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Minutes of the Council Meeting 8th November 2023

Please note that minutes remain in draft format until approved at the following meeting.

Present                         :           Councillors I Shaw (Chairman), R Butler, S Ellis, S Gardner. L Healy, C Jeffreys,
S Mitchell, N Monday, M Myles and D Stothard

Apologies Received      :           Cllrs K Chewings, B Handbury and A Simpson

Absent                          :           Cllr M Woodward

Attendance                   :           Julie Stephenson (Town Clerk), Jane Pick (Administration Manager) Cotgrave Town

The meeting was held at Cotgrave Methodist Church and commenced at 7pm   



0334     The apologies received were approved.

Declarations of Interest

0335     No declarations of interest were given.

Public Open Session

0336     No members of the public were in attendance at the meeting.

Co-Option of Vacancies on Council

0337     No applications for co-option have been received.

Accuracy of the minutes of the Council Meeting held on 11th October and of the Personnel Committee Meeting held on 16th and 30th October 2023

0338     Resolved          :           “That the minutes of the Council Meeting held on 11th October the Personnel
Committee meeting held on 16th and 30th October 2023 be received and confirmed
as a true record.”

Progress Minutes of Council Meetings held on 6th September 2023

0339     M258 Month Crime Figures

            No crime figures have been received from the Police.

0340     M0260 Speed Watch

            Councillor Healy asked if anyone else had come forward to help with a Community Speed Watch following
an article in the Cotgrave Connections provided by Councillor K Chewings.  Council had not received any
further information or interest currently.  Councillor N Monday was still willing to head up this group if
enough volunteers came forward.

0341     M0272 Barratt David Wilsons Homes

            The latest information provided by Barratt Homes on 3rd November, was as follows: –

            Hollygate Park (Bridge): This submission (Planning Ref 22/02586/REM) is to be formally considered by the
Rushcliffe Borough Council Planning Committee on Thursday 9th November.  The proposal is Recommended
for Approval by Officers subject to conditions.

            Hollygate Lane, North: Reserved Matters Approval/Decision Notice for 210 Dwellings under Planning Ref
22/02336/REM dated 18 October 2023 has been issued by Rushcliffe Borough Council via Scheme of
(Officer) Delegation.

            Hollygate Lane, South: Reserved Matters Approval/Decision Notice for 74 dwellings under Planning Ref
22/023335/REM dated 29 September 2023 has been issued by Rushcliffe Borough Council via Scheme of
(Officer) Delegation.

            Councillor S Ellis has written to the Planning Committee regarding the application for the Bridge and
Councillor K Chewings will be attending the meeting to speak about the bridge in his role as a Borough

0342     M0284 Dropped Kerbs

            Councillor Butler was still waiting for information of the location of the related kerbs.

0343     M0296 Bonfire and Fireworks Event

            The Fireworks display was excellent again this year. The amount of people attending had increased
significantly, this was due to the Cotgrave Welfare putting on a disco in the hall and having fair rides, food
stalls available in the small inner car park.  This situation will need to be reviewed for next year’s event if the
Welfare wish to continue with the additional stalls/fair rides.

0344     M0327 Bus Stop at Spires Hospital

            Councillor Butler had not received an update in respect to consider moving the bus stop closer to the
hospital entrance.

0345     M0331 School Parking at the Catholic Church

            Councillor L Healy has written to the school, on behalf of the Town Council, informing the school that the
Catholic Church is willing to allow parents to park in their car park during school pick up time.

0346     M0332 Flower beds on Shopping Centre

            A meeting will be arranged with the Community Garden to further discuss the planting up and a budget for
the flower beds.


Planning Minutes

0347     Resolved          :           “To confirm the planning minutes recorded and the decisions taken
                                    by the Council and those of the Planning Authority.”

Financial Matters

0348     Payments

Resolved:         ‘’That the payments made since the previous meeting totalling £18,943.08  as recorded below, be
approved and the invoices awaiting payment be paid’’.

