Minutes Meeting 8th January 2020

Councillors S Gardner (Chairman), H Brumpton, R Butler, K Chewings, D Eldridge, S Ellis, L Healy, C Jeffreys,
N Monday, C Patterson, I Shaw, A Simpson and D Stothard.

Apologies Received      :  
Councillors M Chewings and B Handbury

Absent                          :      
Councillor D Wilkie

In Attendance                :      
The Clerk and the Administration Manager (Cotgrave Town Council) and PC H Shinn.

The meeting was held at Cotgrave Futures and started at 7.00pm


The apologies given were approved.

Declarations of Interest

No declaration of interests were given.

Public Open Session

No members of the public were in attendance.

Standing Orders were suspended at 7.01pm to allow PC H Shinn to give an update of policing in Cotgrave.

The latest crime figures, for December 19 had been sent out today and these were still showing as very low for the area.

Nottinghamshire Police have recently purchased a drone, and on its first day of use resulted in two arrests at an aggravated burglary in Keyworth.  A member of Cotgrave’s Beat Team is trained to use the drone.

The reports of anti-social behaviour on the shopping centre has dropped significantly, this may be due to the novelty of the new area wearing off and the dark winter nights.

The next Police priority setting meeting for the next 3 months is taking place on 17th January 2020.

More officers for the Rushcliffe South have now been confirmed and these will be based at the Hub, Cotgrave.  This will consist of two officers per shift starting from April 2020.

Councillor Eldridge asked PC Shinn what the attitude of the Police was to dealing with anti-social behaviour once an arrest has taken place. PC Shinn responded that the Police are trying not to criminalise young people, but once an arrest has taken place there is legislation in place that allows a warning letter to be issued to the young person together with their parents/carers, if they are under the age of 18.  A Community Protections Notice can also be issued and referral to the Youth Offending Team, before considering referring to CPS.

 PC Shinn is aware Council considering the installation of CCTV and also stated that CCTV would assist with any arrests made and charges being issued, as the police need to be able to prove that they have the correct person for charging.

The bus shelter on Woodview, outside the Welfare continues to be vandalised.  The Clerk has been reporting the damage to Nottinghamshire County Council.  PC Shinn stated this should be reported through 101, and encourages people to report all crime to the 101 telephone number, this way it will be issued with an incident number.

Councillor Eldridge also asked if there would be more officers carrying out foot patrols, as there was a lack of police visibility within Cotgrave and the lack of access to the Police contact point at the Hub.

Cotgrave’s PCSO is often out and about in Cotgrave, but is usually in a vehicle.  PC Shinn will feed back the councils comments and request feedback for the next Council meeting on 12th February.

Councillor Jeffreys noted that there is a lack of respect for the police and any other uniformed services.

The Chairman thanked PC Shinn for attending the meeting, and

Standing Orders were resumed at 7.15pm

Minutes of the Town Council Meeting of 4th December 2019

Resolved          :          
“That the minutes of the previous meeting held on 4th December 2019 be received and confirmed as a true record.”


M0401 Anti-Social Behaviour

The Chairman was concerned that he had not been invited to the meeting held with the Youth Service, Police, Rushcliffe Borough Council, that had also been attended by the Clerk and Councillors Healy and Butler.

The Clerk informed that she had been invited at the last minute, a follow up meeting will be taking place on 27th January and invitation will be extended to the Chairman of Council.

M0423 Crematorium

Councillor I Shaw noted that a reply had been received from the Secretary of State to the letter sent by Council and has found further information regarding the building of the Crematorium from the minutes of Rushcliffe Borough Council’s meetings.

Councillor K Chewings suggested that Council arrange for an Extraordinary Council Meeting to take place, and draft a letter to the Borough’s Chief Executive and Leader of Council inviting them to attend the meeting, to discuss the Boroughs evidence of need for a crematorium in Rushcliffe, and at this location and what other sites were considered, also the planning inspectorate’s decision to overturn the planning committee refusal.

Councillor Ellis said that Council were unanimous in opposing the location of the crematorium.

