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Minutes Council Meeting 1st September 2021

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Please note that minutes remain in draft form until approved at the next council meeting.

Present :         
Councillors C Jeffreys (Acting Chairman), H Brumpton, R Butler, K Chewings, M Chewings, D Eldridge, S Ellis,
B Handbury, L Healy,  N Monday, M Myles, C Patterson, and A Simpson.

Apologies Received:          
Councillors I Shaw and D Stothard.

Julie Stephenson (Town Clerk), Jane Pick (Admin Manager) – Cotgrave Town Council, Elizabeth Hutchinson, and Jill Mathers (Cotgrave Community Kitchen) and PS C Jury (Notts Police)                                                                                                        

The meeting was held in Cotgrave Methodist Church and commenced at 7pm.

In the absence of the Chair and Vice Chairman, Council agreed that Council C Jeffreys would chair the meeting.


The apologies given were all received.


Declarations of Interest
1826     No Declarations of Interest were given.

Standing Orders were suspended at 7.01pm to allow PS Chris Jury to give an update on policing in Cotgrave.

Police Sergeant Chris Jury has been working in Cotgrave for 6 to 7 months and was attending the meeting in the absence of PC Paul Henson.

PS Jury explained that there has been a 70% reduction in crime and anti-social behaviour compared to the 2020 figures. He is aware that not all anti-social behaviour is being reported and encourages residents to report any crime and/or ASB by calling 101.

There is a Neighbourhood Priority for Cotgrave around ASB and in particular vehicle ASB including motor bikes.  Patrols have been conducted during July following reports of off-road motorbike in the woods, this had been instigated by Rushcliffe Borough Councillors, Rob Inglis and Richard Butler, also a Cotgrave Town Councillor. A visit to a motorbike owner has been made by the police and they have been spoken to. The police have the use of a Section 59 notice if the off-road bikes are caught.

Concerning the damage to the bus shelter on Candleby Lane, a person has been identified and some action has been taken and no further reports of any other damage has been highlighted

Councillor Jeffreys said she was alarmed about the way the young people behave on motorbikes and the speed and noise created and asked PS Jury what people can do to help mitigate this.  PS Jury advised that if anyone witnesses speeding vehicles, if they can get the registration number and report this to the Police.

Councillor B Hanbury said that every early on Sunday morning cars are racing up and down the old Fosse.  PS Jury will look into this.

The Chairman thanked PS Jury for his time in attending the meeting.

PS C Jury left the meeting at 7.15pm.

Public Open Session

Two members of the Cotgrave Community Kitchen wished to speak to Council following an email that had been forward to Council earlier in the day.

Elizabeth Hutchinson from the Cotgrave Community Kitchen wished to ask Council if they would be willing to form a working group to assist local groups and organisation in Cotgrave, as she felt that these groups were not fulfilling their full potential.  She is hoped that a working group would help the groups with funding and to find out what the residents of Cotgrave needs as a community.

Councillor K Chewings said that Council has considered carrying out a Neighbourhood Plan but after much discussion decided again it.   Councillor Chewings also stated that because the lateness of receiving the email, this cannot be discussed at this meeting as this is outside Standing Orders

Councillor S Ellis asked if this item could be included on the agenda for the next Council meeting.

Councillor Jeffreys thanks the representative from the Cotgrave Community Kitchen for attending the meeting.

Standing Orders were resumed at 7.21pm.

Minutes of the Council Meeting held on 14th July 2021

Resolved          :          
“That the minutes of the council meeting held on 14th July 2021 be received and confirmed as a true record.”


M1772 Barratt Homes

Councillor K Chewings asked if Council has received an update from Barratts regarding the bridge at Hollygate Lane.  No further information has been received.

1841     M1774 Drain on Bingham Road

Councillor M Chewings ask if there was any update on the repairs to the drain.  Councillor Butler informed Council that some works have been carried out, but the problem was with the sewer drain and Via was waiting to hear from Severn Trent Water.  He will contact Via for a further update.

M1775 Parking on Burhill

Councillor M Chewings also asked about the problems with parking on Burhill which has been reported to him by a resident, and asked if some parking bays could be created in this area?

There are problems generally everywhere with parking, but Councillor R Butler will look into this.

M1823 Recycling Bins on Cotgrave Shopping Centre Car Park

Councillor Simpson asked if there was an update on the position of the recycling bins on the car park at the shopping Centre.  The Clerk has spoken to Rushcliffe Borough Council, and they said that the waste disposal company asked that they remain in their current position in the front car park.

Councillor L Healy said that this was unacceptable as they were taking up 3/4 parking spaces and that they should go back to the old car park.

Council K Chewings ask if Council can contact the Borough Council again and ask that they can be returned to the side car park.

Planning Minutes

Resolved          :          
“To confirm the planning minutes recorded the decisions taken by the Council and those of the Planning Authority.”

