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Minutes of Council Meeting Held on 12th December 2021

Councillors D Stothard (Chair), R Butler, D Eldridge , S Ellis, B Handbury, N Monday, M Myles, C Patterson, and
A Simpson.

Apologies Received     
Councillors H Brumpton, K Chewings, M Chewings, S Gardner,  L Healy, C Jeffreys and I Shaw

Julie Stephenson (Town Clerk), Jane Pick (Admin Manager) – Cotgrave Town Council                                                                                                                

The meeting was held at Cotgrave Methodist Church and commenced at 7pm   



2062     The apologies received were approved.

Declarations of Interest

2063     No declarations of interest were received.

Public Open Session

2064     No members of the public were in attendance.

Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 10th November 2021

Resolved          :           “That the minutes of the meeting held on 10th November 2021 be received and confirmed as a true record.”


2066     M1990 Bridge at Hollygate Lane

An updated has been received from Barratt Homes regarding the building of the bridge.

Barratt Homes will be submitting some additional information to the Rushcliffe Borough Council Planning Committee on their proposal for the bridge, which is intended to be submitted with the next few weeks, with a view to working towards the planning application being reported to the January Committee, subject to a positive outcome at the committee, it is estimated that works will being in May 2022

2067     M1994 Recycling Bins at Cotgrave Shopping Centre

The Property Estates Surveyor at RBC explained the reasons why the recycling containers will need to remain in the current location in the main car park.

The containers are more visible to the public and this helps promote recycling to all residents, the containers at the Shopping Centre are also quite noisy when full and the location away from residential will reduce noise related issued going forward. For these reasons Rushcliffe Borough Council intend to keep the containers in their current location but will be erecting fencing around the containers in an effort to improve the visual aesthetics.

2068     Councillor Stothard said that he had witnesses many vehicles parking in front of the recycling bins when dropping off recycling and this was causing issues with traffic and pedestrian, especially at school pick up and drop off times.

2069     The Clerk will write to the Borough Council again regarding this issue.

2070     M2015 Christmas Lights Event

 The event was held on Friday 26th November and was very well attended. There had been  23 stalls selling various crafts, food, tombola’s etc, as well as two singing acts and children’s entertainers, who provided entertainment throughout the event.

Santa’s Grotto, located in the Library has also been very well attended. There are some selection boxes left over from the event and the Clerk has arranged for these to be distributed between Ash Lea School, Tara’s Angels, and the Youth Club.

2071     M2041 Cotgrave Police

The Police advised that they would be able to attend the Council meeting in January 2022.

The Police are aware of anti-social issues having taken place on the shopping centre and elsewhere in Cotgrave, but there are a significant number of interventions having taken and continuing to take place by the police.

2072     M2043 Councillor Emails

At the meeting held on 10th November, Councillor K Chewings asked if the emails could be received via an IMAP, so they could be received directly to mobile phones for easier access rather than having to log in through the link on the Town Council website.

2073     Councillors were copied into a document that had been provided from Councils’ IT consultant and National Association of Local Councils (NALC) with their recommendations for the use of councillor email address, giving details of why this is not recommended.

2074     M2058 Cotgrave Candleby Lane School

 Councillor Butler informed that he had spoken with the Deputy Head of the school and had arranged for a meeting to take place with Councillor K Chewings, which he believed had now taken place.

Planning Minutes

2075     Resolved          :           “To confirm the planning minutes recorded the decisions taken by the Council and those of the Planning Authority.”

Financial Matters

2076     Payments

Resolved:         ‘’That the payments made since the previous meeting totalling £19,633.65  as recorded below, be approved and the invoices awaiting payment be paid’’.

