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Minutes Meeting 14th July 2021

Please note that minutes remain in draft form until approved by Council at the next Council Meeting (1st September 2021)

Present :
Councillors D Stothard (Chair), H Brumpton (from 7.04pm), M Chewings, D Eldridge, S Ellis, B Handbury, L Healy,
C Jeffreys,  N Monday and A Simpson.

Apologies Received :          
Councillors R Butler, K Chewings, M Myles, C Patterson, and I Shaw

Julie Stephenson (Town Clerk), Jane Pick (Admin Manager) – Cotgrave Town Council, and 2 members of the public (1 from 7.30pm)                                                                                                                                        

The meeting was held in Cotgrave Methodist Church and commenced at 7pm.


The apologies given were all received.

Declarations of Interest

No Declarations of Interest were given.

Standing Orders were suspended at 7.01pm to allow Caroline Armstrong, Head Teacher at Cotgrave Candleby Lane School to give a brief presentation to Council.

Caroline Armstrong introduced herself as the Head Teacher at Cotgrave Candleby Lane School,  she has been in post for 2 years. She was hoping that after a difficult year, and when the school starts back in September after the summer holiday, things will improve and is very keen for the school to engage with the community of Cotgrave, but is sad for the current year 6 group who are moving to new schools without the traditional goodbyes due to the pandemic.

She was pleased that Council has already contacted her regarding the year 6 group taking part in some training/information on the use of defibrillators. She said that the school was available as a venue for community activities etc and is very keen to start working in partnership with the community.

She also said that although some year groups were at capacity, there are year groups that still have places available in the school.  The new F2 year that are starting in September has particularly low numbers for next year.

Councillor H Brumpton arrived at 7.04pm

Councillor M Chewings said that he was quite surprised that are still places available at the school considering the number of new houses in Cotgrave.

Councillor S Ellis wished to congratulate the school on how well organised they have been during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Chair thanked Caroline for attending the meeting and introducing herself to Council and looked forward with working with her and the school in the future.

Standing Orders were resumed at 7.10pm.

Public Open Session

A member of the public wish to speak to Council regarding the amount of litter in Cotgrave and said that this had become a lost worse since the new pizza take-away on the shopping centre had opened, and that all the shop keepers should have more responsibility for the litter that their businesses create.  A lot of the packaging that they use contains plastic and it is not being recycled.

The resident belongs to an eco-group, and they carry out regular litter picks in Cotgrave.

Councillor Eldridge said that he thought more litter bins were needed in Cotgrave.

Councillor Ellis said that Plastic Free Cotgrave were organising a litter pick in Cotgrave on 14th August.

Councillor Healy informed Council that when the new shops applied for planning permission, one of the conditions of the planning authority, was that the businesses were responsible for cleaning up any litter that their business created outside of their shop.

1770     The Chair thanked the resident for bring this information to council and said that this issue was being discussed on tonight’s agenda, and that she was welcome to stay for this part of the meeting.

Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 9th June 2021

Resolved :          
“That the minutes of the council meeting held on 8th June 2021 be  received and confirmed as a True record.”


M1692  Barratt Homes

The Clerk had now written to Barratt Homes regarding an update on the bridge at Hollygate Lane and regarding the transfer of the water from Barratts to Cotgrave Town Council for the allotment site at Hollygate Lane.  She had not yet received a reply.

M1728  Mobile Telephones

The order for the new mobile phones had not been placed with Tesco Mobile, as there had been issues with setting up the account, so the phone contract had now been placed with Three, with very little difference in the cost.

M1739 Drain Bingham Road

Councillor M Chewings asked when the drainage works would be taking place on Bingham Road, the works had been anticipated to be carried out by the end of June.

The Clerk will contact Nottinghamshire County Council.

M1739 Parking on Burhill

The parking issues on Burhill were still causing problems.  Delivery vehicles were using the green space to turn round and were damaging some of the slabs

Planning Minutes

“To confirm the planning minutes recorded the decisions taken by the Council and those of the Planning Authority.”

Financial Matters


‘’That the payments made since the previous meeting totalling £27,637.37 as reproduced below be approved and the invoices awaiting payment be paid’’.


“That the income totalling £628.76 since the last meeting, as reproduced below.

1.6.21Cotgrave FCRent150.00
9.6.21Fosse MedicareGrass Cutting Health Centre42.00
16.6.21Rushcliffe Borough CouncilGrass Cutting286.76
1.7.21Cotgrave FCRent150.00

Financial Statements

Members considered the Statements for May 2021 as reproduced at the back of the Minute Book.

 At the end of May 2021 Council had £24,290.85 in the Co-op account, £157,703.49 in the HSBC account and £201,090.49 in the NatWest account.

The statements for June were not available for this meeting and will be considered at the meeting in September.

