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Minutes Council Meeting 14th October 2020

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Councillors D Stothard (Vice Chairman), H Brumpton, R Butler,  K Chewings, D Eldridge, S Ellis, B Handbury, L Healy, N Monday, C Patterson, I Shaw and A Simpson.

Apologies Received:          
Councillors M Chewings, S Gardner, C Jeffreys and D Wilkie

In Attendance:         
The Town Clerk, Administration Manager (Cotgrave Town Council)                            

The meeting was held at virtually, via Zoom, and commenced at 7pm.


Councillor D Wilkie had requested an extended period of absence due to ongoing health issues.

“Council to give Councillor D Wilkie a three-month period of absence, covering the meetings taking place in November, December 2020 and January 2021.”

This will be reviewed again at Council Meeting being held on 13th January 2021.

The apologies given were approved.

Declarations of Interest

Councillor Brumpton declared an interest in agenda item 10 Allotment Charges and Terms and Conditions of Tenancy for 2021.

Public Open Session

No members of the public were present.

Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on 2nd September 2020

Councillor S Ellis wished to note that his address had been given as 9 Poplar Close, when in fact it was 8 Poplar Close.  This will be amended.

Councillor K Chewings stated that at the meeting of 2nd September Council had resolved to accept the apologies for Councillor M Chewings due to him not being able to attend the meeting via Zoom, for as long as the meetings continued to be taking place remotely.

The Clerk reiterated that if Councillor M Chewings gave his apologies, and these were accepted by Council his position as a councillor was secure.

The Clerk will again share the information she had received from NALC regarding attendance at remote meetings to all councillors

Resolved          :           “That the minutes of the previous meeting held on 2nd September 2020 be received and
confirmed as a true record”.


M853 Hot Pots

The Clerk had been informed that the old Hot Pots café is possibly becoming a Pizza outlet, this has not officially been confirmed.

Councillor R Butler said that he was pleased that the premises were being taken up by a business.

M0854 Memorial Bench on Woodview

Rushcliffe Borough Council did not have any issues with Council placing a bench on the grassed area in front of the Leisure Centre.

The Clerk had written to neighbouring properties to ask if any of them had any issues with the bench being placed in the location. No replies had been received and the Clerk will proceed and order the bench.

M0868 Positive Futures

Cotgrave Town Council have provided funding for Positive Futures for their apprenticeship scheme, which also gave Cotgrave afterschool clubs, sports sessions, and holiday activities.  The last project runs from January 2017 to December 2020.

The Clerk as if Council wished to continue to support the Positive Futures programme for the next 4 years or if they wished to make enquiries regarding the Fitness First programme that was put to Council at the meeting in September.

Councillor K Chewings said that Cotgrave has always been very happy with the programme that Positive Futures had provided in previous years and asked if the Clerk could open discussions with them regarding continuing the programme of activities in Cotgrave.

M0875 Cotgrave FC

The Club had now made the first payments for the hire of the sports ground and pavilion.

Councillor K Chewings stated that Council had resolved to ringfence the income for the future use for Cotgrave FC and this had not been included in the minutes of the meeting of 2nd September 2020.

Council had received a letter of thanks for the funding they had been provided for the refurbishment of the sports pavilion, which is now complete, and an invitation to attend their first match of the season and view the works that had taken place had also been received.

M0882 Great British September Clean Up

Due to new Covid-19 restrictions, Council had agreed not to go ahead with the clean-up planned for Saturday 26th September and hoped to be able to arrange an event in the future.

M0893 Remembrance Day, Sunday 8th November 2020

John Ludlam, Chairman of the CBOC branch of the Royal British Legion had been in discussion with the Rector of All Saints Church regarding the service.

There will be one service to take place in the Church, with invited guests only, this will include a representative from Cotgrave Town Council.  The service will not include any children from the Brownies, Scouts, St John Ambulance etc.  The wreaths will be placed in the church and moved to the War Memorial in time for 11th November.

The Church plan to livestream the service via YouTube and this will also be available on the Church website.  A practice run has taken place today.

Councillor K Chewings said that he had purchased a go-pro and was willing to help with the livestream if needed.

M0895 Christmas Tree

It has been advised from the supplier that the tree that was supplied last year was in fact 4.5 m and not the 18ft tree that had been requested from Council.

The Clerk had obtained quotations for several sizes of trees, but if a bigger tree was to be purchased this could only be put in place by using a cherry picker or forklift, as the shopping centre surface and access was not suitable for heavier vehicles.

Council agreed to purchase a 20ft Christmas Tree for 2020 and investigate the possibility of purchasing a different design of tree for next year.