Talktalk22823729Landline and Internet151.06
HSBC Bank Charges16.50
Arco942334034Hi Vis Coat (DG)15.95
Methodist Church Room Hire130.00
Notts County Supplies102102067Gloves, Broom Handle163.02
Notts County Council02647443October Salaries19780.872
Mrs J Pick Reimbursement for Selection Boxes9365.50
Mrs J Pick Reimbursement for Dry Cleaning Santa Suite118.00
Rialtas24431Making Tax Digital support170.80
RCAN 2021/22 Membership1144.00
Streetwise19631Empty Bins July- Sept161.42
Streetwise19686Installation of bin on the green1552.00
Three Mobile1252422009Mobile Phones129.78
Acora1285-48531Data Back Up113.20
WaterPlus543023Unit 2819.68
UK Fuels1078188Fuel1188.81
Notts County SuppliesN112100697Broom Head14.10
Big Bang Fireworks109112Fireworks Display92300.00
Cotgrave Futures446MUGA Electricity132.80
Moonshiners64Live Performance Christmas Lights9300.00
L Knight Reimbursement for fuel150.00
Mick Dutton & Son14436Service Chainsaw, parts, oil1125.58
Rushcliffe BC70897017Annual rent Broadmeer Park1567.00
Rushcliffe BC70897760Suite F Rent and Service Charge13567.00
Big Bank Fireworks Deposit for 6.11.229500.00
A R Signs32317Window Etch for Suite F184.00
Baker Ross13948526Christmas Crafts9152.90
Dsmedical First Aid Christmas lights 26.11.219145.00
B Maltby54675Clean out gutters C Futures1189.72
Allotment Association55029AMembership166.00
WaterPlus5510461Burhill Allotments1503.28
J Stephenson Lights for small trees943.98
Real Christmas Trees1000001376Christmas Tree9550.00
Notts County SuppliesN112102005Bin Bags142.73
J Pick Reimbursement for selection boxes9149.95
Talktalk Business Line140.80
J A Kents6333November Maintenance1906.40
J Pick Competition Vouchers9170.00
C Goldie Market Stall refund120.00
Notts Local News55689Delivery of Newsletter 288.00
J Stephenson Market Licence930.00
A R Signs32377Christmas Posters for traders9336.00
J Stephenson Batteries17.98
C Storer Allotment Key Refund120.00
Moonshiners73Christmas Lights Performance950.00
  TOTAL 19633.65

2077     Income

Resolved:         “That the income totalling £1,895.52 since the last meeting, as reproduced below.

1.11.21Cotgrave FCRent155.00
1.11.21H Roggan-SmithMarket Rent20.00
2.11.21Rushcliffe BCLitter Clearance/Grass Cutting1436.52
1.11.21V HarperMarket Rent20.00
2.11.21C GoldieMarket Rent20.00
2.11.21MarleyMarket Rent25.00
2.11.21DanielsMarket Rent20.00
4.11.21G BroughtonMarket Rent20.00
5.11.21H GriffinMarket Rent20.00
9.11.21V L WrightNewsletter Advert42.00
10.11.21Tariq S FMarket Rent25.00
24.11.21S MerrinMarket Rent20.00
25.11.21D StothardAllotment Bond and Key Deposit72.00

Financial Statements

2078     Members considered the Statements for October 2021 as reproduced at the back of the Minute Book.

At the end of October 2021 Council had £24,290.85 in the Co-op account, £169,512.42 in the HSBC account and £201,100.97  in the NatWest account.

Working Group Updates

Welcome Back Fund

2079     Council has now spent £7,450 on events for Cotgrave from the Welcome Back Fund, this includes £3K for a Fireworks Display on New Year’s Eve if Council wished for this event to take place. The Clerk has spoken with the Fireworks provider, and they are able to provide this for us.

2080     Resolved          :           “That council book fireworks for a display to take place on 31st December 2021 at a cost of £3,000.

2081     This would leave £2.5K to be used and spent by 31st March 2022.

Pensioners Christmas Meal

2082     Councillor Butler gave an update on the event as requested by Councillor Healy.

2083     A total of 122 pensioners will be attending the Christmas Meal at the Nottinghamshire Golf Club on Wednesday 15th December and a total of 48 had requested a home delivered meal, which will be cooked by staff at the Manvers Arms and delivered by the Community Kitchen.
Two coaches have been arranged to transport the pensioners.

2084     Councillor Butler asked if it were possible to have 2/3 councillors who could also be available on the day to help with the deliveries, if required.

2085     Councillors N Monday, A Simpson, B Handbury and M Myles said they would be able to help.

2086     Unfortunately due to other events at the Church of England School and the increase in Covid-19 cases, the school choir would not be able to attend the event this year.

Budget 2022-2023

2087     It was agreed that a budget meeting would be arranged, via Zoom for next week. The Clerk will send out an email suggesting some dates and times.

Cotgrave FC

2088     Following a request from the football club for some upgrading of the gates at the sports ground, Council had been copied into a quotation for the supply and installation of a swing arm height restrictor and/or a Swing arm barrier.

2089     The total cost to supply, installation, carriage, offloading, and civil works for both the swing arm height restrictor and swing arm barrier was £9,595.

2090     Since sending out the quotation to Council, the Clerk had obtained a further quotation from a different supply for a slightly different option at a cost of £2,091.

2091     Following a discussion, Council asked that this item and quotations be included on the agenda for the January meeting for further discussion, and also included in the budget meeting being held prior to Christmas.

2092     Council asked if the football club could be approached to inquire if they could give any funding towards the new gate.