Vodafone Mobile Telephone119.91
HSBC Bank Charges16.50
Cotgrave Futures390Third of cost to supply container and Electrical installation for CCK12274.15
G Brook43Reduce 3 trees on Ringleas Park1390.00
Sublime Shine591-592C Futures/CTC Window Clean149.99
G K Beaulah & Co Ltd9853Citizenship Plaques1336.60
Acora1285-48264Data Back Up113.20
UK Fuels1067651Fuel1114.63
Notts CC92591067May Salaries19177.96
Rialtas28964Year End Closedown 26.5.211672.00
Roffesoft7030Renew Eset Antivirus x 4133.59
B Woodcock Internal Audit 20/213166.80
WaterPlus4950036Forest Close Allotments129.68
UK Fuels1069449Fuel1110.05
TMS Hardware Hardware119.69
Mick Dutton & Son14178Sealant, Puncture Repair, grind chain saw164.44
WPS507320527Motor Insurance Policy1852.68
WPS507320549Commercial Combined Business13030.07
WPS507320562Legal Expenses New Business139.20
WPS507614735Legal Expenses New Business156.00
Roffesoft7034Web and email hosting (1 year)1190.80
Hags76652Repair Springer at Grassmere Park1492.00
Shredall7148178Confidential Waste Disposal1108.00
Talktalk Phone and Broadband140.80
Nomix Environ442093Nomix Dual Spray1659.14
Nomix Environ4420387Nomix Dual Spray 5L1147.54
Nomix Environ4420388Compact Sprayer1138.00
Notts County Supplies6210158PPE Face shields, gloves165.14
J A Stephens1647213Manhole Cover and Mortar146.79
Premier 1 (UK) Ltd120Flower Baskets13234.00
Opus Sports Pavilion Electricity152.95
J A Kents62590June Maintenance1906.40
Meerkat Comms CCTV Internet159.40
Vodafone Mobile Phone119.91
HSBC Bank Charges16.50
Talktalk Phones and Broadband140.80
UK Fuels1071201Fuel1157.69
Streetwise10344Community Warden / Empty Dog Bins1518.98
Streetwise19048Replace Kneel Rail – The Green1457.44
Rushcliffe BC70874021Quarterly Rent – The Green168.75
Rushcliffe BC70874003Quarterly Rent – Grassmere168.75
Rushcliffe BC70874012Quarterly Rent – Eastmoor166.25
Rushcliffe BC70874040Quarterly Rent – Studio 3131410.00
4D Tree Survey Tree Survey11200.00
Acora1285-48318Data Back Up113.20
  TOTAL 21,717.48


Council has received a grant request from Cotgrave FC for £325.20 for the purchase of replacement and spare defibrillator pads and a new battery for the defibs located at the sports ground and at the Cotgrave Welfare football ground.

Council were in full support of this grant request.

Resolved          :           “To provide Cotgrave FC with a grant of £325.20.”

The Chair asked if Cotgrave FC could be invited to attend the next Council meeting to give an update on the club’s activities.

Rushcliffe Borough Council – Welcome Back Fund

The Government has allocated £106,209 to Rushcliffe Borough Council as part of the Welcome Back Fund which is an extension to the Reopening High Streets Safely Fund.

It is proposed that an amount of £10,000 is ring fenced for each of the 6 larger towns and parish councils, which includes Cotgrave.

To be awarded this funding an application form must be completed which sets out what Council intend to spend the money on, which must be met the very strict fund rule imposed by the Government.  The guidance received on the funding states that fund could be used for things such as:

  • Placed based marketing, for example supporting safe celebration events on high streets and in local towns.
  • Marshals
  • Public space maintenance
  • Beautification activities including graffiti removal
  • Non-permanent public realm adaptions
  • Activities that future proof the high street
  • Improvement of green spaces and provision of outdoor seating area.

Councillors discussed several options for Cotgrave and decided to form a working group to bring suggestions to the council.

Resolved          :           “To form a working group to make plans on what the funding could be used for.”

Councillors D Stothard and H Brumpton wished to join the working group. The Chairman asked the Clerk to send an email to all councillors asking for volunteers for the working group.


Play Parks

Prior to Covid-19, Council had started discussions regarding the upgrading of Grassmere play area, and council were all in agreement that a rolling programme for the play areas should be in place.

Council asked if all play equipment could be itemised, i.e. age, condition etc. for all the play areas.

Resolved          :          
“To form a working group to discuss and plan for the future of all Council’s play areas.”

Councillors D Stothard and D Eldridge wished to be on the working group. The Chairman again, asked the Clerk to send an email to all councillors asking for volunteers for the working group.

Litter/Dog Bins/Signage

Councillors have been given a list of the litter and dog bins and their locations in Cotgrave.

A member of the public, who had arrived at 7.30, wish to speak to Council regarding litter.

Standing Orders were suspended at 7.50pm to allow the member of the public to speak.

The resident had also noticed the amount of litter being created in Cotgrave and specially items that could be recycled, and asked if Council would be able to provide more recycling bins rather than the standard litter bins?

Standing Order were resumed at 7.53pm

Council discussed various issues relating to the problem of litter and Councillor Stothard said that young people needed to be educated on this issue, to encourage them to use the litter bins already provided in Cotgrave and agreed that perhaps more dual recycling bins were required.

The Clerk will speak with Streetwise Environmental, who empty the bins in Cotgrave, and Rushcliffe Borough Council to see if they were able to provide any educational information/signage that could be used and investigate costs for recycling bins and an additional litter bin in the park on the Green.

