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Minutes Council Meeting held on 21st April 2021

Councillors, D Stothard (Chair), H Brumpton (from 7.39pm), R Butler, K Chewings, M Chewings, D Eldridge, S Ellis,
B Handbury, L Healy, N Monday, M Myles, C Patterson, I Shaw and A Simpson.

Apologies Received          
Councillor C Jeffreys

The Town Clerk, Administration Manager (Cotgrave Town Council),

The meeting was held virtually, via Zoom, and commenced at 7pm.Following the announcement from Buckingham Palace, of the death of His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, a minute’s silence was held before the commencement of the Council Meeting.


1540     The apologies given were approved.

Declarations of Interest

1541     No declarations of interest were received.

Public Open Session

1542     No members of the pubic were in attendance.

Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on 10th March 2021

Councillor I Shaw stated that regarding minute number 1461, he had also requested an additional bin at this location on Owthorpe Road.

Councillor I Shaw stated that he was the councillor who seconded the proposal that the Clerk should attend the on-line employment course (minute number 1521).

The minutes will be amended accordingly.

Resolved          :           “That the minutes of the previous meetings held on 10th March 2021 be received and confirmed as a true record.”


1547     M1463 Letter to Barratts

A reply had been received in response to the letter forwarded to Barratts regarding the proposed bridge at Hollygate Lane.

Robert Galij, Planning Director, had written to say that Council’s “concerns had been noted and will be taken into account by Rushcliffe Borough Council, as the Local Planning Authority, in its Formal Consideration of the proposal.  Matters pertaining to Reserves Matters, ie, Access/Accessibility, Appearance; Landscaping; Layout/siting; and Scale will be assessed in the context of Rushcliffe Local Plan Policies (Part 1 and 2) alongside relevant section within the National Planning Policy Framework and association Planning Practice Guidance.”

Councillor K Chewings apologised for having not produced the press release, as he had been busy with other matters, but said that after the reply from Barratts this was probably not now worth doing.

M1475 Purchase of Defibrillator (Phone Box West Furlong/Ringleas)

The defibrillator had now been delivered, and this was scheduled to be installed on 4th May. The Clerk had also placed an order for some vinyl for the defibrillators box and the phone box.

M1478 Defibrillators on lamp columns

The Clerk had made enquiries regarding the installation of defibrillators onto lamp columns.  Nottinghamshire County Council, Via, had responded that they do not allow defibrillators on lamp columns and that this was the situation with most local authorities.

The main issue, is, if the electricity supply is lost and the authority is unaware, they could not guarantee a constant feed.

Council will investigate other alternatives, including using power from substations, if possible and this will be put on to the next agenda.

M1482 Flooding on Hollygate Lane

Councillor B Handbury noted the comments from a resident, and informed Council that drainage does go into the Grantham canal because of the decay of the banks, but he is sure this should not be happening because of contamination.

Councillor R Butler said that he had had a site meeting with Via and a landowner at the bad bend on Hollygate Lane regarding elevation of the land to help with the flooding issues in this area and they would be drawing up plans and future discussions regarding this will take place.

M1492 Grant Youth Service

The Clerk had gained further information on the items that were to be purchased with the grant funding, and the grant had been paid to the Youth Service, for use on activities over the Easter holidays.

Planning Minutes

“To confirm the planning minutes recorded the decisions taken by the Council and those of the Planning Authority.”

Financial Matters

1557     Payments

‘’That the payments made since the previous meeting totalling £16,627.14 as recorded below, be approved.”.

