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Minutes Council Meeting held on 10th March 2021

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Council minutes remain in draft form until agreed and signed at the next council meeting.

Councillors D Stothard (Chairman), K Chewings, M Chewings, D Eldridge, S Ellis, B Handbury, L Healy, C Jeffreys,
N Monday, M Myles (from 7.40pm), C Patterson, I Shaw and A Simpson.

Apologies Received:
Councillor H Brumpton

The Town Clerk, Administration Manager (Cotgrave Town Council), PC Paul Henson and PCSO P Evans (Cotgrave Police) and M Myles (until 7.40pm) .                                                                                                                           

The meeting was held virtually, via Zoom, and commenced at 7.04pm.

The Chairman said that Councillor D Wilkie had contacted him, to inform him of his intension to resign from Council.  Councillor K Chewings will ask that Councillor Wilkie put this in writing to the Clerk who will then advice the Borough Council of the resignation.

Council will arrange for an acknowledgement of his service to Council over many years.


1445     The apologies given were approved.

Declarations of Interest

1446     No declarations of interest were received.

Public Open Session

No member of the public wished to speak.

To suspend standing orders to allow PC P Henson and PCSO P Evans to give an update to Council on policing in Cotgrave.

PC Henson gave information on the crime reports since the last Council Meeting, which are reproduced under “Correspondence” in the minutes.

Councillors Eldridge and Stothard asked questions regarding issues of electric scooters in and around Cotgrave, the police said that this was a national issue, but would engage with the young people and educate them on the rules regarding these vehicles.

Electric scooters are not road legal currently and the only ones which are, are the yellow ones in Nottingham city and any user should have a provisional licence to hire them

Councillor Handbury asked what the Police working policy was at weekends as he has witnessed small motorbikes being ridden on the Old Fosse Way with no helmets and one rider was riding with a small child over the petrol tank. 

The Police have a 5-week shift pattern which covers the weekends, but can be flexible when information is received regarding issues and this can lead to enforcement. The police are also aware of cars racing again on and around the A46 and the two roundabouts near Stragglethorpe. Noisy cars have also been noted again around Cotgrave and the drivers will be spoken to. The police can use the drone to help with identifying cars and motorbikes and PC Henson is one of the force’s drone pilots.

Additional response police officers from West Bridgford are now located and working from the police office at Cotgrave.

PC Henson asked the Clerk to share his contact details with the council, but any information sent this way will only go to his email and not on to the national database and if it is an emergency all should dial 999 or 101. PC Henson will only pick up emails when he is on duty.

Crime trends will be monitored, and the theft of catalytic convertors is on the increase again, also the theft of vans. The police are advising van owners to use the full steering wheel cover security locks, as these are harder to remove

Co-Option of vacancy on Council

A resident had applied for the vacant seat for the Ash Lea Ward via co-option onto Cotgrave Town Council.

The candidate, Mary Myles gave a brief report about herself to Council,

Resolved: “To co-opt Mary Myles onto Cotgrave Town Council.”

The Chairman congratulated Councillor Myles and invited her to join the meeting.

Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on 10th February 2021

“That the minutes of the previous meetings held on10th February 2021 be received and confirmed as a true record.”


M1380  Litter Bin on Owthorpe Road

Councillor Shaw said that two bags of rubbish had been left at the site on Owthorpe Road and questioned whether one litter collection a day from the site was sufficient.

The Clerk will speak with the Rushcliffe Borough Council again regarding this issue.

M1381 Letter to Barratts

Councillor K Chewings asked if a reply had been received from Barratts?  The Clerk had not received any reply or acknowledgement to the letter.

Councillor K Chewings proposed that due to the lack of response that a public statement should be issued, which should include Cotgrave Town Council website, local news stations (BBC, ITV, Notts TV) and the Nottingham Post.

Councillor K Chewings stated that the building of the proposed new homes should not be allowed until Barratts had completed their commitments to Local Plan One and this included the installation of the pedestrian/cycle bridge over the Grantham Canal.