Councillor Brumpton said that a young family who lived on Prioridge were always litter picking on this street and had noted that Prioridge did not have a litter bin.

The Administration Manager asked if perhaps the Cotgrave Plastic Free group could work with the school about litter and recycling?  Councillor S Ellis would investigate this.

Councillor Handbury suggested if some of the business on the shopping centre could sponsor litter bins? This idea could be considered when the costs of the additional bins are available.

Boundaries Commission for England (BCE)

In January 2021 the Boundary Commission or England launched the 2023 Review of Parliamentary constituencies. As part of the review, a consultation is now running to get feedback on proposed new boundary lines and constituency names.

The Clerk asked if Council would like to comment on the review?  Council decided not to comment.

If anyone would like to comment this can be done via the Boundary Commission website

New Council Office/Workshop

The Clerk had forwarded to council a list of items that would be required for the new office and asked council to consider these items.  They included 2 new x desks, 2 x chairs, 1 x covid desk screen, and window and door etch promoting the council’s logo on to the window to show where the office is located.

Council would also require to purchase some additional and new racking for the groundsman workshop

Resolved          :          
“To permit the Clerk to purchased items that were needed for the move to the new office and workshop premises.”

Notts 4 x 4 had volunteers to help with the move to the new premises, and the Clerk asked if council would be willing to give a donation to the group for them to use with their charity groups?

Resolved          :          
“To give a donation to Notts 4 x 4.”

Covid-19 Policy

The Government will be moving to the next stage of lifting Covid-19 restrictions, stage 4, on Monday 19th July. 

Cotgrave Town Council will continue to operate under its current Covid-19 safe policy, visitors to the office will be asked to wear a facemask.  PPE, including gloves, hand sanitiser, masks, visors will still be provided to council staff, and the play parks will continue to be sprayed twice per week with Covid disinfectant.

Council staff will continue to work in the office in a covid secure way, and members of staff may continue to work from home on certain days of the week.

The Clerk asked Council how they would like to move forward with holding Council Meetings following the changes of 19th July and what would be the requirement for the next meeting taking place on 1st September

Council asked the Clerk to see if the Methodist Church Hall would be available to book for 1st September, and arrangements for future council meetings will be discussed again at the next meeting, but also to consider continuing the booking at the church hall until the new year if necessary.


Crime Figures

The latest crime figures for Cotgrave have been forwarded to Council.

1.5.21RingleasTheft of motor – Range Rover stolen off driveway
6.5.21Bingham RoadCriminal Damage, Methodist Church – roof tiles damaged
31.5.21Rowan CloseTheft of motor – Mercedes stolen off driveway

The Chair asked the Clerk to invite the Police to the council meeting being held on 1st September.

Cotgrave Country Park Fun Day 22nd August 2021

The Friends of Cotgrave Country Park will be holding a Family Fun Day on Sunday 22nd August from 11am to 3pm.  There will be a small number of stalls, such as South Notts Wildlife Trust and a Bat Group stall and some messy play making bird seed feeders and things out of clay such as tiny oil lamps and ‘bogart’.

The groups would like to know if anyone would be available to help out on the day.

Clerks’ Reports

The owner of 98 Ringleas is putting in a planning application for the building of a property in the rear garden of 98 Ringleas.  Council has received a copy of the pre plans, the property already had an access agreement in place prior to Cotgrave Town Council owning the land to have an access from the rear of the garden, which is reached by the car park area at Burhill, and this area is used for the allotment tenants to park their vehicles.

They have rights of way to cross the land under a Deed of Easement from Rushcliffe       Borough Council from 1982.

The Clerk raised concerns with council that if or when, the planning permission is given for the property, this may impact on the allotment car parking area and council would need to consider updating or creating a new covenant for this area.

Councillors Reports

Councillor A Simpson asked if the recycling bins would be moved back to their original position in the back car park on the shopping centre.  The Clerk would make some enquiries.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.45pm

Planning Minutes

The following responses were made to plans under consideration by the Planning Authority Rushcliffe Borough Council.

No objections were raised except where stated.

062       At Council Meeting held on 14th July 2021.

The Post Office, 1-2 The Cross, Cotgrave, Nottingham, NG12 3HS – Conversion of existing detached garage/storeroom into Post Office Sorting Office.

Standing Order No. 68, the Clerk in consultation with the Borough’s Ward Members, considered the following applications: –

11 Colston Gate, Cotgrave, NG12 3JX – two storey rear and side extension.

20 Rectory Road, Cotgrave, NG12 3HU – replacement porch, conversion of Garage and single storey side extension.

Nottinghamshire County Council, Town, and Country Planning Act 1990 – notification to Parish Council and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2015 Notice Under Article 25

Multi User Route, Stragglethorpe Road, Cotgrave, NG12 3JZ – installation of wooden steps up/down disused railway embankment at Stragglethorpe Lane Bridge, to allow public access from Highway to multi-user route, with metal safety handrail on bridge wingwall.

Rushcliffe Borough Council, the planning authority, has forwarded the following decisions: –

065       Permission Granted

Chair: …………………………………….. Signed as a True Record (Date): ……………………