NALC1950Annual Subscription11272.14
Arco940666208Ground staff workwear152.99
Arco940666209Hi Vis Coat,123.98
Acora1285-48102Data Back Up113.20
Notts County Council92556141February 21 Salaries19104.68
Streetwise18782Empty Bins, Service charges1518.98
Mrs J Pick Sprayer19.99
Royal Images33891Condolence Prints and Frames1187.20
Lyreco61582825Covid Guard Spray151.72
Vodafone Mobile Telephone119.65
NALC1991Health & Safety Course x 2133.60
Mrs J Pick Black Armed Bands Op London Bridge113.99
Adlard Print18481Spring 2021 Newsletter41237.00
Clerk Direct Subscription112.00
UK Fuel1064118Fuel189.41
J A Kents62159March Maintenance1880.00
Water Plus4639250Forest Close Allotments122.51
Water Plus4639675Burhill Allotments1199.16
Meerkat Comms6254CCTV Broadband159.40
HSBC Bank Charges117.00
Via East Midlands28552Grit160.00
Mrs J Pick Easter Eggs – Children’s Centre129.25
Mrs J Pick Printer Ink125.99
Hags73226Repair to Dragon Fly Grassmere12328.00
Rushcliffe Local News54067Delivery of Newsletter4288.00
L Knight Work Trousers119.25
Talktalk Phone and Broadband138.40
  TOTAL 16627.14

1558     Income

“That the income totalling £1263.23 since the last meeting, as reproduced below.

1.2.21Cotgrave FCRent150.00
15.3.21Rushcliffe BCLitter Clearance846.14
15.3.21Royal Sun AllianceInsurance Claim131.20
23.3.21Allotment RentForest Close Plot 188.89
25.3.21Allotment RentHollygate Plot 1847.00

Financial Statements

1559     Members considered the Statements for February 2021 as reproduced at the back of the Minute Book.

At the end of February 2021 Council had £24,290.85 in the Co-op account, £99,282.73 in the HSBC account and £201,087.48 in the NatWest account.


The grant request received from Vale First Responders that had been deferred from the previous council meeting, was further discussed.

Vale First Responder had provided further information regarding the area of coverage, which does include Cotgrave.

Resolved          :           “To award a grant of £500 to Vale First Responders (operating as Vale & Fosse Way Reponders).

Working Groups
Future housing development in Cotgrave/Neighbourhood Plan

Councillor I Shaw asked if Council thought it was worthwhile proceeding with our own Neighbourhood Plan, after the meeting held with members from Keyworth Parish Council giving an insight of what is required to write a Neighbourhood plan?

Councillor M Myles said that it was and would be a lot of hard work and Councillor S Ellis said that there would be no significant return from all the work that would have to be put in to producing a Neighbourhood Plan.

Council were all in agreement not to proceed with a Neighbourhood Plan currently.

Councillor M Chewings thanked Councillors I Shaw and K Chewings for the work they had both done with this working group.

Citizenship Award

The Clerk had been notified that Devon Elliott from Candleby Lane School would no longer be working at the school and his last day was Wednesday 31st March 2021 and council wished to recognise his many years of service to Cotgrave.

The Clerk had written a letter of thanks to Devon, for all his support given to Cotgrave Town Council and the residents which we have been informed that it was read out at the school assembly, he had also received a Cotgrave Town Council paperweight.  Now staff have returned to the office, a Citizenship plaque will be ordered and delivered to Devon Elliott.

1569     Resolved          :           “To approve the Citizenship Award for Mr Devon Elliott.”.

Forest Close Allotments

The new tenant of Plot 1 at Forest Close allotments had written to Council, asking if they would be willing to contribute towards the cost of a skip that they had hired for clearing some additional rubbish from the allotment, including a shed.  They had requested permission to have a skip on site, which council agreed to, but did not at that time ask for any contribution towards the skip hire.

The allotment plot had been very overgrown, and Council’s ground staff had put in 2/3 mornings work in clearing the plot of overgrown weeds, plants, a tree, bushes and removing a lot of rubbish including wood and plastic, which the new tenant was very grateful for and had accepted the plot.

Council agreed that a lot of work had already been carried on the allotment, which was above what would normally have been given.

1573     Resolved          :           “Not to contribute towards the cost of skip hire for the allotment.”

Cotgrave Community Kitchen – Update

The Community Kitchen has now moved into Cotgrave Futures.  The Clerk had spoken to the Planning Department at Rushcliffe Borough Council regarding the kitchen being able to have a container sited at Cotgrave Futures.  Planning permission would not be necessary for a container as a discharge of function from Cotgrave Town Council or Cotgrave Futures, would allow remove the need for planning permission and would be allowed under permitted development rules.

Councillor K Chewings had written a presentation for Council’s consideration regarding the purchase of the container, its installation including electricity.  This had not been received by the Clerk for inclusion in this meeting.  The item will be added to the agenda of the next Council meeting.