M0904 CCTV

The CCTV on the shopping centre is now up and running and recording and is fully covered by the Information Commissioner.

There had been two incidents on the shopping centre in the last week and the Police had now been given copies of the CCTV for both incidents.

M0912 Nottinghamshire County Council – Recycling Centre

Councillor R Butler commented that the potential recycling centre had been discussed at Nottinghamshire County Council committee meeting and they had agreed to go ahead with the planning application for the siting of a recycling centre.  He had raised several concerns regarding the location of the facility, and these would be taken into consideration. Surveys will be carried out and residents consulted.

Councillor K Chewings was disappointed that the resolution that Council passed at the meeting on 2nd September, to write to the County Council sharing Council’s disappointment that they had not been contacted directly prior to information being released to the public via a press release.

0968     The Clerk will write to the County Council this week.

0969     M0920 Barratt Homes

The Clerk had asked if a representative from Barratt Homes could attend the Council meeting on 11th November.

Council asked if this can be dealt with at an Extraordinary Council Meeting in November rather than at the full council meeting.

The Clerk will ask the Chairman to call for an Extraordinary Council Meeting to invite Barratt Homes to discuss their next phase of building in Cotgrave.

M0932 Bench on Madisson Field

The Clerk had not been able to order the bench as the company were out of stock of the fixing required to fix the bench into the ground.  Once these were in stock she will place the order for the bench.

M0934 Hedge Corner of property on Chennel Nook

The hedge had now been cut back.

M0935 Quad Bikes

Quad bikes had been spotted on Woodview and on Owthorpe Road area of Cotgrave.

Councillor Butler informed council that the Neighbourhood Watch had put out a message asking residents what concerns they had in Cotgrave, and he had raised this issue with them.

 This was also an issue with lots of other villages in throughout the borough.

Planning Minutes

Resolved          :           “To confirm the planning minutes recorded the decisions taken by the Council and those of
the Planning Authority.”

Financial Matters


Resolved:         ‘’That the payments made since the previous meeting totalling £28,981.76 as recorded below
be approved and the invoices awaiting payment be paid’’.

Notts County Supplies82000871Litter Pickers187.31
M Dutton & Son13690-58Service Kioti/Deck Mower1651.71
Vodafone447590052Mobile Telephone119.65
Meerkat.com5960Broadband for CCTV1183.84
Vale Skip Hire Skip for Burhill Allotments1190.00
Arco938985346Safety Boots163.90
Atkins140Service Office Air Conditioning Units160.00
Roffesoft6722CCTV Network setup1216.00
SLCC13258Virtual National Conference130.00
UK Fuels1052999Fuel1175.55
Veber47852Data Back up113.20
Waterplus4049167Forest Close Allotments129.11
Waterplus404980Burhill Allotments1395.42
Notts CC92486405August Salaries18865.42
Vale Skip Skip Hire Burhill Allotments1190.00
DALC2466Chairman Training – Cllr Stothard150.00
Meerkat.com6001Broadband for CCTV159.40
Opus Energy69142805Pavilion Electricity166.09
RialtasSM22284Data Back Up1288.00
RialtasSM22283Omega Cashback Licence1213.00
RialtasSM22046Asset Inventory Licence1145.20
Sublime Shine541CTC and C Futures Window Clean161.98
J A Kents61369Grounds Maintenance September1880.00
George Brook Removal of tree on the Green1325.00
NCC Pension Fund Pension Deficit15944.00
Notts CC September Salaries19202.85
Talktalk21380853Broadband and Phone138.58
HSBC Bank Charges16.50
Mrs J Stephenson Flash Drives123.49
Arco939001976Safety Boots1126.55
Hags SMP72007Fitness Equipment Safety Sign1176.64
Notts CC92003741Bin Bags, Stationery139.64
Talktalk21380853Business Broadband and Phone138.58
Vodafone453616990Mobile Phone119.65
HSBC Bank Charges16.50

0977     Income

Resolved:         “That the income totalling £105,731.62 since the last meeting, as reproduced below.

Income Received

28.8.2020NatWestBank Interest1.54
4.9.2020Rushcliffe Borough ClGrass Cutting281.44
16.9.2020Allotment RentPlot 15a Burhill27.55
16.9.2020Allotment RentPlot 15b Burhill27.55
22.9.2020Rushcliffe Borough ClLitter Clearance Shopping Centre846.14
15.9.2020Allotment RentPlot 34a Burhill27.55
15.9.2020Allotment RentPlot 34b Burhill27.55
25.9.2020Allotment RentPlot 26 Hollygate Lane14.46
25.9.2020Rushcliffe Borough ClPrecept104,197.00
30.9.2020Rushcliffe Borough ClGrass Cutting281.14

Financial Statements

Members considered the Statements for August as reproduced at the back of the Minute Book.

