Minutes of Council Meeting of 13th November 2019

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Present :         
Councillor S Gardner (Chairman), H Brumpton, R Butler, M Chewings, K Chewings, D Eldridge, S Ellis, L Healy,
C Jeffreys, N Monday, C Patterson, I Shaw, A Simpson and D Stothard.

Apologies Received:
Councillor B Handbury

Councillor D Wilkie

In Attendance:         
The Clerk and the Administration Manager (Cotgrave Town Council),  PC 1603 Shinn, and representatives from Positive Futures.

Prior to the start of the meeting, Council were informed that a former councillor, Pat Wash had sadly passed away.  Council stood for a minutes silence and asked the Clerk to arrange a funeral tribute.

The meeting was held at Cotgrave Futures and started at 7.03pm


The apologies given were approved.

Declarations of Interest

Councillor Shaw declared an interest in agenda item 7, planning application number 19/01767/FUL.

Councillor Brumpton declared an interest in agenda item 13, Allotments Rental 2020.

Public Open Session

Jermaine, Rebecca, Max and Aalyia from Positive Futures gave an update on their work in Cotgrave during the year.

During 2019 they have worked with 74 young people from Cotgrave Candleby Lane School (Year 6), on the Healthy Hearts campaign and have also delivered PE sessions within the school.  They have provided half term sports packages held at Candleby Lane School and during these sessions have had 159 young people attending.

The group have a mentoring scheme and have engaged 60 young people across Rushcliffe  including 9 from Cotgrave, referred from schools, social care and from the NHS. 

The YouNG Project is an initiative which gives people between the ages of 13 and 21 the chance to gain entrepreneurial skills and become equipped for their future career.

YouNG holds market events and have stalls, this year, as in last, they will be represented at Cotgrave’s Christmas Lights Event on 29th November.

The Ready4Work club is held in Cotgrave every Wednesday at Cotgrave Futures from 1pm to 3pm. They have 1 dedicated volunteer, and work in partnership with MTVH and also have a return to work specialist.

The NEETS Engagement for 16-24 year olds has 20 people in attendance which includes 10 new members, 3 of which are taking part in interview training, 6 are getting cv support, and 5 have gone into employment.

In the future the group will be working closely with the YouNG Project and will have better links with local businesses and opportunity with local residential and retail developing, working directly with the Economic Growth team.  They are also looking to employ a Cotgrave Community Champion.  

The current project is due to run until December 2020, and in January 2020 a decision will be made as to whether the project will run beyond December 2020.   A letter of recognition would help to support the project try to achieve further funding and an extension.

The Chairman and Councillors thanked the young people from Positive Futures for their presentation, and Council asked if Positive Futures could be included on the next agenda to discuss supporting the group further.

PC 1603 Howard Shinn gave council an update on the Police in Cotgrave.

He started off by saying that PCSO Evans regularly sends the crime figures for Cotgrave.  Not all crime is reported within this document as some crimes are sensitive.

He noted that in recent months Cotgrave have been plagued with arson attacks, including the field on Colston Gate, investigations are ongoing.

There has been some anti-social behaviour on the shopping centre since the opening of the Hub and the new car parking areas with young people riding their bikes in the area.  They have been carrying out patrols in the area and have spoken with the young people and parents involved.  The police are also working with Councillor R Butler and David Warren from the Youth Services.

Councillor Simpson asked if the precinct would be checked on a regular basis and PC Shinn assured it would be.

From January 2019, there has been a change in shift patterns and all Cotgrave staff are on the same 5 week shift pattern, so when they are all off shift, Cotgrave is covered by Rushcliffe North (West Bridgford) team.

Councillor Shaw noted that he had tried to contact Cotgrave Police by telephone and email on several occasions without any success and when he did get through was advised no one was available to help him at that time.

Councillor Eldridge queried the lack of access to the Police and their visibility in Cotgrave.

The Remembrance Day Parade was covered by Rushcliffe North team.  West Bridgford Police Station is due to closure in March /April 2020 and additional officers will be based at Cotgrave and will be on a early/late/nights shift pattern.  New trainees are being recruited into local neighbourhood policing with an increase of 20,000 extra police being provided nationally.