M0446 Trent Barton

The Town Clerk had forwarded several dates for a follow up meeting with Trent Barton.  No reply had been received.

M0447 Owthorpe Road Surface

Councillor Shaw asked when the road would be resurfaced and in the meantime if it was being swept regularly.

Councillor Butler informed that the road would be re-surfaced in spring and NCC is fully aware of the current road condition, but it cannot re-surfaced until the weather conditions improve. The previous continuous wet weather conditions caused the surface to fail. The road is being swept on a regular basis until it is repaired.

Planning Minutes

Resolved          :           “To confirm the planning minutes recording the decisions taken by the Council and those of the Planning Authority.”

Financial Matters

0473     Payments

‘’That the payments made since the previous meeting totalling £20,765.39 as recorded below be approved and the invoices awaiting payment be paid’’.

0474     Income

Resolved:         “That the income totalling £15,159.61 received since the last meeting, as
reproduced below, be noted.

Income Received

30.11.19NatWest BankInterest41.86
9.12.19Western PowerWayleave Payment5.75
9.12.19Christmas LightsStalls90.00
9.12.19Allotment Plot 4Key Deposit and insurance22.00
18.12.19Rushcliffe Borough CouncilCapital Grant (Green Play Area)15,000.00

19.11.19AMB17981Drum, Toner for Printer1201.60
21.11.19Cadeby Tree Trust6434Christmas Tree9300.00
20.11.19J A Kent59946November Maintenance1880.00
22.11.19Notts County Supplies111901919Paper, Files, Torch, HI Vis Vests142.68
20.11.19RHR Core of Drums Band for Remembrance Day Parade950.00
17.11.19Talk  Talk20290292Phone and Broadband136.00
30.11.19B E Event Hire709936Tables for Christmas Lights Event9139.68
29.11.19D H Electrical18462Call out to Shopping Ctr Lights1150.00
29.11.19Adlard Print17659Winter Newsletter41317.00
27.11.19D H Electrical18455Installation of Christmas Lights91320.00
29.11.19Local News51144Delivery of Newsletter9249.60
28.11.19Notts County Supplies111902422Bin Bags/Litter Pickers1100.44
19.9.19Notts County Supplies121900079A5 Diaries12.71
30.11.19J Pick Key Cut111.00
26.11.19Rialtas27303Annual Support fee – Digital Tax170.80
24.11.19UK Fuel13033Fuel1130.12
28.11.19Blachere5152015Christmas Decorations12935.20
4.12.19Sublime Shine466-467CTC & CF Window Clean161.98
10.12.19J Pick Christmas Competition Vouchers9135.00
6.12.19Malcolm Lane6504Notice Board Door Repair1222.00
20.11.19The Joker2690Christmas Lights Entertainment9618.00
4.11.19A R Signs26973Sign The Green Play Area1279.60
9.12.19Autocare2741Battery for tractor1150.00
1.12.19Information Commissioner Membership140.00
9.12.19Opus Sportsground Electricity136.79
11.12.19Sharpes Bus for Pensioners Party1470.00
9.12.19Notts CC November Salaries19626.16
26.11.19PPL PRS1297697Music Licence Christmas Event9105.58
17.12.19J A Kents60098December Maintenance1880.00
18.12.19A R Signs27435Banner Opening Event Play area978.00
10.11.19TMS Hardware Hardware176.35
   TOTAL 20,765.39

Financial Statements

Members considered the Statements for November, as reproduced at the back of the Minute Book.

At the end of September Council had £23,458.57 in the Co-op account, £73,537.53 in the HSBC Account and £263,497.58 in the NatWest Account.

Pension Fund – Triennial Actuarial Valuation

Council had received the Triennial Actuarial Valuation for the Nottinghamshire County Council Pension Fund.

Cotgrave Town Council’s indicative rates are as follows:-

2020/21             £5,943.56
2021/22             £6,160.24
2022/23             £6,384.83

The valuation will be finalised in March 2020.