At the end of August 2020 Council had £23,332.41 in the Co-op account, £75,725.52 in the HSBC account and £201,077.45 in the NatWest account.


Council had received a letter from Cotgrave Open Gardens regarding a grant Council had awarded them for use for the 2020 Open Gardens event, which did not take place due to COVID-19 lockdown.

At their recent meeting, the Cotgrave Open Gardens group have agreed not to hold a 2021 event due to the ongoing Covid-19 disruption therefore making any planning very difficult.

As they had not used the grant, they have asked if the granted needed to be returned to Council.

Resolved          :           “To write to the group and ask that they return the grant but also say that if they needed any
grant to help sustain the group or for future events to contact Council again.”

At its meeting held on 2nd September, Council considered a grant from Cotgrave Community Garden for the purchase of a poly tunnel.  They had forwarded Council additional costing for the poly tunnel.

Council were very concerned that the poly tunnel may be a cause for anti-social behaviour and vandalism, and it would need to be insured.

The Clerk will write to the group and ask if they have security measures in place and are able to insure the poly tunnel.

Allotment Rental Charges and Terms and Conditions of Tenancy for 2021

Council considered the allotment charges and terms and condition of tenancy for all council’s allotment sites for 2021.

Some changes had been made to the terms and conditions to now include more detailed information on inspections of the allotments and also to now include for a £50 bond to be paid for all new allotment tenancies from 1st January 2020.  This bond will be refunded when a tenant gives up their tenancy, and only if the plot has been a good condition as per the new conditions of tenancy.

Resolved          :           “To approve the charges and terms and conditions of tenancy for the allotments at Burhill,
Forest Close and Hollygate Lane for  2021.”

Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan

Council had been forwarded information on the Greater Nottingham Strategic Plan and decided that a working group would be formed for when, and if this should be needed.

Councillor R Butler said that the plan is being led by Nottingham City Council and all borough councils will be able to report on it.  The report is for the potential preparation of the plans for 2028 to 2038. Several sites have been mentioned for Cotgrave, but these may not be the actual sites that are used. More information will be available in due time and all councils will be invited to be part of the consultation process. The group will be known as the JPAD Group (Joint Planning Advisory Group).

Resolved          :           “To form a working group consisting of Councillors K Chewings, S Ellis, N Monday, I Shaw
and D Stothard.”

Nottinghamshire County Council – have your say on the future of local Government

The agenda item was not discussed as this consideration has now been removed. The request made to Government by Nottinghamshire County Council to start the process of becoming a unitary council has been formerly withdrawn. All the borough councils which are part of Nottinghamshire County Council had written to Government to state that they were not being consulted and were not in favour of this happening.

Rushcliffe Borough Council – Flood resilience Store Grant Scheme

Council had been copied into an email from Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Emergency Planning Officer, encouraging parish council to make an application for the community flood resilience store grant, following on from the impact on communities by the floods last November.

The grant is for up to £1050 to help provide flood protection resources directly in communities and can be used to fund flood protection items such as sandbags.

Resolved          :           To apply for a flood resilience store grant.”

Cotgrave Town Council Office Provision

The Clerk had made enquiries regarding office provision at the Business Hub on Cotgrave Shopping Centre and Rushcliffe Borough Council have agreed that Council would be able to rent a suite at the Business Hub.

Council all agreed that this was a wonderful opportunity, this would also give Council 24/7 access to the office, which is not currently possible being located with the Leisure Centre building,

Council had been copied into the draft Heads of Terms for the letting of Suite B.  The rent will be based on a 6-year review, and a service charge will be levies to cover maintenance of parts of the property and estate used in common.

Councillor K Chewings queried if Council would still be able to keep the garage, stores, and archive room at the Leisure Centre was possible and would the cost be covered under the annual leisure centre contribution paid to the Borough Council by Cotgrave Town Council?

Councillor K Chewings asked if a formal legal agreement could be made available for council to sign for these facilities.

The clerk informed that this was being discussed but business rates would still need to be paid on these facilities’

Resolved          ;           “To agree to proceed with the letting of Suite B at Cotgrave Business  Hub.”

1003     It is expected that it will take a couple of months before a complete move from the Leisure Centre to the new office can be completed.