If anyone needs to speak with the Police and report a crime they can contact the control room 24/7 on 101.  The Police website has lots of contact details for all officers. (www.nottinghamshirepolice.uk).

PC Shinn also advised that crimes can be reported anonymously by contacting Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or www.crimestoppers-org.uk

Neighbourhood Alert provides an advanced community messaging system solution for police forces, local authorities and Neighbourhood Watch. You can register for neighbourhood alerts www.member-registration.neighbourhoodalert.co.uk

Councillor Shaw enquired about who is responsible for parking issues, this is mostly dealt with by the County Council and is not a police matter unless it involves dangerous parking.

Councillor Jeffreys thanked the police for the work they are doing.  Councillor K Chewings also thanked the beat team and manager but noted that a lack of communication sometimes is happening.

The Chairman thanked PC Shinn for attending the meeting and council requested if he could attend council meetings on a more regular basis.  He was happy to do this.

Minutes of the Town Council Meeting of 9th October 2019 and the Personnel Committee Meeting of 6th November 2019

Resolved :          
“That the minutes of the previous meetings held on 9th October 2019 and those of the Personnel Meeting held on 6th November be  received and confirmed as a true record.”


Council Meeting of 9th October 2019

M225 Remembrance Parade

Councillor K Chewings informed Council that the parade had been a great success and very well attended.

He suggested that the road closures should be in place ten minutes earlier than the current plan indicated, and that the road closure documentation from Notts CC Via had not been dated correctly.  This would be fed back to Via and checked prior to the event.

Council wished to place on record their thanks to the Notts 4 x 4 Response for providing the additional man power to help with the road closures.

Councillor Shaw thanked all the Councillors who had attend the parade and the church service and all the volunteers.

M227 Cotgrave Day of Action – Love Cotgrave

Councillor Butler stated how well the day of action had gone and had been well attended.  The day included lots of litter picking, signs and roads cleaned, new litter bins installed and pavement and street cleaned.  The works carried out was very much appreciated by the residents.

Thank you for Streetwise, Rushcliffe Borough Council, Via and MTV for arranging the day.

M231 Drain outside Manvers Arms

Councillor Shaw had noted that the drains outside Manvers Arms had not been repaired.  This has previously been reported to Notts CC Highways, who said that it would be repaired.  The Administration Manager will get in contact with Notts CC.

M232 New Crematorium in Cotgrave

Councillor Shaw had looked through the Planning Inspectorates report and said that there were 16 points of contention within the report. He suggested that Council write to the Secretary of State.

A working group will be formed to draft a letter to the Secretary of State and this will be included on the agenda for the next Council meeting on 4th December.  This will not change the decision but will show Cotgrave Town Council’s disgust of the decision.

Councillor Jeffreys asked not to be included in any letter involving the crematorium.

M235 Mayor’s Civic Service

Councillor Jeffreys stated that her civic service had been held at the newly refurbished Methodist Church, but was sad to report that two of the windows had been smashed.

M257 Bonfire Event
This event had been very well attended and been a brilliant display.

The Clerk has contacted the fireworks supplier and has provisionally booked next year’s event for Sunday 8th November.

Councillor Jeffrreys said how pleased she was with the amount that had been raised from the donations for the Headway Charity.  A total of £389.94 had been kindly received through donations from the residents attending the event.

Councillor K Chewings requested that the fund raising is advertised better next year as some residents were not aware that there would be a collection.

M272/273  Re-dedication Service of Pit Wheel and Coal Trucks on The Green

Councillor K Chewings had been in contact with Mick Newton regarding attending the event and the possibility of having a pit band at the event and he was very keen to attend a band.

Due to the weather conditions this event will now be arranged for February/March 2020.

The Clerk has asked the CISWO Welfare Officer to attend the event when new date has been confirmed.

Councillor Eldridge has located a hay rake that the owner was very happy to donate to Council to have painted and positioned near to the pit wheel/coal trucks.

Council asked the Clerk to get some costs for the cleaning and painting of the hay rake.

M277 Adopt a Kiosk

A reply had been received from British Telecom and the kiosk is no longer available for adoption as it has now been reserved for an additional use.