IT Equipment

Council had been copied into a quotation for the purchase of a new laptop for Clerk at £514 +VAT.  The quotation also included a monitor at £82 +VAT and docking station for the laptop for £79 + VAT.

With the administration staff still working from home for 2 days a week, a docking station and additional screen would enable the laptop to be plugged into the server when in the office.

Councillor K Chewings suggested that the laptop should have a larger size of memory or even an external hard drive.

Resolved          :           “To purchase a new laptop, monitor and docking station at the cost of £675.00 + VAT

Covid-19 Policy

The administration staff have now returned to the office following the changes in legislation from 12th April.  The Clerk is working in the office 3 days a week, and the Administration Manager 2 days a week.  The other days they are working from home.

Return of face-to-face Meetings

As from 6th May 2021 the emergency legislation which allows for remote council meetings to take place ends and Council meetings will then need to return to face-to-face meetings, Council’s first meeting after this date is set for 12th May, which is before the next stage of the Government’s roadmap, which allows for the opening of community buildings.

Today a court hearing has taken place organised by a district council and NALC, providing support, to appeal the decision to revert to face-to-face meeting and the decision is pending.

Council were copied into a document which detailed how council meetings can take place and that a risk assessment should be conducted to reduce risk to councillors, staff, and the public.

Delegation of Powers

The Clerk had asked Council if they wish to delegate the powers to the Clerk, so that remote meetings could still take place, even if the legislation on remote meeting is not approved, where the Clerk has the powers to make the decisions for council outside of the council meetings following virtual meetings where council would decide a recommendation and the Clerk would complete the resolution on behalf of the council.

Council will wait for the outcome of the court case and then consider what they will need to do regarding the holding of meetings.

Council are holding the Annual Town Meeting on Wednesday 5th May, and the Clerk asked Council if they would like to move the Annual General Meeting planned for 12th May to the 5th May?

Council agreed to move the Annual General Meeting and the meeting of the Full Council to Wednesday 5th May, so all the meetings are still covered under the emergency Covid-19 legislation.

Resolved          :           ‘To amend the dates of the Annual General Meeting and Full Council Meeting to 5th May and hold virtually within the Covid-19 legislation.’


1587     Letter from Resident

 A resident has written to council saying that following reading the “Chairman’s Report” in Cotgrave Connections, “that they felt disappointed with the continued use of the out-dated word “Chairman” in the article ……….I strongly feel that the language we choose to use, especially in  public facing communications, is very important, and at a time where we are striving for general equality, especially in business, the board room and positions of power we can choose to do better.”  The resident urges Cotgrave Town Council to reconsider the continued use of this term and opt for neutral terms such as Chair or Chairperson going forward.

The Clerk asked the current “Chairman” how he wished to be addressed.  He has noted that he is to be known at the “Chair” of Council.  The Vice Chairman wished to continue to be addressed as “Vice Chairman”.

1589     Nottinghamshire Police

            The latest Stakeholder update has been received.

Nottinghamshire Children’s Centre Service

An email has been received thanking Council for the donation of Easter Eggs.  They have been handed out and were many happy faces on receipt of the eggs.

Positive Futures

An update has been received from Mark Clifford.  From the beginning of March, the group have started to be back out in Cotgrave and have held 4 outreach sessions, they are also back working with the schools.  The plan moving forward is for them to have a real presence in Cotgrave and increase the work they are doing with the young people.

Positive Futures have also moved back into the office at the Welfare and will operate from them at regular intervals each week, so they are accessible to the young people.

Cotgrave Community Kitchen

The kitchen had forwarded a proposal to Council about providing the Pensioners Christmas Meal for 2021.

Clerks’ Reports

It has been reported that a portable BBQ has been lit on the MUGA and has melted the surface.  There has also been a lot of broken glass and evidence of electric scooters and bike
doing wheel spins, which has also damaged the surface.

The Clerk suggested placing a sign on the MUGA gate, to remind the users that if the surface is damaged, the facility would need to be closed for repairs and that the facility is provider for their use and enjoyment.

The incident will be reported to the local Police, and councillors were again asking when the police would be visible and show a presence against the young people riding on electric scooters, which is illegal.