EDF Energy Unit 28 Charges29.00
Cotgrave Methodist Church Room Hire Council Meeting 6.9.2330.00
NALC2989HR Grievance & Disciplinary Training35.00
Notts CC92922734September Salaries11,699.47
Notts County Supplies102300326Blue Nitrile Gloves86.10
Notts Fire SafetyFA041369Service Fire Extinguishers Unit 2850.54
Notts Fire SafetyFA041396Service Fire Extinguishers Sports Pavilion51.84
Poly Graphics4159Signs for Shopping Centre96.00
Rushcliffe BC71943910Playground Inspections540.00
Rushcliffe BC71054496Service Charge Suite F180.00
Rushcliffe BC71054048Rent Suite F435.00
Rushcliffe BC71054351Rent Unit 28650.00
Rushcliffe BC71054422Quarterly Rent Grassmere Park68.75
Rushcliffe BC71054137Quarterly Rent Eastmoor Park66.25
Rushcliffe BC71054128Quarterly Rent The Green68.75
Sublime Shine823CTC Office Window Cleaning10.00
Three 2 x Mobile Phones13.99
HSBC Bank Charges8.00
Hags SMP91221Cradle Swing Seat148.20
Cotgrave Futures765MUGA Electricity4.42
Kent Services66141October Grounds Maintenance1045.00
4th Radcliffe Guides Grant25.00
Meerkat Comms2635Phone and Broadband63.16
J PIck Reimbursement for Selection Boxes411.86
Roffesoft7952Laptop Virus Issue108.00
KCM Inflatables Hire Santa’s Grotto Deposit115.00
Mick Dutton15573Angle Grinder, Hedge Cutter, Battery charger unit1401.60
Mick Dutton15572Cutting Disc, Grinding Disc, Cable Ties59.10
NALC3010Misue of Social Media Training35.00
Opus Energy74601037Sports Pavilion Electricity146.34
British Gas841645784Suite F Electricity152.91
Notts County Council Grant Children’s Centre Toy Appeal300.00

0349     Income

Resolved          :           “That the income totalling £11,320.68 since the last meeting, as reproduced below.

2.10.23Cotgrave FCRent160.00
2.10.23Brocklesby PiesChristmas Market20.09
8.10.23Allotment TenantPlot 7b Rent, Water, Bond78.73
11.10.23Rushcliffe Borough CouncilShopping Centre Maintenance2901.76
13.10.23Fosse MedicareGrass Mowing Doctors Surgery192.00
13.10.23D StothardDr MacDonald Fund Raising4818.00
17.10.23Cotgrave CKStalls Christmas Market15.00
24.10.23HMRCVAT Refund3115.10
25.10.23Family Sweet TreatsChristmas Market Stall20.00

Financial Statements

0350     Members considered and approved the Statements for September 2023 as reproduced at the back of the
Minute Book.

            At the end of September 2023 Council had £35,988.85 in the Co-op account, £164,195.23 in the HSBC
account and £203,242.34 in the NatWest account.

Finance Committee

0351     Councillor S Ellis has suggested that Council re introduce a Finance Committee to the council’s schedule of

            It was suggested that a committee of 5 councillors (Quorum 3) be formed. As this is a constitutional change,
the committee could not be introduced until the Annual General Meeting in May 2024. Terms of Reference
will need to be agreed.

            Councillor Ellis will draft up a Terms of Reference.

            It was suggested that Councillor I Shaw, K Chewings, L Healy, S Ellis and R Butler form the committee. This
will be confirmed at a later meeting.

Purchase of additional Strimmer

0352     The Clerk has provided council with a cost for the purchase of a battery-operated strimmer, which were
considered lighter than a traditional strimmer.

0353     Resolved          :           “To purchase an Echo DSRM Strimmer with twin handle at the cost of £330.00 +

Budget Working Group

0354     The Clerk asked for members to form a working group for 2024-2025 budgets.

            The Clerk will produce a draft budget and forward these to the working group and a meeting will be held on
Friday 8th December at 10am in the Council Office.


0355     Council considered a grant request from the Cotgrave Young People’s Centre.

            The request was for funding towards activities to enable the group to open an additional night per week
(Monday 6-8pm) They will offer a sports session (indoors and using Nottingham Forest). This will provide an
additional 3 hours of youth work and diversionary activities.

0356     Resolved          :           “To award a grant of £1,000 to the Cotgrave Young People’s Centre.

Personnel Committee

0357     The Personnel Committee have been working on updating some of Council’s procedures and associated

            Council was presented with the following documents: –

            Road Vehicles Daily Check Lists
Incident Report Form
Risk Assessment for Use of Strimmer
Stress Management Policy
Stress at Work Risk Assessment
Staff Appraisal Form

0358     Councillor Butler, Chairman of the Personnel Committee

Recommended :           “That Council approve the above documentation.”