Councillor K Chewings has if the Clerk could find out what it will be used for?      

M281 Waste Bin corner of Rivermead and Colston Gate

Councillor M Chewings asked if an additional bigger bin could be placed next to the bench as the other litter bin was located round the corner from the bench.

The Clerk will get a price.

M291 Electric Car Charging Points

 Councillor Patterson had spoken with Daryl Birch from Rushcliffe Borough Council and the electric charging points had been future proofed and are in place but will not be available to use  until work by Western Power in the area of the car park behind the Hub have been carried out.

M294 Festival Sign

Councillor Butler said that the Festival sign near to the Country Park entrance had still not been removed.

This will be added to the ground staff work sheets.

Personnel Committee Meeting 6th November 2019

M010 Councillor Allowances

“That the councillor allowance is increased to £250 per annum for an elected councillor and is paid in two         installations (October and March) based on a councillor attendance for the 11 full town council meetings”

To accept the recommendation.”

(11 Councillors were in favour, with two councillors against and one abstention).

M011 Chairman Allowance

Recommendation :          
“That the Chairman of Council allowance is set at £250 per annum plus an honorarium of £1,000 paid in two instalments (October and March) based on councillor attendance for the 11 full council meetings.”

Resolved :          
To accept the recommendation.”

(12 councillors were in favour, with two councillors abstaining).

Planning Minutes

Resolved :          
“To confirm the planning minutes recording the decisions taken by the Council and those of the Planning Authority.”

Financial Matters

0346     Payments

‘’That the payments made since the previous meeting totalling £46,274.42 as recorded below, be approved and the invoices awaiting payment be paid’’.

 COTGRAVE TOWN COUNCIL 13th November 2019
Sept 19HSBC Bank Charges15.50
Oct 19Veber1285-47177Data Back Up113.20
Sept 19Vodafone381384749Mobile Phone Charges119.20
17.10.19Mrs J Pick Petty Cash120.82
11.10.19D H Electrical18350Electrical work The Green P1650.00
Feb 19Bingham TC88Playground Training Course1210.00
 Jupiter Play02/01/2666Sona and Installation120,833.33
30.9.19Streetwise16700Play Park Inspections11139.63
30.9.19Streetwise16699Emptying Bins/Service Charge1518.98
3.10.19Notts CC101900313Refuse Sacks139.60
3.10.19Subllime Shine447CTC Window Cleaning111.99
3.10.19Sublime Shine448C Futures Window Cleaning149.99
2.10.19Rushcliffe BC70737292Quarterly Rent Eastmoor Park166.25
2.10.19Rushcliffe BC70737327Quarterly Rent Studio 311410.00
2.10.19Rushcliffe BC70737309Quarterly Rent Candleby Lane168.75
17.10.19A R Signs26779Remembrance Day Signage/cones1293.40
26.9.19UK Fuels1030997Fuel1198.56
1.10.19Hills104719MUGA Fence Painting17663.20
8.10.19M Dutton & Son13150New Belt Drive on Kioti1586.34
30.10.19Notts 4 x 4 Donation1100.00
8.10.19M Dutton13149Repairs to Chipper1186.60
25.9.19Notts CC92354758September Salaries18802.49
15.10.19Vodafone387365875Mobile Telephone119.20
3.10.19Rushcliffe BC91737952Non-Domestic Rates Store 1 17-181225.12
3.10.19Rushcliffe BC91737952Non-Domestic Rates Store 1 18-191192.00
3.10.19Rushcliffe BC91737952Non-Domestic Rates Store 1 19-201196.40
3.10.19Rushcliffe BC91737925Non-Domestic Rates Store 2 17-181150.08
3.10.19Rushcliffe BC91737925Non-Domestic Rates Store 2 18-191108.21
3.10.19Rushcliffe BC91737925Non-Domestic Rates Store 2 19-201105.57
3.10.19Rushcliffe BC91737934Non-Domestic Rates Store 3 17-181103.67
3.10.19Rushcliffe BC91737934Non-Domestic Rates Store 3 18-191114.79
3.10.19Rushcliffe BC91737934Non-Domestic Rates Store 3 19-201129.17
3.10.19Rushcliffe BC91737943Non-Domestic Rates Office 17-181609.08
3.10.19Rushcliffe BC91737943Non-Domestic Rates Office 18-191674.40
3.10.19Rushcliffe BC91737943Non-Domestic Rates Office 19-201758.90
   TOTAL 46,274.42

0347     Income

“That the income totalling £13,921.37 received since the last meeting, as reproduced below,  be noted.