Councillors Reports

Councillor Healy had provided Council with a report on the Pensioners Christmas Party for 2021 and has suggested that this event should, Covid-19 permitting go back to the Nottinghamshire Golf Club.

This item will be added to the agenda for the next Council meeting.

Councillor Healy also informed council that two electric charging points are currently being installed in the car park at the shopping centre.

Councillor R Butler followed up from his report at the last meeting regarding fly tipping on the old A46.  A further fly tip had taken place under the bridge on the canal and a £300 fine has been issued after evidence had been found within the fly tip. Unfortunately, the person issued with the fine had actually paid someone to take away the rubbish, who then went onto carry out the fly tipping.

Councillor K Chewings asked about the defibrillator located at the Rose & Crown, as this was now not occupied.  The Clerk informed Council that this was the responsible of EMAS and not council.  It is believed that an emergency tenant has been installed at the Rose & Crown.

Councillor M Chewings asked when the new shop units would be opening?  The Clerk said that the schedule date of end of April, was now slightly behind schedule due to some work needed to be carried out on the slabbed area near to the Hot Bread Shop and the new shops were opening late May or early June.

Councillor D Eldridge asked if anyone new of any organisations who would be able to help the Rotary Club with the Christmas Sleigh this year, as they would be short on manpower.

Councillor Eldridge asked about the number of trees that were being cut down on the Green area.  These trees had been identified within the tree survey are being either dead or unsafe.

Councillor Eldridge commented on the parking issues on Ringleas and Woodview, especially on the grassed areas and suggest that perhaps these areas could be made into proper parking bays.  One van has been parked on Ringleas for several months without moving and is believed to be Sorn since 2016.

Councillor M Myles asked if someone could contact Barratts as part of the security fencing at the back of East Acres had come down, which allowed access onto the building area.

Councillor Shaw had received positive comments on the parking near to Ash Lea Close where white lines had now been put in place.  There were still issues with parking on Owthorpe Road near to Ash Lea School.  The Clerk had received an email from a resident saying the area had been very dangerous.

Councillor Simpson had noticed a traffic counter had been installed on Plumtree Road wards Normanton.

Councillor Butler said this was part of a speed reduction campaign.

Councillor Stothard informed council that when the works were carried out on Owthorpe Road, near to the junction with Ringleas, only a two-way traffic signal had been put in place by Via, and it was very difficult getting out of Ringleas, and he had his car bumped by a vehicle coming down Owthorpe Road.

The meeting ended at 8.43pm

Chairman…………………………………… Signed as a True Record (Date)………………………………

Planning Minutes

The following responses were made to plans under consideration by the Planning Authority Rushcliffe Borough Council.

No objections were raised except where stated.

053       At Council Meeting held on 21st April 2021

38 Rivermead, Cotgrave, Nottingham, NG12 3LQ – construction of two storey and single storey rear extension.

Unit 13, Colliers Business Park, Fieldfare Road, Cotgrave, Nottingham, change of use from B8 to B8+ retail (retrospective)

43 White Furrows, Cotgrave, Nottingham, NG12 3LE – raise the existing garage roof to provide additional storage and install roof lights.

Woodend Farm, Owthorpe Road, Cotgrave, Nottingham, NG12 3PU – variation of condition 2 of planning permission 18/00921/FUL to allow change in positioning and design of dwelling.

Rushcliffe Borough Council, the planning authority, has forwarded the following decisions: –

054       Permission Granted

2 Green Platt, Cotgrave, Nottingham, NG12 3HZ – proposed first floor side and single storey rear extensions and two-story front extension.  Proposed blocked paved front garden and dropped kerb. Extend 1800mm high fence
to line up with main house front wall.  Application of white render and vertical cedral cladding.

50 Woodview, Cotgrave, Nottingham, NG12 3PG -erection of two storeyfront and side extension.

Holme Farmhouse, 5 Morkinshire  Lane, Cotgrave, Nottingham, NG12 3HJ, construction of first floor extension, new canopy porch, insertion of 3 roof lights and alterations to existing doors and fenestration.

Chairman: ………………………………. Signed as a True Record (Date) ………………………..