1004     Councillor K Chewings asked when the move had been completed that the window of the new office would clearly show the Cotgrave Town Council logo.

Fireworks Display 8th November 2020

The Clerk had received three quotes for the fireworks display, that Council had agreed would still be taking place on Sunday 8th November.  Due to this being the same date at Remembrance Sunday, the first minute of the display will reflect the occasion by having red fireworks.

The display will take place in a central location in Cotgrave, and residents will be able to view these from their own gardens.

Information will be put out on the Council website, notice boards and through the school newsletters.

Councillor N Monday commented that he was not entirely in agreement with Council spending money on a display in the current times with many people suffering hardship. 

A vote was taken and 7 councillors were in favour of continuing with the plans for the fireworks display at Council’s original budgeted amount, to take place on Sunday 8th November.

Resolved          :           “To order the fireworks at a cost of £2,300, as per the budgetfor Sunday 8th November 2020.

Pensioners Christmas Meal

Councillor Healy gave an update on the Pensioners Christmas Meal for 2020.

The Super Kitchen, (now re branded at the Cotgrave Community Kitchen) was able to provide a meal for up to 150 pensioners, to take place over two days, Thursday 10th and Tuesday 15th December.  The Cotgrave Welfare and the volunteers were available for these dates.  They had also provided an extensive menu which includes for a Christmas goodie bag.  The hot meals will be delivered to residents’ homes.

The residents will not have to contribute towards the cost of the meal this year and council will pay £2015 for the cost of the meals.

Council agreed that the £2 donation which would normally be charged for a Christmas meal would not be required for this year.

More volunteers would be needed on the day to help deliver the meals.  Councillor
K Chewings said he would be available on Thursday 10th December.

Councillor L Healy will meet again with the Clerk to discuss the logistics and advertising the event.

Councillor K Chewings said that Council would need to have a policy in place for the volunteers.

Litter Signage

Council had been copied into a copy of a sign for deterring litter, which was being used by other Councils.

Council asked the Clerk to obtain some costings for the signs.

Covid-19 Policy – an update

New information had been received from Rushcliffe Borough Council regarding Nottinghamshire now being in Tier Level 2 (High).

These changes did not impact on Council staff and they are currently carrying out their duties.

The posters that had been supplied had been added to the Council website and will also be placed onto the Notice Boards within Cotgrave.

The Council Office now has a Track and Trace QR code for anyone visiting the office to scan in to, as well as a paper copy for those without QR code reader.

Staff are regularly asked if they have everything, they need to carry out their job safely, ie gloves, masks, soap, hand sanitiser.

Telephone Box on West Furlong

Council’s solicitor had been asked to advise on the legality of the potential purchase of the telephone box located on West Furlong, to be used to put in an additional defibrillator.

The phone box would be “sold as seen”.  The power supply for the box can remain the responsibility of BT or Cotgrave Town Council can take ownership of the power supply.  Council will be responsible for any future upkeep/maintenance of the phone box.

Council had been forwarded several photographs of the phone box, which at this time was in a reasonable condition.

Council would like to take over the electricity supply as part of the adoption to Cotgrave Town Council.

Council were all in favour of the purchased of the telephone box for the purposes of installation a defibrillator and authorised the Clerk to engage Council’s solicitor, if needed and to obtains costs for a defibrillator from Community Heartbeat.”

Grassmere Play Area Working Group

Councillor D Stothard gave an update on the working group, which had met at the park to discuss the potential of replacing some of the outdated equipment.

He had also contacted several play equipment suppliers to see if they would be able to provide some costings for new equipment.

The group would need to meet up again to discuss budgets etc and Councillor K Chewings would work on a business case for the project. Costs of the replacing the bark are in excess of £4000 every two years.

Grassmere play park is still closed due to the vandalised equipment and will remain closed until the repair has been completed due to the broken equipment having a large spike which cannot be removed.

A quotation had been obtained for the replacement of the seesaw that had been damaged.
To replace the whole piece would cost £2,060.  The Clerk asked if Council would like to claim this under Council’s insurance, with an excess of £250.

“To claim the cost of £2,060 for the replacement of the vandalised seesaw on Grassmere Play Park.”


1034Crime Figures

Date    LocationCrime
02/06/20Scout Camp Hollygate LaneMini bus extensively damaged cash and sweets stolen
03/06/20Orchard DriveMotorbike stolen whilst on test ride
07/06/20Hollygate LaneCar key break vehicle stolen off driveway
07/06/20Chestnut DriveVehicle broken into and searched
27/06/20Cotgrave Leisure CentreYouths broken in via fire exit
19/08/20Cotgrave Shopping CentreMUGA robbery (offenders identified, arrested and on police bail)
26/08/20Bowls Club WoodviewWindow forced and building searched

Nottinghamshire County Council

A media release had been received from Nottinghamshire County Council regarding progress on flooding works in the County.