Income Received

1.10.19Christmas Lights EventStall5.00
4.10.19Newcastle Building Soc.CIE29.08
4.10.19Christmas Lights EventStall5.00
4.10.19Christmas Lights EventStall10.00
4.10.19Allotment Plot 11Rent27.41
4.10.19Christmas Lights EventStall10.00
8.10.19Rushcliffe BCGrass Cutting214.70
11.10.19Rushcliffe BCLitter Clearance821.52
19.10.19Allotment PlotRent22.00
23.10.19Allotment Plot 13Rent22.00
29.10.19HMRCVAT Refund1409.92
30.10.19Cotgrave Festival 2020Stall50.00
29.10.19Notts CCLIS Funding11250.00

Financial Statements

Members considered the Statements for September, as reproduced at the back of the Minute Book.

At the end of September Council had £42,829.31 in the Co-op account, £152,825.50 in the HSBC Account and £263,410.98 in the NatWest Account.

Councillor Shaw asked if the painting of the MUGA, as a result of the fire damage had been paid out as an insurance claim.  The Clerk informed it had apart from the Council excess fee. 

The payments for Rushcliffe Borough Council also includes three years non domestic rates payments following a rates review of the space used by Cotgrave Town Council.

RBS Rialtas

Council noted the support and maintenance fees and charges for the 2020-21 for Council’s software accounts package.


“To accept the charges.”

Internal Audit Fees 2021

Council’s Internal Auditor had forwarded fees for 2021.  The fees have not risen for over three years.  The hourly rate will be £37.50 with travel at 40p per mile.

Resolved          :           “To accepted the Internal Auditors fees for 2021.”


A grant request has been received from Wellspring Music CIC.  Wellspring provides interactive music for people in healthcare settings, and in particular Church Farm in Cotgrave.

Church Farm Care are very keen for Wellspring sessions to resume in their homes, having benefitted from their projects in the past.

After a discussion, council

Resolved          :           “Unanimously not to support the grant application.”


Working Groups

The Green Play Area

The opening of the new playground on The Green was very very well attended by children and their parents, along with Councillors from Cotgrave Town Council and representatives from Rushcliffe Borough Council.  The park was official opened by the Mayor of Rushcliffe, Councillor Mrs Christine Jeffreys on 12th October 2019.

The park is being well used, and in particular the SONA, on average, this is getting 6 hours of usage per day, and has been reported that it is one of the best used Sona across the country.

0358     There has been some damage caused to the swing and also the one of the fence panels.

Councillor Healy informed that Rushcliffe Borough Council have agreed to work with Council on the installation of CCTV for the park, and are willing to install the electrical wiring and support the electricity costs.

The Clerk has met with some CCTV suppliers and is getting some quotation for consideration by Council and will report back at the next meeting.

Cotgrave FC

Councillor K Chewings has provided a drawing/pictures that has been drawn up for the new pavilion at the Arthur Ridley Sportsground.

He said that there is now a bigger need to provide a 25 year lease for the sports fields to allow the club to go forward in applying for funding.

The Clerk is expecting a telephone call from CISWO regarding this on Friday morning.

Leisure Centre Agreement

Councillor Ellis had again contacted Councillor Debbie Mason, but still had not received a reply.

Re-dedication Service of Pit Wheel and Coal Trucks on The Green

The service will now be held in February/March 2020.  A date will be confirmed in the new year.

Hollygate Park Allotments

The lease is now in place and can be signed at any time.

Council’s solicitor has stated that there is a share of 106 money that needs to be allocated for the allotments, under Greenspaces.  If these lease is signed now, this share of the 106 money will no longer to available.