Councillor M Chewings asked if the Rushcliffe Borough Councillors could speak with the Borough Council telling them how the residents of Cotgrave are being treated by Barratts?

Councillor Butler said that he obviously cannot speak on behalf of Barratts, but totally agrees with the comments made by Council and is more than happy to speak with Rushcliffe Borough Council and ask if they can help with this issue and request a response to the letter.

Councillor D Eldridge seconded Councillor K Chewings proposal. All Council were in favour of this proposal.

Resolved          :          
To write a public statement on the issue of the planning breach by Barratts on Hollygate Lane and issue these to the local press and onto Cotgrave Town Council’s website.”

M1402 Purchase of Defibrillator

Council had been copied into additional information on defibrillators.  At its meeting held on 10th February Council had agreed to purchase a defibrillator (NF1201) at a cost of £994.00 + VAT.

Before the order is placed, the Clerk had spoken with the suppliers and they have stated that the SP1 may be the better option to purchase which would suit Council’s needs better.

The SP1 model has a switch on the front which clearly states which setting is to be used for an adult or child and the pads provided can be used on adults or children.  This unit also has a carry bag which stores all the equipment needed for use and the unit is better for all the location chosen to house it, whereas the NF1201 model is more suitable for an indoor adult workspace.  The SP1also has a longer warranty of 10 years and the battery life is 4 years. 

The price for the SP1 is £1,215 (Opposed to £1125 for the NF1201). The Cotgrave Town Council logo on the unit cabinet can be added for an additional £30. This would clearly identify that the defibrillator is provided and maintained by Cotgrave Town Council.

Council were all in agreement and

Resolved “To purchase the SP1 Defibrillators for installation into the telephone box on the corner of West Furlong/Ringleas.”

The Clerk has obtained a quotation for the installation of the unit at £450, but she will obtain further quotations before placing the order.

Councillor K Chewings had been looking into the possibility of having further defibrillators in areas in Cotgrave not already covered, this could include installations onto the Daleside estate and Hollygate Park.  He had found information on units that can be attached onto lamp columns.  He will investigate this information further and bring this to the next Council meeting.

The Clerk will ask Nottinghamshire County Council if this could be allowed and how to proceed.

M1409 Land rear of 12 Burhill

Councillor K Chewings asked if any reply had been received from the resident regarding the purchase of the piece of land from Council at the rear of their property.  No reply had been received.

M1412 New Council Office

Due to the third National Lockdown, staff have still not moved into the new office, this will hopefully be able to take place in May or June once staff have returned to the office.

The Clerk is still in discussion with Rushcliffe Borough Council regarding the lease of the garage and stores at the Leisure Centre.

M1442 Flooding on Hollygate Lane

A resident had informed that a comment in the previous minutes was not factually correct and they supplied a leaflet from Canals & River Trust discussing flood water and surface water from the roads and that it can be drained into canals and that ditches had not disappeared but due to change in ground levels, the gravity has changed, and a simple solution could be a creation of a small wetland area in some places.

Planning Minutes

Resolved:  “To confirm the planning minutes recorded the decisions taken by the Council and those of the Planning Authority.”

Financial Matters


‘’That the payments made since the previous meeting totalling £12,404.37 as recorded on page 5, be approved and the invoices awaiting payment be paid’’.

Talktalk21826491Broadband and Telephone132.00
Sublime Shine570Cotgrave Futures Window Cleaning149.99
UK Fuels1062316Fuel1184.13
M Dutton & Son13964Chainsaw and bar for old chainsaw1393.00
J A Kents62044Grounds Maintenance February 211880.00
Cotgrave Futures358MUGA electricity1186.08
Mrs J Stephenson Ink Cartridges148.20
Cotgrave Comm Kitchen Grant11146.48
Notts County Council92545317January 2021 Salaries19322.70
Talktalk21936918Broadband and Telephone138.40
Acora128548102Data Back Up113.20
Opus Energy70044285Sports Pavilion Electricity144.29
HSBC Bank Charges16.50
Meerkat Comms Broadband for CCTV159.40


“That the income totalling £1992.18 since the last meeting, as reproduce below.