Clerks’ Reports

The Clerk had arranged for a tree survey to take place on all trees within Council’s property (owned and leased).  This is needed for Council’s insurance.

A tree on the Green had recently been removed due to it leaning and another tree fell by the side of the play park in high winds, another tree next to it was also removed due to its condition.

The Clerk had received correspondence regarding High Street Ambassador for the Rushcliffe area.

The duties of the role would include patrolling the main towns of Rushcliffe, welcoming visitors to the area, and advising the public on Covid-19 regulations.

Councillor K Chewings said that he thought that this role should not be the responsibility of Council, any of its staff or residents of Cotgrave.

The Clerk asked Council if she could have permission to ask RBS to install the accounts system onto the Administration Manager’s laptop as well as her own.  This would help with the workload whilst they were both still sharing the office and working from home.

“To agree to install the accounts system onto the second laptop at a  cost of £130 pa.”

Following on from Council’s letter to the Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire Police, the Clerk had received a visit in the office from Inspector C Berry, PCSO P Evans and the new Beat Manager PC Paul Henson.

Inspector Berry informed the Clerk that Cotgrave was not the only Council in Nottinghamshire to have written to the Chief Constable regarding policing matters.  He also stated that there was now increased police activity in Cotgrave, and last Friday they had moved some young people on from the shopping precinct.  Nottinghamshire Police were currently rolling out Project Reacher and this would be coming to all parishes. This project deals with ASB, drug dealing and growing, vehicle issues and any other issues local to within the area.

Council had invited the police to attend a council meeting at the beginning of lockdown, but they said that they were not able to do this safely via Zoom, this is now not the case and should be able to attend at Council meeting.

Councillor K Chewings was not happy that the police had attended the office with just the Clerk and that Chairman of Council, or another representative of Council should also have attended the meeting.  The Clerk informed Council that she originally received an email from PCSO Evans that he wished to visit the office for an update and was not expecting anyone else.

Council asked the Clerk to invite the Police to attend the next Council meeting being held on 11th November 2020.

Suspend Standing Orders at 9.01 to allow the meeting to continue for a further 5 minutes.

Councillors Reports

Councillor Simpson asked now that the power has been reinstated to the lamp column at Grassmere Park if the CCTV cameras was now working?

This camera was part of the old system and is not connected to the new system installed at the shopping centre.

Councillor H Brumpton asked if anyone had considered if Cotgrave Futures could be painted to match the colour of the new buildings on the Shopping Centre.

This would be a matter for the Trustees of Cotgrave Futures.

Councillor N Monday asked if anyone new why the road surface works on White Furrows had stopped at the junction of Daisy Close?

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.06pm

Chairman…………………………………… Signed as a True Record (Date)………………………………

Planning Minutes

The following responses were made to plans under consideration by the Planning Authority Rushcliffe Borough Council.

No objections were raised except where stated.

038       At Council Meeting held on 14th October 2020

20/02282/FUL    Woodend Farm, Owthorpe Road, Cotgrave, NG12 3PU – construction of    
                                       agricultural building (machinery store).
            20/02367/FUL    28 Green Platt, Cotgrave – constructions of enclosed porch with disabled
            20/02290/LBC    1 Church Lane, Cotgrave – repairs to timber frame and timer floor joists and
                                    rebuilding of brickwork infill on east elevation, installation of services and
                                       internal alterations.
            20/02398/TPO   1 Fields View, Cotgrave – T1 and T2 two stem sycamores – fell to height of
20/02459/FUL    17 Glenbrook, Cotgrave, NG12 3LY – construction of two storey rear
                                       extension and single storey front extension.  Demolition of existing  

Rushcliffe Borough Council, the planning authority, has forwarded the following decisions: –

039       Permission Granted

            20/01917/FUL    6 Bonnymead, Cotgrave, Nottingham, NG12 3QH – erection of two storey
                        side extension including porch with render finish.  Conversion of integral
                        garage to living space with first floor extension.

040       Applications Withdrawn

            20/02290/LBC    1 Church Lane, Cotgrave, Nottingham, NG12 3HR – repairs to timber frame
                                    and timber floor joists and rebuilding of brickwork infill on east elevation,
                                    installation of services, and internal alterations.

Chairman: ………………………………….. Signed as a True Record (Date): ……………………………