.  WPS have asked Aviva to cover the policy for the final year of the agreement.

2455     The renewal information was only available with 5 working days’ notice and to change to another company it could take up to 90 days.

2456     Council asked the Clerk, as many other councils facing the same problem, to write a letter of complaint to the Financial Ombudsman, but council have had to take the insurance premium, but will need to review all future events for insurance costs prior to booking.

Councillors’ Reports

2457     Councillor Butler wish to  thank everyone who had organised and took part in the Jubilee celebration for Cotgrave.

2458     Councillor K Chewings asked if the Memorial Planter outside of the Leisure Centre could be cleaned down.

2459     Councillor K Chewings as about the location of future council meetings.  This would be added to the July agenda.

2460     Councillor K Chewings informed council that the new boundaries for council wards.  Cotgrave now includes Clipston and Normanton on the Wolds.

2461     Councillor M Chewings asked if there had been any update on the parking issues on Burhill?

            Councillor R Butler informed that  plans were being drawn up for several roads in Cotgrave and that a budget had been set for this.

2462     Councillor M Myles asked if Kerry’s Fresh would be able to attend a council meeting to3

            Councillor Simpson was very concerned about the large number of cyclists coming through Cotgrave, especially in the early evening and at weekends, on roads with few overtaking areas and many potholes.

2463     Councillor I Shaw said that approximately 100 people attending the Jubilee party on The Dial on Saturday afternoon.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.21pm.