0359     Resolved          :           “To approve the documentation for Road Vehicles Daily Check Lists Incident Report
Form, Risk Assessment for Strimmer and Stress, Stress Management Policy and Staff
Appraisal Form.”

Council Events

Remembrance Day Parade

0360     The parade will take place on Sunday 12th November. People attending the parade will be monitored and if
there are insufficient numbers a decision will be made as to whether to continue with the parade next year.

0361     The Chairman of Council will lay a wreath on behalf of the Council.

Christmas Lights & Market Friday 24th November 2023

0362     There are currently 14 stalls booked in for this event.  The Christmas Tree is being delivered on Thursday
16th November. The Clerk has asked if Streetwise would be able to help with the installation of the tree due
to staff shortages at this time.

            Additional ideas will continue to be explored regarding the tree for next year.

Pensioners Christmas Meal

0363     The Meal will take place on Tuesday 19th December at Notts County Football Club. Ticket sales will take
place on Thursday 9th November between 9.30 and 11.30pm.  150 tickets will be available to pensioners
from Cotgrave.

0364     The cost of the event is £5,525, including two coaches. A third coach may be required, which will bring the
total cost to £5,675. Parking is limited at the football club and residents will be encouraged to use the
coaches. A third coach will be arranged for if necessary.

0365     Councillor Healy has spoken with Rushcliffe Borough Council see if the criteria for the UKSP Fund would be
met to use some of this funding to support the event.

0366     Cotgrave Town Council has been offered £1,000 and £500 of the fund will be used to pay room hire cost
and the discussions will take place regarding the remaining £500.

Maintenance Charge for residents of Hollygate Park

0367     The Chairman asked Council if they were in agreement for a motion to permit council to lobby Rushcliffe
Borough Council on the maintenance charges incurred by the residents of the new houses on Hollygate

0368     Council said yes, in principle, but this is of a national issue and not just within Rushcliffe

0369     This item would be deferred and added to the agenda for the council meeting being held in January 2024,
information may be included in the King’s speech referring to this item.

Rural Community Action

0370     Council have been copied into information from Rural Community Action regarding the Start Action
Yourself Now project.  They will be working with 10 towns and villages across the borough to create or
improve a community hubs.

0371     The Committee at the Community Garden have expressed an interest in the project.

Police and Crime Commissioner

0372     Information has been received from the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Caroline Henry.  An
Accountability Board meeting will be held to support the Chief Constable for delivery an efficient and
effective policing service in Nottinghamshire, and the Crime Commissioner is asking for any issues on rural
crime that Council would like to submit to be asked at the meeting to be forwarded to her by Friday 10th

0373     Council did not wish to present any questions.

Correspondence (for information)

0374     Rushcliffe Borough Council has forwarded information regarding planning application 22/00243/FUL – Land
North of Cotgrave Road, to erect 4 poultry buildings.  A date for the informal hearing has now been set and
will be heard at Bingham Arena on 9th January 2023.  Any comments that Council has already made will be
carried forward to this appeal.

0375     Also from the Borough Council, planning application 20/02586/REM (New footbridge over Grantham Canal
on Hollygate Lane, Cotgrave) is due to be considered by the Planning Committee on Thursday 9th

Reports from Ward Members

0376     Councillor Butler reminded members that the Town & Parish Forum will be taking place on Friday 10th
November at Bingham Arena.

0377     Nottinghamshire County Council – grants are now available of up to £1,000 available for Nottinghamshire
athletes who have represented their country at national events in the last 24 months, which includes a range
of Sport England-recognised sports, from speed skating to swimming and from fencing to table tennis and
have until the end of December 2023 to apply.

0378     Councillor Butler said that he did not think that any premises/homes had been affected by the recent
flooding, but for those who have been affected a grant of £120 to help with the clear up was available from
Nottinghamshire County Council.

0379     Councillor Butler informed that the Local Community Fund was now open for applications.  The closing date
is 24th November 2023.

Clerks Reports

0380     The £1,000 funding from the UKSPF Fund does not need to be applied for as this has already been allocated
to the five main town in Rushcliffe.  Proof of spending is required to be submitted before 31st March 2024.