Financial Matters


‘’That the payments made since the previous meeting totalling £29,168.54     as reproduced on page 4, be approved and the invoices awaiting payment be paid’’.

Councillor Healy asked about the payment for the pension deficit.  The Clerk explained that the County Council, who provides council pension scheme, carries of a tri-annual review of the pension and this is the payment required to top up the council’s pension scheme.

Councillor Handbury noted the cost for the padlock removal, the Clerk said that a second padlock had been filled with wood and could not be unlocked and needed a locksmith to remove. It was a padlock on Troutbeck entrance to the playpark.

COTGRAVE TOWN COUNCIL 1st September 2021
Opus Energy70893776Sports Pavilion Electricity154.96
Meerkat Comms6441CCTV Internet159.40
Cotgrave FC Grant – Defib pads and battery1325.20
Mrs J Pick Phone Covers113.98
Cotgrave Methodist Ch Room Hire 14th July 2021130.00
Notts CC92601028June Salaries19275.48
Arco0415910903Safety Books165.82
Nottm Local News54905Delivery Newsletter1288.00
Sublime Shine604Cotgrave Futures Window Cleaning155.88
Adlard Print18713Newsletter Printing11237.00
Notts County Supplies721027922 x Monitor Risers148.17
Notts County Supplies72102794Hazard Tape17.51
Notts County Supplies72102793Refuse Sacks/Litter Pickers172.96
J A Kent Services62737July Maintenance1906.40
HSBC Bank Bank Charges16.50
UK Fuels1072957Fuel1148.88
Streetwise19433Repairs to Broadmeer Play Park1616.31
Acora1285-48376Data Back Up113.20
Notts CC02612113July Salaries19165.75
3 Mobile12266748802 x Mobile Phones134.70
J Stephenson Set of Keys for new council office114.00
WaterPlus5180778Burhill Allotments Water Supply14.03
Cotgrave Methodist Ch Room Hire x 3 hours145.00
Halls Locksmiths48933Remove faulty padlock at Grassmere190.00
Opus71047799Sports Pavilion Electricity144.81
Rialtas Business14238Asset inventory annual support1145.20
Mick Dutton14238Clean fuel system on mower1139.20
NCC Pension Fund Pension Deficit16160.00
Talktalk22602358Phone and Internet charges140.80
Meerkat Comms6488CCTV Internet159.40
  TOTAL 29168.54


“That the income totalling £4533.52 since the last meeting, as reproduced below.

22.7.21D CoxFair Ground Rent500.00
20.7.21Nat West BankBank Interest1.82
28.7.21HMRCVAT Refund2443.85
2.8.21Cotgrave FCRent150.00
3.8.21Rushcliffe Borough CouncilGrass Cutting573.53
12.8.21Rushcliffe Borough CouncilLitter Clearance Shopping Centre862.99

Financial Statements

Members considered the Statements for June and July 2021 as reproduced at the back of the Minute Book.

At the end of June 2021 Council had £24,290.85 in the Co-op account, £135,308.77 in the HSBC account and £201,094.31 in the NatWest account.

At the end of July 2021 Council had £24,290.85 in the Co-op account, £121,415.07 in the HSBC account and £201,095.96 in the NatWest account.


A grant request has been received from Park Run Ltd for a request for Cotgrave Country Parkrun.  They were requesting a grant of 50% contribution towards the purchase cost of a mobile AED, which is a requirement of Parkrun to be available in order to safety operate the event. Rushcliffe Borough Council have already agreed to fund the remaining 50%. The park run is manned by LOCAL volunteers to allow the runs to take place.

Resolved          :          
“To award a grant of £500 towards the cost  of an AED for use with Cotgrave’s park run.”

Working Groups

Welcome Back Fund & Cotgrave Play Areas Future Development Programme

The Clerk had arranged for Zoom meetings to take place for the above working groups, but some councillors were available to attend the meetings.

The Clerk will arrange to re send invites for both the working groups.

Quarterly Park Inspections Report

Council noted the report for the quarterly park inspection report carried out on 21st July 2021.

Litter Bins in Cotgrave

Council had been copied into a document showing several different types of litter bins and prices.

Following a discussion council

Resolved          :          
“To purchase 3 additional litter bins, one to be located in the play area on the Green, one for Prioridge and one on the black path between Thorntons Close and Spring Meadow.”

The Clerk will contact the Borough Council to asked permission for the litter bins to be installed at the locations agreed and then arrange for installation.

Cotgrave Community Warden Service

Following a discussion with Streetwise Environmental, who provide the Community Warden service for Cotgrave,  have said that they are struggling to continue to provide this service for several reasons.

Council discussed several options for providing a service to Cotgrave and suggested that the personnel committee meet to investigate further options in more details.  A date will be arranged, and information brought to a future meeting for discussion.