1.3.21Cotgrave FCRent150.00
Various DatesAllotment Rent 2021Allotment Rental1342.18
7.2.21Cotgrave Open GardensGrant Refund500.00

Financial Statements

Members considered the Statements for January 2021 as reproduced at the back of the Minute Book.

At the end of January 20212 Council had £24,290.85 in the Co-op account, £109,662.79 in the HSBC account and £201,085.94 in the NatWest account.


A grant request has been received from Vale First Responders asking for £500 for support for medical equipment, and for renewing time-expired items such as pads and batteries for defibrillators.

Councillor K Chewings said that he believed that Vale First Responders covers in the Vale of Belvoir and Bingham and did not cover Cotgrave, which was covered by Trent First Responders, which Councillor D Eldridge also believed to be correct.

The Clerk thought that both groups may have recently amalgamated.  She would find out further information and present again on the agenda of the next Council meeting.

Council decided to defer any decision on this grant application until further information have been sourced.

A second grant request has been received form the Cotgrave Young People’s Centre, who wished to apply for £750 towards packs for the children aged between 8-15 (potential over 150 young people) for over the Easter holiday.

Councillor D Stothard queried the amount of £450 which did not state what it was for (£300 – other tbc and £150 delivery tbc).

Councillor K Chewings proposed that giving the close timeline of Easter in relation to Council’s next meeting that the Clerk confirm with the Young People’s Centre the exact costs and what it was form, and that this grant request be ratified via email to councillors.

This was seconded by Councillor S Ellis.

Councillors R Butler and L Healy had also provided funding for these activated within their Borough Council funding.

Working Groups

Future housing development in Cotgrave

Councillor Shaw said that in the absence of a reply letter from Barratts, there was not much to report on this subject.

Councillor K Chewings had been in contact with the secondary schools at Radcliffe-on-Trent and Bingham and these were now full to their capacity.  Regarding the doctor’s surgery, they currently have 2 doctors alternating their work each day and he had heard that it was currently taking one to two weeks to get a non urgent appointment.

Councillor K Chewings had also been speaking with parents regarding their choice of schools and some have been refused their first choice.  One Cotgrave family had been allocated a place at East Leake.

Councillor Butler said that figures regarding education places were available for viewing withing the planning application documents, available online.  This included figures for funding for education.

Councillor K Chewings proposed that a further working group meeting to be arranged.  This was seconded by Councillor S Ellis.

The Clerk will arrange a date for the meeting and forward details to all councillors.

Grass Cutting Maintenance Contract

The Clerk asked Council if the currently contract could be extended by one year?

Councillor S Ellis proposed that the contract be extended by one year, this was seconded by Councillor D Stothard.

Resolved          :          
To extend the current grass cutting contract by 1 year.’

Broadmeer Play Area

Council had been copied into a quotation for repairs to the wet pour at the Broadmeer Play Areas, which had been highlighted on the last inspection report.

Councillor M Chewings proposed that both areas of the park be repaired, all council agreed.

Resolved          :           “To carry out repair to the wet pour at Broadmeer play Area at the cost of £927.50.”

Rushcliffe Children’s Centre – Easter Egg Appeal

Council has received a request from the Rushcliffe Children’s Centre asking if Council would be able to support the group by providing some Easter Eggs that will be distributed to some of the most vulnerable children and families in Rushcliffe and this would include families within Cotgrave.

The Children’s Centre were already in receipt of 50 eggs and was asking Council if they could provide another 30 eggs.

1510     Resolved          :           “To purchase 30 £1 Easter Eggs for the Children’s Centre.”

Tree Works

Following on from the tree survey carried out on The Green, this had raised issues with several trees.

A quotation has been received to fell one Chestnut and reduce two London Plane at the cost of £395.

Four trees in the buffer zone at Ringleas Play Area also needed to be reduced at the cost of £395 and reduce a further cherry tree at the cost of £125.

A resident had asked if one of the Cherry trees could be removed, but as the tree was in good health and there was no real reason to remove it, it would be reduced in size.