0381     Councillor K Chewings has made a suggestion of buying in a skateboard experience during the February
half term.

0382     The Local Government Services Pay Agreement for 2023 has now been agreed and employers are
encouraged to implement this pay awarded as soon as possible.  The pay increase will be back dated to 1st
April 2023.

0383     A meeting has taken place between council and Revd. Paul Massey (All Saints’ Church) in relation to grass
cutting at the Cemetery and Church yard.  A follow up meeting will take place in mid-January 2024.

Councillors’ Reports

0384     Councillor Monday has raised several issues regarding the Well Pharmacy and asked if it would be possible
to look into Cotgrave having a second pharmacy.

0385     The Clerk has written to Well, as they had asked to be kept informed if any further issues arise. The Clerk has
not received a response.

0386     Councillor Mitchell informed Council of Cotgrave Integrated Neighbourhood Working Group, which will be
taking place on Monday 13th November.  The Clerk and Borough Councillor have also been invited to
attend this meeting.

0387     Councillor Butler had been asked if Council knew anything about a camera being installed at the
Community Garden. Council was not aware of this camera.

0388     Councillor Myles had received a report of a house on Ritchie Close having eggs and thrown at it. The
residents have reported this to the Police.

            Councillor Myles also reported that a bench on the Country Park had gone missing. Councillor Butler said
that he would report this to Notts County Council.

The meeting closed at 8.22pm.

Chairman: ………..……………………. Signed as a True Record (Date) ……………………………..

Personnel Committee Meeting 20th November 2023

Present                         :           Councillors R Butler Chairman), K Chewings, S Mitchell and N Monday.                        

Apologies Received      :           Councillors L Healy

Absent                          :           Councillor S Gardner

Attendance                   :           Julie Stephenson (Town Clerk), Jane Pick (Administration Manager)    
                                   Cotgrave Town Council,                                                                   

The meeting was held in the Cotgrave Town Council Office and commenced at 1.30pm 


0051     The apologies received were approved.

Declarations of Interest

0052     No declarations of interest were given.

Public Open Session

0053     No members of the public were in attendance at the meeting.

Staff Handbook

0054     The draft staff handbook as been amended as per the changes discussed at the previous meeting.

0055     Recommendation:-                   “To put forward the Draft Staff Handbook to the next Council Meeting on
6th December 2023 for approval to forward copies to all staff for
consultation (a period of 6 weeks.”

The press and public will be excluded from the meeting during consideration of the following item/s of business on the grounds that it involves the likely disclosure of exempt information as defined in Section 1(2) of the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960.

Staffing Matters

0056     An update on staffing matters was given to the Personnel Committee.

Staff Pay Structure

0057     The Committee has been copied into information of all staff and their roles together with works hours per
week and their current pay scale.

The meeting closed at 2.30pm

Chairman: …………………………………….. Signed as a True Record (Date): ………………………

Planning Minutes

The following responses were made to plans under consideration by the Planning Authority, Rushcliffe Borough Council.

No objections were raised except where stated.

015       At Council Meeting on 8th November 2023

            23/01678/FUL    13 Chestnut Drive, Cotgrave, Nottingham, NG12 3TZ – single storey side and rear
extension.  Additional parking to front.
            23/01926/FUL    Fosse Paddock, Nottingham Road, Cropwell Bishop, Nottinghamshire, NG12 3JU – single
storey extension to existing holiday accommodation to create single, accessible holiday let.

Rushcliffe Borough Council, the planning authority, has forwarded the following decisions: –

016       Applications Approved

            23/01678/FUL    13 Chestnut Drive, Cotgrave, Nottinghamshire, NG12 3TZ – single storey side and rear
extension.  Additional parking to front.

            23/01791/FUL    Linden Cottage, 16 Plumtree Road, Cotgrave, Nottingham, NG12 3HT – demolition of
outbuilding/garage and erection of single storey rear extension with canopy and single
storey side extension. Alterations to front boundary treatments, including new vehicular
access with drop kerb, new gates and new infill wall to existing access.

017       Refuse Permission

20/02586/REM   Site of Former Cotgrave Colliery, Stragglethorpe Road, Stragglethorpe, Nottinghamshire –
application for matters reserved under application ref 10/00559/OUT for the approval of the
access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale for the erection of new footbridge over the
Grantham Canal.

Chairman …………………………………… Signed as a True Record (Date)………………………………