Budget 2020-2021

Councillors had attended a Budget meeting and a budget for 2020-2021 had been presented to Council for consideration.

Councillor S Ellis stated that the substantial tax base increase had assisted with keeping the precept figure to a lower level.

Councillor S Ellis proposed that the Budget for 2020-21 to approved.  All councillor were in favour.

Resolved          :           That Council apply for a precept of £228,966, which equates to £94.67 per year or £1.82 per week for a band D property.”

Working Groups

Cotgrave FC

The Clerk had contacted the Chairman of Cotgrave FC to ask where they were with plans for the refurbishment of the Football Pavilion.

They informed the Clerk that they were reviewing what their future plans were to be, as they had several options to consider.

Councillor K Chewings would make contact the Chairman of the football club.

Leisure Centre Agreement

Councillor Ellis had received, in a personal capacity, a detailed letter sharing some information on the Leisure Agreement between Rushcliffe Borough Council and Cotgrave Town Council from Cllr Debbie Mason, Deputy Leader of Rushcliffe Borough Council and asked Council for some time to read through the document before sharing this with Council at the next meeting on 12th February.

Councillor K Chewings proposed that Council request the information provided to Councillor Ellis directly from Debbie Mason, rather than wait until the next meeting.
Councillor D Stothard seconded the proposal.

Council took a vote and 7 were for the proposal, 2 against and 4 abstentions.

Resolved          :          
“To request the information regarding the Leisure Centre Agreement that had been forwarded to Councillor Ellis come direct to the Town Council.”

Council asked the Clerk to write and request the information on the Leisure Centre Agreement.

Hollygate Lane Allotments – Transfer of Land

Council’s solicitor had forwarded the final version of the transfer of land agreement for the allotment site at Hollygate Lane for signing.

The solicitor has confirmation that Barratts are ready to sign and Homes England have signed their copy and once all the agreed snagging items have been completed by Barratts there should not been any further delay on the legal side. The suggested handover date is in early February but is still under review due to the current weather conditions.

The Chairman and Vice Chairman of Council signed the transfer agreement, witnessed by the Town Clerk and this will be returned to our solicitor.

Broadmeer Play Area – Replacement Bark

Council had been copied into a quotations for the supply of bark and works to reduce the size of the barked area at Broadmeer Play Area.

Resolved          :          
“To accept the quotation from Greyhound Leisure Ltd to carry out the works on the barked area and replace the bark at Broadmeer Play Area.”

Cotgrave Park Run

An email had been received from Alex Julian, asking if Council might be able to help with an AED for use at the Park Run, which will take place every week at Cotgrave Country Park.  An AED is required within 5 minutes running distance of the Country Park.

Council discussed several options for the supply of an AED and

Resolved          :         
“To get a price for a portable AED that could be kept at the Council Office and used for the park run and other outdoor event.”

A working group will be formed later this year to consider installing additional defibrillators into more areas of Cotgrave.         


The Planning Inspectorate

A reply had been received to Council’s letter to the Secretary of State regarding the new crematorium on land east of Main Road, Cotgrave, which had been forwarded to the Planning Inspectorate to respond.

The letter stated “Having read what you say, I appreciate that you disagree most strongly with the appeal decision.  However, the Inspector was appointed by the Secretary of State to exercise his own planning judgement on the appeal’s merits, from the evidence submitted by the parties and what he saw during the site visit.  With this in mind, I am afraid there is no remit under the complaints procedure to revisiting the arguments for and again an appeal (or introduce new ones) and reach fresh conclusions.”

Nottinghamshire Police

The Inspectors December Stakeholder update has been forwarded to Council.

The Rushcliffe South Villages Safety Group (RSVCSG) met at Keyworth Village Hall on 10th December. 

The Group would like to hold the next meeting in Cotgrave.  The Clerk asked if this could be  approved and Cotgrave Futures meeting room used.  This was agreed.

Thank you from Residents

The Chairman of Council had received a note from a resident expressing their thanks for the work carried out by the Chairman and his fellow councillors at the Council for Cotgrave and its work in the community.