Council Events

Cotgrave Fair

The owner of the fair which attend Cotgrave in July, has asked if it was possible for them to return to Cotgrave again during September, weather permitting. The event held in July was very successful.

Council were in  full support of allowing the fair to attend Cotgrave in September.

Fireworks Event

The Fireworks event is booked for Sunday 7th November on Cotgrave Welfare Field.

Rushcliffe Borough Council has signed a declaration of the authority’s Cabinet meeting on March 9 that all future events will look to replace the celebrations with quieter alternatives to protect pets and residents with disabilities from the potential noise pollution they can cause.

Rushcliffe Borough Council is also set to encourage external event operators and households in the Borough to adopt a similar approach and is among the first local authorise to make such a decision.

Lower noise fireworks are an alternative for those looking to celebrate whilst also considering vulnerable members of their local community and are available from retailers.

Those affected by loud fireworks can include those with sensory processing disorders, hearing conditions, post-traumatic stress disorder and with respiratory conditions such as asthma, as well as pets, farm animal and wildlife.

The Clerk asked if Council would like to consider having quieter fireworks for their event in November?

A vote was taken, and 7 councillors voted for quieter fireworks and 6 for regular fireworks.

“That Council place an order for quieter fireworks display for its events being held on Sunday 7th November 2021.

Remembrance Day Parade

The Administration Manager had met with John Ludlam (Royal British Legion) and Revd. Massey (All Saints Church) to discuss the Remembrance Day service for this year.

Revd. Massey is able to hold a Service of Remembrance in church, but although the numbers have been increased following the Covid-19 pandemic, the church will still not be able to accommodate the usual 140+ members of the community that would normally attend this service following the parade.

The church capacity for the service this year is 80 people.  It was felt that it would be unfair to hold the parade, as the church could not accommodate everyone taking part in the parade as well as those residents, who do not take part in the parade but attend the service.

It was decided between the British Legion and All Saints Church that invitations would be sent out to the key groups in Cotgrave, ie RBL, Cotgrave Town Council, Cotgrave’s uniformed groups (Brownies, Cubs, St John Ambulance, Women’s Institute) etc to nominate a small number of representatives from each group to attend the service, then once these numbers were obtained,  open the remaining seats in church to the other residents of Cotgrave who would like to attend the service of remembrance via a ticket allocation. A short service will be held at the War Memorial following the church service, for the laying of the wreaths.

To suspend standing orders to allow a member of the public to speak at 8.22pm.

The member of the public said that last year Bingham held their Remembrance Day Service outside in the marketplace, could Council not arrange for something similar to happen in Cotgrave?

Standing Order were resumed at 8.24pm.

Councillor K Chewings asked if there was a  possibility of holding the event outdoors with a smaller parade?  The Administration Manager will speak again with John Ludlam from the Royal British Legion and put this suggestion to them.

Christmas Lights Event

The Clerk asked if Council would like this event to take place this year?  If so, the event would take place on Friday 26th November on the Shopping Centre.

Council all agreed that the event should take place now the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions
have been lifted but were mindful that the situation may change as the winter months approach.

The Clerk and the Administration Manager will make enquires regarding somewhere to hold  the Santa’s Grotto and start to consider booking the stalls.

Councillor L Healy also mentioned that he was looking into options for the Pensioners Christmas meal and hoped that the Nottinghamshire Golf and Country Club will be able to accommodate this event, he will give an update at the next Council meeting.

Rushcliffe Borough Council – Covid-19 Memorial Fund

Rushcliffe Borough Council is launching two new memorial schemes, the first is a grant scheme offering parishes a one-off funding contribution of up to £500 to support the supply of public memorials within local towns and villages such as monuments, plaques, or street furniture.

The second is for Rushcliffe Spring Bulb Scheme, a free contribution of native bulbs (bluebells, daffodils, wood anemone etc) to be used in parish schemes as an annual seasonal reminder of the first Covid1- lockdown in Spring 2020.  The bulbs will be supplied free of charge to each parish and the bulbs will be delivered during September/early October. The Clerk has put in a request for the free bulbs.

Council discussed the one-off funding contribution and  asked the Clerk to make enquiries about providing a memorial bench for Cotgrave.

New Council Office – Update

The lease for Unit 28 (Workshop) is expected to be completed w/c 6th September.  Some works on the unit are required before the move can take place.  The Clerk has obtained a quotation to install addition plug sockets, lights, and alarm system.

It is hope that the moved the  new office and the workshop will take place by the end of September.

The Clerk has obtained a quotation for the installation of a new telephone lines for the new office from the supplier who already provide the internet line for the CCTV at the Business Hub.

To install the new line for the new office is a one-off cost of £99, to port over the existing telephone number is £12.50 (one off payment), and the monthly cost would increase by £10 to include free calls to UK mobiles, all UK numbers starting with 01, 02 or 03 and 0800 numbers.