Resolved          :           ”To carry out the tree works on The Green and Ring Leas Play Area at the cost of £1,270.00.”
Covid-19 Policy

The Clerk is still checking in on staff to make sure that they have all the required PPE.

The MUGA will re-open on 29th March in guidance with the government legislation as will the outdoor gym equipment.

The next major change will be on the 12th April when staff should have access to the council office.


1519     Crime Figures

23.1.21BroadmeerCriminal damage – shed door/s damaged
25.1.21MarlwoodCar window smashed
8.2.21Bingham RoadTheft other – number plates stolen from car
8.2.21Corn CloseTheft other – cat converter stolen
9.2.21WoodviewTheft other – parcel stolen from doorstep
11.2.21Bluebell AvenueTheft and damage – doorstep planter/s stolen and used to smash window/s of adjacent property.

WPS Hallam – Council Insurance

Correspondence has received information that the insurance company has re-tendered the CouncilGuard. Military Mutual is now the new scheme insurer.

Clerks’ Reports

The Clerk has received information of an on-line employment relation training course at the cost of £60.  This is only for one member of staff, but once the course has been attended, she can then the information with Council.

Councillor D Stothard proposed that the Clerk attend the training course, this was seconded by Councillor ?

The minimum wage was due to increase as from 1st April 2021.  This will only affect the park keepers.

The Annual Town Meeting will be held on Wednesday 5th May via Zoom.  Posters will be displayed on Council’s website and notice boards, and any member of the public who wishes to attend/or ask Council any questions can request the link for the meeting from the Clerk.

No further legislation has been received from NALC regarding the continuation of remote meetings. It may be that the Annual General Meeting may revert to physical meetings.

Councillors Reports

Councillor R Butler Informed Council that there had been some fly tipping on the old A46 and reminded everyone that if the see any fly tipping, please report this to Rushcliffe Borough Council as there are ongoing investigations.  You can report fly tipping of the Borough Council website.

Councillor M Chewings asked if Council would be able to reimburse the Clerk for some of her phone calls, as she is currently using her personal mobile telephone for Council business.  The Administration Manager has the Council emergency mobile telephone.

Council staff have been claiming the £6/week working from home allowance to cover costs.

The mobile telephone contract is due for renewal at the beginning of May, this will be added to the agenda of the April meeting for further discussion.

Councillor Handbury spoke about why do recycling centres require a booking system.  Councillor Butler said that at the beginning of the first lockdown last year the site were overloaded, hence why the booking system was set up and he thought that this was only a temporary measure.

Councillor Monday had a complaint regarding the new bench on Woodview, near to the Leisure Centre.  A resident had asked if the base could be extended for better access from the pavement?

Councillor Monday also commend on the condition of Hollygate Lane and that it needed major repair works.

Councillor Butler agreed with this, and said that each year he could nominate highways that were in need to repairs etc.

Councillor Patterson reported that a resident had said that the tree stumps left on the Green following felling were dangerous.

These stumps were programmed in to be removed when the tree surgeon was carrying out the tree works on the Green,

Councillor Shaw said that he had heard that the Cotgrave Community Kitchen had been given notice to vacate the Welfare from 17th April, due to the Welfare getting ready to re-open after the end of lockdown.

The group were considering several options to relocate the community kitchen and mini market, including discussion with the Trustees of Cotgrave Futures.

To suspend standing orders to allow the meeting to continue for a further 10 minutes.

Councillor Stothard had noticed that the sign was now on the old Hotpots Café for the new Pizza shop but queried the breach of planning policy regarding the air conditioning unit on the side of the building. There is not any further information on this issue.

Councillor Stothard mentioned that he had had complaints regarding the road leading to the  new retail park at Edwalton and that queuing cars were backing up on to the major roads and some cars are queuing for up to 20 minutes for the fast-food takeaways.

Councillor Myles thanked everyone for co-opting her onto Council and hoped that she could be of some benefit to Council and looked forward to working with Council.

The meeting ended at 9.03pm

Chairman…………………………………… Signed as a True Record (Date)………………………………