2093     The concrete blocks that are currently being used to protect the site will need to be put back in place until the gateway has been replaced.

National Association of Local Councils – Civility & Respect

2094     Council considered the Civility & Respect mission statement and agreed that this should be included on Council’s website.

Personnel Committee

2095     The Clerk had requested for the Personnel Committee to meet in early January to discuss various issues. She will send out some dates and time and arrange a meeting via Zoom.

Council Meetings

2096     Following on from the Prime Ministers Covid-19 announcement this evening, the Clerk is waiting to hear from NALC regarding any changes on legislation for Council Meetings.

2097     Council discussed the location for future council meetings and asked the Clerk to speak with the Methodist Church and ask if Council can book meetings for January, February, and March 2022 at the church.

Covid-19 Policy2098     The Government has issued new legislation on Covid-19 restrictions, including a recommendation of working from home where you can. The Clerk and the Administration Manager will continue to work from the office. Facemasks will be worn when anyone else enters the office, and staff will carry out regular lateral flow testing.


2099     Rushcliffe Borough Council – Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station Site
Information has been received regarding a Public Consultation : 29th November 2021 to 10th January 2022, for the redevelopment of the Radcliffe-on-Soar power station site.

2100     The proposals can be viewed by visiting the consultation website at

2101     Nottinghamshire Police

The latest Stakeholder update has been received from the Neighbourhood Police Inspector.

2102     Crime Figures November 2021

4.11.21MarlwoodAttempted burglary tool marks found on rear doors. No entry gained, nothing taken
6.11.21Canton ExpressCriminal Damage – football kicked at shop window causing louvre window to crack
7.11.21Car Park back of Heron FoodsCriminal damage – 2 teenagers have jumped onto a car and ran up the bonnet and over the roof
8.11.21Canton ExpressCriminal Damage – football kicked at shop window causing louvre window to crack
9.11.21Orchard DriveCriminal damage – football kicked at rear patio window/s causing it to smash
11.11.21RingleasTheft from motor van broken into, tools stolen
11.11.21CrosshillCriminal damage – van door/lock damaged whilst trying to steal tools – nothing stolen
12.11.21Saxon WayTheft from motor van broken into tools stolen
15.11.21Solar Farm, Main RoadTotal of 89 solar panels stolen over a 1-week period valued at £13,000

Clerks Reports

2103     The Clerk has received information regarding roadworks starting on the A46 between Stanton on the Wolds and Bingham which are due to commence on 15th December until February 2022.

Councillors’ Reports

2104     Councillor Butler had met with the new Police Inspector for Nottinghamshire Police, Rob Lawton, and David Warren from the Young People’s Centre. David had been having some issue with some of the young people and some being banned from the centre. Following on from this meeting there has been improvement and incidents have now reduced.

2105     Councillor Butler said that the Covid-19 vaccination bus will be in Cotgrave on Monday 13th December between 10am and 4pm. They will be giving 1st and 2nd doses vaccinations but may also have some booster vaccinations available.

The Lateral Flow testing station still attending Cotgrave on Saturdays, the Wednesday testing facility has stopped.

2106     Councillor Butler informed that the next stage of the A52 road improvement was due to commence in early 2022. This involved the stretch between Stragglethorpe and Gamston. Information can be found on the Nottinghamshire County Council website.

2107     Councillor Butler said that the planning department at RBC were considering a request for a disabled parking space on Woodview, behind the bus stop.

2108     Councillor Eldridge asked if there had been a decision about the position of the Amazon locker that was sited in front of the Co-op. No more information has been received.

2109     Councillor Eldridge had noted that the member of staff that was carrying out the litter picking service for Council is doing a very good job.

2110     Councillor Ellis asked if the hedge at the property on Owthorpe Road had been replaced by Council, following some hedge cutting carried out by council staff. The Hawthorne whips are scheduled to be planted next week.

2111     Councillor Monday said that some residents had concerns regarding the public transport  in Cotgrave, and particular the service by CT4N, which was now 1 bus every two hours and no increase in Trent Barton buses. There have been lower numbers using the buses since Covid-19 and this has had an impact, also bus companies are struggling with driver shortages for passenger buses. Council asked the Clerk for a service update from Trent Barton.

2112     Councillor Myles thanked Council staff for carrying out the trimming of the hedge/bushes on Bingham Road/East Acres near to the telephone exchange and has notice that when it rains the large puddle has stopped due to the drainage work having been completed.

2113     Councillor Simpson said that Severn Trent Water were fitting water meters to some properties in Cotgrave, but the bills would still be the fixed charge.

2114     Councillor Stothard wish to thank the staff for the work completed, especially during the last two years.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 8.13pm