Resolved          :          
“to place the order for the transfer of the telephone number and installation of the new line for the new council office.”

Covid-19 Policy

The Clerk again asked how Council would like to proceed with future council meetings.  The Methodist Church are still able to offer the church for council meetings.

Resolved          :          
“To book the Methodist Church for the Council meetings for the months of October, November and December 2021 and review again.’


Crime Figures

The crime figures for the months of June, July and August have been forwarded, as below.

9.6.21Owthorpe RoadTheft of motor vehicle – Toyota Hilux stolen from roadside.
12.6.21RingleasTheft from vehicle – Cat converter stolen from vehicle
15.6.21Candleby LaneCriminal Damage – bus shelter damage
19.6.21Owthorpe RoadTheft Other – quantity of horse-riding equipment stolen
1.7.21Bramble WayCriminal Damage – damaged gate
17.7.21PrioridgeCriminal Damage – window smashed
18.7.21MarlwoodCriminal Damage – vehicle damaged
23.7.21Bluebell AvenueVehicle Crime – vehicle entered and searched
9.8.21PrioridgeCriminal Damage – living room window smashed
11.8.21SandsideTheft of pushbike taken from rear garden
23.8.21Heron CrescentBurglary – attempted burglary unknown offender has opened insecure front door but has been disrupted by door chime and dog barking
27.8.21Ritchie CloseCriminal Damage – fence panel damaged and thrown into garden

Nottinghamshire County Council – The Big Notts Survey

Nottinghamshire County Council are launching a new Council Plan which will set out a long-term vision for Nottinghamshire and detailed priorities to support communities over the next four years. The County is engaging with residents by a questionnaire between Monday 2nd August and Sunday 19th September.  The easiest way for residents to complete the survey is online at, alternatively, you can pick-up a printed paper copy at the library or call on 0300 500 80 80 for a copy to be sent.

Communication has been received from the office of Ruth Edwards MP asking if they would be able to provide some information in Council’s newsletter, Cotgrave Connections.

Council are happy for Ruth Edwards to advertise surgery dates and contact details in the newsletter only.

Positive Futures

A report has been received from Positive Futures for the outreach works they have been carrying out in Cotgrave over the summer holidays.  Their partnerships formed with Cotgrave Young People’s Centre, Cotgrave Leisure Centre, and Cotgrave Town Council.

Over summer they have had 381 attendees over a number of sessions planned to help young people’s physical and mental wellbeing, this included educational workshops, including fitness, wellbeing cooking and jewellery making sessions, as well as the RCS (Rushcliffe Citizen Scheme), sports and outreach sessions, VIP PE and activities and trips.

Clerks’ Reports

An email has been received from the Chairman of Cotgrave FC inviting councillors to attend the sports ground on Saturday 18th September.  5 matches will be played between 10am and 12.30pm, this will give councillors a chance to see how the club serve the community of Cotgrave and also a chance to speak with the Chairman and other members of the football club.

The Town Clerk has received information for this year’s National Conference.  This can be attended in person or virtually. The conference is taking place on 13/14th October.

Council were all happy and in full support for the Clerk to decided which way she wished to attend the conference.

A report has been received that the roundabout on the Green Play Areas was leaning on one side.  The play equipment supplier will be attending site to investigate.

The Clerk has today had the Annual External Audit conclusion from PKF Littlejohn, the audit has been approved and signed off with no areas of concern for 2020/21.The public notes will be displayed in the noticeboards and website for the members of the public to inspect if they wished too.

The Clerk reminder Councillors that she would be putting in councillors’ allowance on the next payroll run, if any councillor wished to claim their allowance, please inform the Clerk.

Councillors Reports

Councillor K Chewings reported that a resident has complained about a tree in the Ringleas Park buffer zone saying that the roots were coming up in their garden.

The Clerk informed that the tree surgeon was due to attend Cotgrave to carry out some works that could not be completed early spring due to birds nesting.  This tree will be added to the list.

Councillor K Chewings has also received a request from Councillor I Shaw to ask the following question on his behalf.

Councillor Shaw wished to ask what was the situation with the building works at the property at the junction of Stragglethorpe Road/Main Road?

Councillor Butler said that legal action was being taken, a notice has been served to stop all work and the resident has gone to appeal and all waiting further outcomes.

Councillor R Butler encouraged everyone to take part in the Big Notts Survey which is available on the County Council website.  So far 6,500 residents have completed this survey.

Councillor M Myles asked if the Clerk could contact BT regarding the works that they started on the hedge around the Telephone Exchange.  These works were started but not completed due to some equipment failure.

Councillor Handbury asked if Barratt David Wilson would be contracted for the future new housing in Cotgrave.

David Wilson already owns a piece of land which is being included into Local Plan II.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.57pm