Another resident had written to council thanking Council’s Grounds staff for helping out clear some overhanding trees branches on the footpath near their property and wished to pass on her thanks to the member of staff.

A resident had emailed the Clerk informing that Lt. Colonel James Bates, who was brought up in Cotgrave, where his family still live, had been awarded the MBE in the latest Operational Honours and Awards List.

National Association of Local Councils (NALC)

Personnel information on the minimum wage, parental working rights, flexible working and skills and apprenticeships has been received.

Power for People

Council had been asked if they would like to join 27 other Parish, Town and Community Councils to support the Local Electricity Bill.

Council did not wish to join the scheme.

Crime Figures 1.12.2019 to 1.1.2020

5.12.19Criminal DamageHickling WayPaint stripper poured onto vehicle
8.12.19Theft of motorIngleby CloseVolvo XC90 stolen from drive
12.12.19BurglaryDalesideCar key break in, Audi stolen from driveway
12.12.19Crime OtherDalesideVehicle entered and searched – nothing stolen
20.12.19Criminal DamageHickling WayPaint stripper poured onto vehicle

Clerks Reports

The Clerk had received an email from the Project Engineer at Via East Midlands and it is proposed to install an interactive speed sign in the verge on the north side of Hollygate Lane and facing traffic approaching from the southwest.

It is anticipated that the sign will be installation in February/March 2020.

The Clerk gave Council an update on the issues with NatWest Bank and access to Council’s funds.

NatWest have informed the Clerk that Council have done everything they possible can in trying to sort out the bank mandate, but this issue was now with NatWest, as it also is with other NatWest Customers, and they were not able to give a definitive timescale as to when the issues would be resolved.

As Council cannot access the funds to make payment for the new play equipment on the new play area on The Green, the Clerk has had no choice but to make enquires regarding asking for a loan from Rushcliffe Borough Council, to cover the costs of the play equipment, until the issues with the bank have been resolved.

Council agreed that this was the only available option and agreed to give the Clerk the power to proceed with the loan arrangement with Rushcliffe Borough Council.  Council are aware that the loan will generate a very small amount of interest.

Councillor K Chewings suggested that Council should contact the press regarding the NatWest Bank.

Earlier in the day Nick Berry the Property Manager for Rushcliffe Borough Council had forwarded a copy of a quotation for CCTV on the Shopping Centre/Play Area.

He has suggested that Cotgrave Town Council pay for the equivalent of 3 out of 9 cameras, the 3 cameras would be directed onto the Play Park and surrounding area, and a third of the installation cost.  This would be approximately £3,200.  All ongoing costs after the installation would be met by Cotgrave Town Council.

Once the equipment is installed the monitor would be located within the Council Office.

Councillor K Chewings asked what these ongoing costs would be and that Rushcliffe Borough Council should contribute to these cost as they will have 6 cameras on the shopping Centre.

The Clerk will contact Nick Berry at RBC and supply further information.

Councillors Reports

Councillor Simpson, noted that Owthorpe Road surface is being swept on a regular basis.

Councillor Shaw had spoken to some residents about rumours of further development on Hollygate Lane from the island to the Scout Campsite. 

At this stage the only development planned is for a warehouse unit on Colliers Way, which has been passed by the Planning Committee.

Councillor Shaw informed that the hole at the drain outside the Manvers Arms had now been repaired.

Councillor Eldridge noted that Trent Barton are now running the new fleet buses.

Councillor K Chewings informed that the litter bin on the black path at the top of the school
path is full and keeps opening at the bottom.  The Clerk will contact Streetwise Environmental.

Councillor Brumpton reported that two boxed plants had been removed from the planted area on the shopping centre, in the first section, near the Chinese Takeaway.  The Clerk will report this to Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Property Department.

Councillor Stothard has been working on a project to bring an Easter Hunt Trail on the Country Park.  He will provide council with further information at a further meeting.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.30pm.

Chairman…………………………………… Signed as a True Record (Date)………………………………