Councillor K Chewings stated that the remedial works on the allotment should be carried out before the lease is signed.

Council agreed to make a decision as to whether to sign the lease at the meeting on 4th December.

 Council’s Solicitor will be asked to attend.

Allotment Rent 2020

Council had been copied into the rental charges for the allotment for 2020.

To approve the rental charges for 2020.”           

Tree Works

A quotation had been received for tree works on various sites within Cotgrave.

Resolved :          
“To approve the quotation for the tree works.”

Quarterly Park Inspections

Council noted the parks inspections reported for October 2019.

The largest cost to be covered by Council is the replacement of the two bark pits

Multi Play Unit at Cotgrave Futures (Serendipity’s)

A request from Serendipity’s has been received asking if they could have the climbing frame and equipment removed from the wet pour areas at the back of the nursery.

Council agreed that they could have the play equipment removed, but this would be at their own cost and the wet pour area would need to be reinstated, by a contractor approved by Cotgrave Town Council.

Council asked the Clerk to obtain a price for the removal and contact Serendipity’s with the quote.


Crime Figures

The crime figures for 1.10.19 to 1.11.19 have been received, and are reproduced below.

29.10.19Criminal DamageMethodist ChurchWindow damaged
1.11.19Criminal DamageLawrence CloseVehicle Damaged

National Association of Local Councils

Correspondence has been received from NALC giving legal briefings regarding Purdah prior to the General Election on 12th December, relating to Remembrance Day events and councillor safety during this time.

Marie Curie Nottinghamshire

The Nottinghamshire Community Fundraiser for Marie Curie has written asking for support of their Marie Curie Information and Support Line Officers, who provide people living with a terminal illness and their family and friends, with information and support they need to live well from the moment their illness is terminal.

Council agreed to forward a grant form to Marie Curie.

Nottinghamshire Association of Local Councils

NALC has forwarded the agenda for the AGM, which will be held on Thursday 21st November at 7.30pm.  Councillors C Jeffrey and L Healy will be attending the event.

Cotgrave Open Gardens

A letter of thanks was received for Council’s grant toward the 2020 event.

0383     SSAFA The Armed Forces Charity

A letter from the Pageant master for the VE Day 75 celebrations which will be held between the 8th and 10th May 2020, detailing events during this week.

Council ask if the Clerk could contact the Chairman of the CBOC branch of the Royal British Legion offering Council’s support of any events in Cotgrave.

The Beat

The November issue of The Beat has been received.

Stakeholder Newsletter

The latest edition of Nottinghamshire Police Stakeholder update had been received.  It included reports of ASB with Cotgrave.

Clerks Reports

The Clerk had received an email from a resident thanking everyone involved in the bonfire event, for an excellent display.

The Clerk has still not managed to sort of the bank mandate with NatWest Bank.  She has had several long calls with them, completed several documents and has also been into branch.  She was expecting a call from their complaints department on Friday.

Council agreed to pay an interim figure to the play park suppliers from the HSBC and Co-op bank until the funds could be transferred from NatWest.

Standing Orders suspend to allow the meeting to continue for a further 10 minutes.

Councillors Reports

Councillor Simpson asked if the teen shelter had been removed from The Green.  This had been removed by Rushcliffe Borough Council and is now in storage, whilst new locations are considered.   

Councillor Shaw asked what was happening to the rubbish in the field on the old A46.

Councillor S Ellis left the meeting at 9.01pm

Councillor Butler informed council that this was in the hand of the Environmental Agency, who were trying to resolve the issue.

Councillor Brumpton asked when the planting was taking place on the Shopping Centre.  This was expected sometime during November, but may be delays due to the extreme weather conditions.

Councillor Stothard asked if Council had received any information regarding the Cotgrave Community Growing Project.  He is keen that Cotgrave Town Council are involved in this project.

The Clerk had not received any information on the project but would chase this up.


Councillor Patterson asked if there had been any confirmation that the Cotgrave Park Run would go ahead.  There had been a lot of interest in this, but there is problems with car parking in the area.  This is being looked into.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.08 pm.

Chairman…………………………………… Signed as a True Record (Date)………………………………